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Kirkland’s Military Discount

Note: This article is about the Kirklands home décor store, NOT the Costco Kirklands. 

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If you are a man or woman with a military background, you’re likely wondering if Kirkland’s offers a military discount.

A quick search on Google shows that Kirkland’s does, in fact, offer a military discount.

Anyone who wants to claim the discount will get 10% knocked off their purchase subtotal, so long as they show their military ID to the cashier.

Unfortunately, it’s only available in stores. (Note: Click Here to see a quick & easy way to save 20% on your online order)

This discount can be used in conjunction with other discounts, which is a nice bonus; so those claiming the discount won’t have to worry about choosing between one discount or the other.

In addition to this discount, all non-military servicemen and women, such as firefighters, nurses, doctors and police officers can claim a military discount on service holidays of Memorial Day, Labor Day and Independence Day.

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These discounts show how much Kirkland’s values veterans and those who have served our country, whether they wear a uniform or not.

The one downside to these sales is that they are only offered on in-store purchases.

Likely because Kirkland’s has no way to validate military IDs on online purchases, the discount isn’t available for any transactions made over the computer.

However, even if someone isn’t a serviceman or woman or doesn’t have a military background, they can still claim plenty of discounts and promotions from Kirkland’s.

Kirklands Discount Option #1 – Email Newsletter Signup

One of the quickest (and easiest) ways to save some money at Kirklands is by signing up for their email newsletter.

By doing so, you’ll automatically receive a 20% off coupon delivered straight to your inbox.

Here’s how to redeem it, step-by-step:

Step 1: Click Here to visit the official Kirklands website.

Step 2: Wait a couple seconds for the following to pop up:

kirklands coupon code

Step 3: Enter your info and click ‘Join Now’

Step 4: Check your inbox. You should receive an email containing your coupon code within just a few minutes!

It will look like this:

kirklands military discount code

Kirkland’s Discount Option #2 – Sales and Coupon Codes

Kirkland’s offers plenty of other discounts besides the aforementioned discounts for servicepeople.

In addition to the 10% discount – which, as mentioned before, can be used together with other promotions – Kirkland’s also has coupons that are available for all to use.

These coupons mostly focus on knocking off a certain percentage or dollar amount off a purchase subtotal.

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In fact, one of the very first things I saw when visiting the Kirklands website was the following coupon code:

kirklands coupon code

These coupons sometimes can only be activated if the shopper is buying certain items or spending a certain amount of money, however some other coupons can be applied to any purchases of any dollar amount.

To claim these discounts online, the shopper usually has to enter in a coupon code upon checkout; in person, the cashier will enter in the discounts.

These discounts do not stack however, meaning that only one coupon code can be used per purchase.

The only obvious exception to this rule is the aforementioned military discount, which can be combined with just about any sale or coupon.

In addition to the coupons being offered by Kirkland’s they also have sales as well.

These sales don’t require any codes or coupons to be entered in by the buyer or the cashier; the discount is automatically applied for the shopper.

These sales usually only affect a certain department or type of item.

To access any of these sales or coupons while shopping online, all you have to do is go to Kirkland’s website.

On their main page, all of the discounts and coupons will be listed for visitors to see.

The discounts can be advertised in banners, blocks or text on this page.

All the important information, such as what’s on sale, how much the price is being discounted as well as any codes are all listed right on this page.

This makes it easy for those new to the site to find coupons easily; no need to dig for a separate promotions or coupons page, as many other stores’ websites have.

The only downside to this setup is that there isn’t much rhyme or reason to the way the discounts are presented.

They’re posted in an order that Kirkland’s deems important; which means that the sales that they want to push the most will be at the top, while less important sales fall toward the bottom.

This means that there’s no organization to the way that the discounts are seen, and there’s no way to filter the results to find what you want.

One bonus about Kirkland’s website is that they do have a separate webpage that answers frequently asked questions about their coupons and promotions.

This page can be especially helpful for new shoppers.

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Kirkland’s Discount Option #3 – Couponing Websites

Unfortunately Kirkland’s site explicitly states that they don’t accept third-party coupons.

This means that any coupons unique to couponing sites such as RetailMeNot and Slickdeals simply won’t work.

However, this doesn’t mean that these couponing sites still won’t come in handy while shopping at Kirkland’s

These couponing sites, in addition to combing the internet for unique coupons and deals for shoppers to use, also list promotional codes and sales being offered by the store.

Although the site’s not offering any new content or coupons, that doesn’t mean that having all the coupons offered by Kirkland’s isn’t still helpful.

As mentioned before, the front page of Kirkland’s website has all the coupons listed in an order important only to the company; there’s no way to filter results or make it easier to find coupons relevant to your purchase.

That’s where couponing sites come in.

You’ll have the option to filter coupons so that you only see ones that matter to the purchase you’re making.

You can choose to see coupons that only take a percentage off your total, or coupons that apply to certain items.

This filtering option makes shopping a bit easier, and saves you the trouble of having to scroll through Kirkland’s main page until you find a code that works for you.

In addition, these couponing sites often add in the coupon code automatically.

This means that by going through their site, you don’t have to make any extra efforts to remember or enter in the code upon checkout.

These couponing sites are also very thorough; you may find a few coupons for Kirkland’s that you may have missed or weren’t listed in a visible place on the main site.

Kirkland’s Discount Option #4 – Cashback Sites

Another option for saving money is by using cashback sites.

Sites such as Rakuten and Ebates quite literally offer money back simply by shopping online while using their apps or plugins.

A plugin is essentially an additional feature that’s added to your web browser.

This plugin will track your online purchases and determine at a later date how much cash you get back.

The way cashback sites work are very similar to companies and stores that offer rebates for shopping with them

These cashback sites are similar to couponing sites in the sense that they also list all possible coupons that are available for a store.

This means that coupons offered by the business themselves as well as any coupons that are offered by third-party companies.

The cashback percentages offered by the site should be listed right under each coupon

In this case, the cashback percentage that Ebates offers for Kirkland’s stores is 1.0% cashback.

It’s not the highest percentage the store offers, but it’s better than getting no cash back at all.

These sites also allow you to organize coupons, similar to couponing websites.

This makes it doubly easier to find discounts that work best for the purchase you have in mind.

The easiest way to find these cashback incentives is to simply type in the name of the store you wish to shop at as well as the name of the cashback site you wish to use – so a search for cashback incentives for Kirkland’s on Ebates should look like “ebates kirklands”.

Once you’ve logged in or signed up, and have the plugin installed, you can begin looking for coupons that you want to use.

After you’ve found a discount that you want to take advantage of, there is a button that will take you straight to the website.

Just like couponing sites, the coupon code of your choice will automatically be applied to your purchase by the cashback plugin.

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It’s great that Kirkland’s offers a military discount; and not just for those with a strictly military background, but all servicemen and women.

It’s also good that they allow this discount to be combined with other discounts.

However, those without a military background or wanting to make a purchase online should know that there are other ways that they can save money while shopping at Kirkland’s.

Although the store doesn’t allow third-party coupons to be used, plenty of other discounts and sales are still available to all shoppers, and cashback sites offer an additional way for people to save money.

If you’re shopping online, the best possible way to save as much as possible is to use a cashback site in conjunction with coupons.

The cashback incentive, despite not being huge, allows shoppers to save a few dollars while shopping.

In-store purchases would benefit the most from combining the military discount with other discounts.

Keep in mind what you plan on purchasing, and take a look at all the discounts and options available to you.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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The Kirklands military discount entitles the men and women serving in the US military a discount of 10% off in store purchases.
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