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How To Pass The ASVAB: 3 Steps To Get A Great Score

If you are getting ready to enlist in the military, you are likely wondering how to pass the ASVAB test.

The ASVAB test stands for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, and it is a test that will determine if you are eligible to join the military.

Also, the ASVAB test serves as a way to determine which jobs you are most suitable for.

The ASVAB test is critical, so knowing how to pass the ASVAB test is crucial.

Also, doing well means you have more options when considering which military branch you would like to join.

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What Does The ASVAB Test Cover?

knowing how to pass the asvab test will help with your score

The ASVAB test has different sections.

The ASVAB test has ten sections that measure a person’s academic ability.

Of those ten sections, four of them contribute to the AFQT score.

The AFQT score is important because it determines if you qualify to serve in any military branch. 

Those four sections are arithmetic, math knowledge, word knowledge, and paragraph comprehension.

The remaining six subsections cover aptitude.

Aptitude means the statistical chances of you performing well and enjoying a particular job field. 

Also, the remaining subsections are auto and shop information, general science, automobile knowledge, mechanical comprehension, assembly of objects, and electronics.

How Is the ASVAB Test Scored?

There ASVAB test has two different scores.

Some sections of the ASVAB test contribute to your AFQT score.

Also, there is an overall score that takes into consideration all sections of the ASVAB test.

Furthermore, it is essential to remember that the ASVAB’s design really focuses on ability levels.

Then, the score is statistically linked to a person’s aptitude to perform specific jobs.

Finally, your score compares to other people who take the same test.

How to pass the ASVAB test: 3 Steps

Your first step in passing the ASVAB test is to prepare.

However, brushing up on content knowledge is not the only strategy to prepare for the ASVAB test.

Step 1: Timing Is Everything

Your preparation for the ASVAB test should include practicing for timed tests.

Sometimes even good test takers struggle when they realize they are under time constraints.

Therefore, your practice test should mimic the time constraints of the actual test so you can pass the ASVAB test. 

You can keep track of your time and figure out how many minutes you have to answer each question.

For instance, given the length of the word knowledge subsection, you should try to answer those questions within 30 seconds.

On the other hand, the mechanical comprehension subsection gives you about just over a minute of time to answer each question.

When you first start each subsection, go through the entire test by skimming.

Quickly answer the questions that are easiest for you.

Also, if you have questions you are uncertain of, make a point to cross out one or two answer choices that you know are wrong.

Once you’ve eliminated the easiest questions, go back to the beginning and allocate the rest of your time focusing on the questions you struggle with the most.

The more practice you have with this strategy, the more likely you will be comfortable with the time constraints during the actual test.

Step 2: Brush Up on Content

Before taking the ASVAB test, it is vital to brush up on your content.

For instance, it might be a struggle to brush up on concepts related to the aptitude portion of the test.

However, you can efficiently study for the parts of the test that contribute to your AFQT score.

These basic knowledge areas are word knowledge, math knowledge, paragraph comprehension, and arithmetic reasoning.

Several study aids on the market assist test takers with brushing up on their content knowledge.

Also, be sure to look for resources that give you practice tests.

If you take a practice test before you begin studying, you can eliminate the areas you are most knowledgeable about.

Instead, you can focus on content that you struggle with the most.

Step 3: Practice a Lot

you must study to pass the asvab test

It might seem redundant to point out you need to practice.

However, because the ASVAB test is so large with so many subsections, you need a rotation of practice tests, study areas in which you were the weakest, and retaking practice tests.

All of this should happen under the time constraints you can expect on the actual test day.

By doing so, you become familiar with the test format, gain content knowledge, and retain your focus and stamina during a long end timed test.

The more you practice, the less you have to study, in the end.

For instance, you might have a lot more content areas you need to cover when you begin to study.

However, as you begin to learn more, the areas of focus become more specific.

Also, when this refocusing happens, you are the most prepared.

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The ASVAB test is an important military entrance exam. 

This test covers your content knowledge over some key areas and it serves as an aptitude test, as well.

You want a high score on the subsections of the test that determine if you are eligible to be in the military.

Also, you need to do well enough on the test overall to ensure you land the career of your choice.

Therefore, it is important to prepare so you know how to pass the ASVAB test.

Preparing for the ASVAB includes taking a practice test, brushing up on core content, and familiarizing yourself with the format and time constraints of the exam.

The more prepared you are, the better your score.


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