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Cabela’s Military Discount

Cabela’s is a retail store that sells outdoor gear including items for hunting, fishing, and camping.

They are accessible through a website, catalogs, and in-person stores and they give back to those who serve through a generous military discount.

About Cabela’s

Cabela’s is owned by Bass Pro Shops, another outdoor specialty retail store. They have headquarters in Nebraska, stores all over the United States, and a direct-order magazine that is mailed to millions of homes across the world.

The retail chain was started by a man named Dick Cabela is 1961. He went on vacation in Chicago and found specialty fishing flies that he had not seen before. He decided to take some home and sell them to other fishermen in his Nebraska home town.

Cabela’s first sale came from an ad posted in the local newspaper stating “12 hand-tie flies for $1.” 

He only had one sale from the ad, so he came up with a plan to sell more flies. He gave his customers 5 flies for free if they paid the 25 cents that it costed for him to mail them.

Through this simple advertisement and the act of putting his customers first, Dick Cabela already had a booming business in the works.

This ad caused fisherman all around the country to place an order with Cabela. The orders kept coming after the initial free offer as well.

Cabela turned this ad into a catalog business that still exists today. Currently, Cabela’s mails out around 100 different catalogs every year. 

Their catalogs are mailed to various countries around the world and cover topics in the areas of hunting and fishing. 

Along with catalogs, Cabela’s has found success with both website sales and in-person locations.

Cabela’s has devout customers, but has won many awards over the years as well. They’ve been ranked in the top five catalogs, found praise for their excellent website, and have been called :Retailer of the Year” but multiple organizations.

Through all of their success, the company still holds strong to the value of appreciating customers. Dick Cabela instilled this into the company through the second ad that he put in the newspaper, and its helped them grow exponentially through the years.

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What Is The Official Cabela’s Military Discount?

Cabela’s calls their military discount the “legendary salute.” They offer a 5% discount every day for past and current service members.

This offer is available online, through the catalog, or at the in-person locations.

How To Claim Cabela’s Military Discount In Person

To use the Cabela’s military discount in person, bring a copy of your military ID with you when you shop, and show it to the cashier at checkout. 

Cabela’s takes both valid and expired military ID’s. They will also accept state ID’s that list your veteran status and discharge papers, Form DD 214.

Step 1: Bring ID with you to store

Step 2: Tell your cashier you would like to use the military discount and show your ID for eligibility

cabelas display
Wildlife display inside Cabela’s store. Image:

How To Claim Cabela’s Military Discount On Catalog Orders

To use the Cabela’s discount on a catalog order, you will need to contact customer support.

You can both verify your military status and make your purchase by calling 1-800-237-4444.

The website does not say how your military status will be verified over the phone. You may want to have your military ID or paperwork ready in case they need information from it.

Step 1: Look through the catalog and choose your items

Step 2: Gather your military ID or paperwork 

Step 3: Call 1-800-237-4444 to purchase and verify military status

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How To Claim The Military Discount Online

To use the military discount online, you will need to make an account on the military discount section of the Cabela’s website. To make an account, click here.

After making an account, you will be redirected to SheerID. SheerID is a website that allows military members to verify their status for online discounts.

Once you’re verified with SheerID, your Cabela’s account will be updated to display your current eligibility.

Whenever you log into your account, the military discount will be automatically applied to your online purchases.

Step 1: Go to the military discount section of the Cabela’s website here.

Step 2: Create an account.

Step 3: You’ll be redirected to SheerID. Follow prompts to verify your military status.

Step 4: Go back to your Cabela’s account to shop and enjoy your discount.

in cabelas
Merchandise and shoppers inside of a Cabela’s store. Image:

Who Can Claim This Discount?

The Cabela’s military discount is available for both active and retired military members. This includes all five branches of the military; Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

The discount works for Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserves service members.

The discount does not list family members, so it is likely only available for the service member themselves. Spouses, dependents, and other family members can not take advantage of this deal.

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What Are The Restrictions?

Cabela’s has updated their military discount program, so there are less restrictions than there used to be.

The discount can now be used on ammo and firearms, and this was not the case in the recent past.

The deal does still have a few restrictions, however. The discount cannot be used on tractors, boats, boat motors, or boat trailers. It’s also not available for ATV’s, UTV’s, and their trailers.

The discount cannot be used for gift cards, alcohol, and non-merchandise services such as fishing or hunting licenses, services performed on tractors, boats, or ATV’s, and Gear Guard protection.

The military discount also needs to be the only discount at the time of purchase. It cannot be combined with other offers. 

It can be used on some clearance items, but not others. This discretion may be left up to the store or cashier who is administering the purchase.

Cabela’s is a top provider of outdoor gear and they give back to the country they were started in through a generous 5% military discount program.

This discount is easy to use online, in person, or for catalog purchases. It is available for current and past military members.

If you’re in need of some new hunting or fishing gear, make sure you take advantage of the Cabela’s military discount.

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