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Costco Military Discount

Costco is a large warehouse store that sells a little bit of everything in bulk.

From groceries to medicine to furniture and electronics, Costco has a little bit of everything for everyone.

If you shop at Costco frequently, you may be wondering what kind of discounts they offer.

Surely they most offer some discounts and ways for people to save money, right?

That is true, Costco does hold a number of sales and does offer quite a few different discounts.

However, if you’re a man or woman serving in the US military, you may be wondering if they offer any discounts to people with military backgrounds.

A quick search on Google shows that Costco does, in fact, offer a military discount.

This discount isn’t your typical knock 10% off a subtotal discount.

This military discount is a discount specifically for those who are planning to become members of their membership program.

The military discount knocks up to $60 off the membership price; this is an extra exclusive discount because Costco typically doesn’t offer any membership discounts to new members.

This discount can be claimed both online and in-store.

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How To Claim The Discount Online And In Stores

Unlike many other merchants, Costco allows you to verify your military status both online, and in their actual stores.

Here’s how to do both:

Claiming It Online

Here is the step-by-step process on claiming the Costco military discount online, literally in 2 easy steps:

Step 1: Click Here to visit the SheerID Costco page.

Step 2: Once you’re there, fill out the verification form.

costco sheerid page

It asks you things like whether or not you’re active duty, a reservist / guard, veteran / retiree, or a registered dependent.

Remember to answer everything accurately to avoid any problems signing up.

Once you’ve filled out everything and clicked next, your identity will be verified by SheerID.

As we’ve mentioned in other articles, SheerID is a legit service.

100’s of the biggest brands in the US use it as a quick and accurate way of verifying if someone was in the military, or is currently serving.

You have nothing to worry about in terms of your information being shared or distributed whatsoever. 

How To Claim The Discount In Stores

To claim the discount in stores, simply visit the customer service desk and inquire about a new membership.

They’re usually located near the exit of the store.  You have to show your regular Costco ID to the door greeter.

Simply tell them that you’re not yet a member, and that you’re looking to sign up.

They will guide you to wherever the customer service desk is, which is traditionally located near the exit of the store.

costco military membership signup

One you hit the customer service desk, tell them you’re active duty military (or retired, if that’s the case), and that you’re looking to sign up for a military membership.

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Of course, be sure to have your military ID ready.

According to several sources, valid forms of military ID that are accepted at Costco include:

  • Official Military ID
  • Common Access Card (CAC)
  • Veterans ID Card
  • Drivers License with veteran status
  • DD214 form
  • DD Form 2
  • DD Form 1173

Double check with the Costco near you to make sure they’ll accept whatever military ID you’re taking with you.

Nothing is more annoying than driving all the way there, only to find out later on that they won’t accept your Veterans ID card.

Here’s a link to find the Costco nearest to you.

Who is eligible for the discount?

All active duty, reservist or guard, veteran/retired and registered dependents qualify for the discount.

First responders such as police officers, firefighters, EMTs, paramedics and correctional officers do not seem to be eligible for the discount.

In addition, it doesn’t look like friends or family members of military men or women can claim the discount.

This is likely because only one person can hold a membership at a time, so if a person is paying for a membership at a discount, then that must be the same person who is earning the discount.

It’s also worth noting that this discount seems to only be activated when signing up for a membership.

The discounted price doesn’t seem to carry over to every subsequent billing cycle.

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Frequently asked questions

Can those who have been dishonorably discharged claim the discount?

Most likely not.

The SheerID page that Costco uses to verify military status doesn’t have an option for those who have been dishonorably discharged.

However, if you’re signing up for your membership in person, it’s always worth asking the representative.

Also, you can call Costco’s customer service number before signing up for the membership to see if they’ll allow you to claim the discount.

Can the discount be claimed online and in-store?


As mentioned before, these discounts can be claimed online by verifying your military status with SheerID.

The process is relatively quick and easy, and simply requires you to enter in a bit of information about yourself and your military career and status.

Claiming the discount in person is even easier, as there are less steps to verify your military status when you’re able to speak to an associate in person.

Are there any limits to the discount?

Yes, unfortunately.

This discount only applies to new memberships, so anyone who already has a Costco membership will not be able to claim the discount even if they are eligible.

Also, this discount is only for memberships.

Costco does not offer discounts for products or any specific brands.

The discount also seems to only be for the initial signup, which means that this discount won’t carry over to subsequent billing cycles.

Although the initial discount is nice, it would be nice that any future charges came at a discount as well.

Can the discount be combined with other discounts?

Technically, yes.

The Costco members gain access to discounts and sales available in the store, while non-members are unable to claim them.

In this sense, these sales do stack since you wouldn’t be able to access these sales without a membership, and you’re getting a membership at a discount.

However, bear in mind that there are different kinds of memberships at Costco, so your savings and discounts all depend on what kind of membership you hold.

Some memberships give you extra benefits on Costco services, others offer a 2% reward on purchases, while other memberships offers purchase for resale.

It’s best to compare all the different memberships and decide which one works best for you.

The military discount for new members, at least, can be applied to all the different memberships that Costco offers.

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Although it’s unfortunate that Costco doesn’t offer any military discounts on actual products and services, it’s good that they at least offer discounts on new and first-time members enrolling in their membership program.

As stated above, claiming the discount and becoming a Costco member is easy.

Not only is it is easy to claim the discount, but it’s easy to do both online and in-person, and the discount is available to people of just about every military background.

Although there is a bit of fuzzy area when it comes to whether or not those who have been dishonorably discharged, it doesn’t hurt to ask questions or call customer service on any aspects of the discount that are still unclear.

Overall, it’s an excellent discount that will save money for those who have served their country.

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General FAQ

What is the Costco military discount?

While Costco doesn't have a strict military discount, you can expect to save $60 on a new membership. You can redeem it by visiting the customer service desk in store.

Does Costco have a Veterans Day discount?

Unfortunately, they do not offer a Veterans Day discount.

What are the restrictions?

The military discount is only available for new memberships. Additionally, the discount does not offer a certain % discount on any products in-store. Lastly, the discount is not available to

Who is eligible for the discount?

All active duty, reservist or guard, veteran/retired and registered dependents qualify for the Costco military discount. First responders such as police officers, EMT's, and firefighters can also claim the discount.

Can the discount be combined with other discounts?

The Costco members gain access to discounts and sales available in the store, while non-members are unable to claim them.



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