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Great Wolf Lodge Military Discount

Great Wolf Lodge offers a truly unique entertainment experience.

They have an indoor water park, spa, live characters, fitness center and many other activities for both kids and adults.

Great Wolf Lodge offers themed rooms and scheduled activities that make the higher-cost rooms worth the experience.

They also offer a Military Discount!

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About Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge currently has 18 open locations between the United States and Canada.

Each location varies in the exact amenities that it offers but the goal is to create a unique, fun experiences for families.

Great Wolf Lodge’s main attraction is the indoor water park. 

The water park has a kid area, water slides and pools.

great wolf lodge indoor water park

When you stay at Great Wolf Lodge you have the option of staying in standard, themed or premiums room.

Themed rooms come with an outdoor, kid-themed bed such as a cave.

The cost varies from standard as the least expensive, to premium being the most expensive.

Activities for kids include character appearances, story time, Great Clock Tower show and more, depending on the location.

Each lodge has different attractions.

Some attractions that may be at your nearest location include a dry-dirt park, mirror maze, rope course, different quest options, mini golf, arcades, or Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Some locations offer fitness centers and spas for both kids and adults.

Each location has distinctive restaurant options that include full restaurant services to coffee shops.

Shopping locations vary between souvenir and swim shops.

To find a location near you, visit the website here.

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Great Wolf Lodge Military Discount Details

The Great Wolf Lodge offers a generous military discount that can entitle you to save as much as 30% on your reservation.

Here’s how to redeem it, step by step:

Step 1: Click Here to visit the Heroes page.

Step 2: Select a location

On the Heroes page, scroll down until you see a button that says ‘View all Great Wolf Lodge locations’.

howlin heroes - great wolf lodge

Once you click that button, you’ll then be directed to a full list of all of their lodging locations.

A list of Great Wolf Lodge locations.

Step 3: Enter Your Reservation Details

Once you’ve selected a location, simply enter in your check in and check out dates, and number of guests, and click the ‘book now’ button.

You’ll notice that the coupon code ‘HEROES’ will already be added to the offer code field.

great wolf lodge military discount coupon code heroes

Just make sure you use the link above so that the discount is applied.

Keep in mind that individual locations will likely have different rates and discounts.

All reservations come standard with things like:

  • Water park passes
  • 1 P.M. access to the Water Park on your day of arrival
  • Kids activities
  • Unlimited Wifi resort-wide

Click Here to visit the official military discount page.

What are the restrictions?

The discount applies to all Active, Retired or Veteran Military.

The Discount is not limited to Military personnel.

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You can also receive the discount if you are work as a Firefighter, EMS, Law Enforcement Officer, 911 dispatcher, or correctional officer.

To use the discount, you must use the code HEROES when making your reservation as well as be present when checking in.

Although the website does not specify what type of ID you must bring with you, it states that you must bring your ID when you check-in for the promotion to be used. 

There is also a limit of booking 2 rooms per an ID.

Once you select a location on the page here, you can check availability as well as any restrictions specific to your location.

When you select, “Check Availability” and enter a date range in, the prices for each room will automatically show with the discount applied.

30% is higher than a lot of the places that offer a Military Discount and the process to use the discount is easier.

The Military Discount cannot be combined with other discounts so make sure you’re using the best deal, check out some other savings options for the Great Wolf Lodge below.

Other Savings Options

Save with Special Offers

At the top of the Great Wolf Lodge you will find a section called “Special Offers”.

Click Here to visit the page directly.

In the Special Offers section you will find sales, member deals, and promotions. 

You can also use the drop-down under Special Offers to see information about scheduling birthday parties.

Some current promotions include getting 25% off when you stay two nights or 40% off when you stay three nights.

You can also save up to 50% when you book your stay 60 or more days in advanced.

Save When You Become a Member

Great Wolf Lodge offers a membership program.

The membership program is free to sign up and will allow you to receive special promotions or discounts.

The discounts and promotions can be found on the website, but you can also opt-in to receiving promotional information via email when you sign up.

The current promotion offers you 25% off your stay if you are a member.

To sign up, visit the Great Wolf Lodge page here and select a location.

At the top right of the screen you will see a link that says “Sign In”. Click on the link.

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A new window will pop up asking you to enter in your information. If you have an account sign-in.

At the bottom of this window, in red text, it says “Create an Account”. Click on “Create an Account”.

You will be asked to enter in basic personal information including if you would like to receive email promotions.

Creating an account will give you access to promotions plus give you the ability to look at a reservation once you create it.

Use Coupons

Great Wolf Lodge Coupons

The website does not have a coupons menu on it’s main page, but it can be found with a few simple steps.

First, choose your location.

In the URL address bar at the top, add “/coupons” to the URL and hit enter.

Example URL: 

This will give you coupons specific to that location. 

Coupons include getting discounts and free meals at participating Great Wolf Lodge restaurants.

You can also find coupons for souvenir items, spa services, entertainment or the swim shop.

Coupons can be used the Great Wolf Lodge App or you can print them directly from the website.

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Coupon Websites

Outside of the coupons that Great Wolf Lodge currently offers on their website, you can use coupons from other sites.

When searching for Great Wolf Lodge coupons, Groupon seemed to have the best deals.

You can find up to 50% off of rooms, discounts on the spa and other great savings through Groupon. and are two other sites that will give you coupon codes for various Great Wolf Lodge amenities. 

You can book your stay with Great Wolf Lodge at popular hotel savings websites like Trip Advisor and Expedia to get a discount on room rates.


Great Wolf Lodge is a top destination for family entertainment.

Their many locations provide unique lodging experiences, an indoor water park, activities for all ages and relaxation.

Great Wolf Lodge offers a Military Discount of 30%.

While the date ranges and room options vary between location, all you need to take advantage of the discount is the code Heroes and a valid ID.

The discount is offered to all Active, Retired and Veteran Military members. 

There are other ways to save with Great Wolf Lodge besides the Military Discount.

Great Wolf Lodge offers a promotions section that shows all of the sales and deals for that location.

You can become a Great Wolf Lodge member to get extra savings.

Also, coupons are available on the Great Wolf Lodge website or on other coupon websites.

Check out all of the savings options to find the best deal before booking!

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Like a lot of other hotels and motels, Great Wolf Lodge does indeed offer a military discount to those that are currently serving, as well as veterans and retired military. It's also available to first responders like police officers, firefighters, and EMT's.
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