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Gander Outdoors Military Discount

Gander Outdoors is an outdoor sporting goods store that sells everything from clothing and camping gear to hunting equipment.

They offer a generous military discount to give back to those who serve.

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About Gander Outdoors

Gander Outdoors was started under the name of Gander Mountain in 1960 by a man named Robert Sturgis.

Sturgis was an outdoorsmen who lived in Wisconsin, but did not have access to any quality outdoor gear near his home.

He decided to solve this problem by opening his own business selling high-quality hunting equipment and accessories.

The business took off, and was well known throughout the entire midwest by 1965.

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Gander Mountain continued to grow, and opened locations across the nation.

Unfortunately, they filed for bankruptcy and closed there doors in 2017.

They were bought out by a company called Camping World, who reopened many of their stores under the name Gander Outdoors in 2018.

Today, Gander Outdoors sells similar products, and continues to be a successful provider of high quality outdoor gear and equipment.

The company holds a great respect for the U.S. military.

One of the ways they give back is by hiring veterans and military spouses.

They’ve been named a Military Friendly Employer and a Military Spouse Friendly Employer year after year.

Gander Outdoors Store
Gander Outdoors Store. Image:

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What Is The Official Gander Outdoors Military Discount?

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To say “thank you” to those who serve in the military, Gander Outdoors also offers 5% off most purchases made in their stores.

This deal is available every day of the year, at all Gander Outdoors locations location within the United States.

Unfortunately, the discount is not available on their website,

To use this deal, simply bring proof of your current military status with you, and show it to your cashier when you check out.

The cashier will then provide you with 5% off the eligible items in your purchase.

Most items are eligible, but we will cover the items that are not include in the “Restrictions” section below.

Acceptable forms to prove your military status include a military ID (current or expired copies are fine), a state-issued ID card that lists your veteran status, or your DD-214.

The Gander Outdoors military discount is also one of few military deals that can be stacked with another form of savings.

You can’t combine it with all deals and promotions, but you can combine the 5% off with any savings you receive through the Good Sam Club.

The Good Sam Club is Gander Outdoor’s membership program.

It provides its members with special deals and promotions, such as 10% off coupons when you join, up to 10% off everyday, free shipping on the Gander Outdoors website, service discounts, member-only coupons, special savings events throughout the year, and more.

You can see a full list of Good Sam Club benefits and sign up for a membership by clicking here.

The memberships do cost money annually, but if you shop Gander Outdoors often or are planning to make a large, qualifying purchase, this program stacked together with the military discount can easily cover the start up fees and save you more money throughout the year.

Of course, the military discount can also be used on it’s own to save you the normal 5% off your purchases as well.

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Who Can Claim This Deal?

The Gander Outdoors military discount is available to all current military members.

This includes those who serve in Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard roles. Members of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard are all eligible. 

Veterans are able to take advantage of this deal as well.

Unfortunately, this military discount does not extend to retired military members or military family members at this time.

Gander Outdoors Handgun Display
Gander Outdoors Handgun Display. Image:

What Are The Restrictions?

One of the first restrictions that you will need to keep in mind when using this deal is that it is only available on purchases made in store.

The deal cannot be combined with any other promotions, and can’t be used on select sales items.

This does not include Good Sam Club savings, which as we mentioned earlier, can be used alongside the military discount.

Gander Outdoors also does not allow the military discount to be used on the following purchases:

  • Certain firearms, including used and new long guns and hand guns, used and new suppressors, and used consignment firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Black-powder guns and equipment
  • Reloading equipment
  • Air gun purchases, including pellets, pistols, and scoped and regular rifles
  • Boats (except kayaks and canoes), boat motors, and boat trailers
  • RVs, ATVs, UTVs, and their trailers
  • Gift cards
  • Generators, banks exhaust systems, augers, marine electronics, and gear vendor purchases
  • Memberships, fishing licenses, hunting licenses, service and installation fees, and other non-merchandise costs and purchases

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Overall, the Gander Outdoors military discount is a great way to save some money on your outdoor needs.

The fact that it can be combined with savings from the Good Sam Club makes it an even better deal.

If you’re in need of outdoor gear or equipment, be sure to check out the deals that Gander Outdoors has to offer.

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Gander Outdoors

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Formerly known as Gander Mountain, Gander Outdoors has a 5% off military discount. With that said, there are a few restrictions.
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