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List Of Military Bases In North Carolina

This is a free list of active military bases in NC, by branch, in alphabetical order.

Air Force Bases In NC

  1. Charlotte Douglas International Airport
  2. Seymour Johnson Air Force Base
  3. Pope AFB

Army Bases In NC

  1.  Camp Butner
  2.  Camp Mackall
  3.  Fort Bragg
  4.  Simons Army Airfield

Marine Bases In NC

  1. MCAS Cherry Point
  2. MCAS New River
  3. MCB Camp Grieger

Navy / Coast Guard Bases In NC

  1.  Aircraft Repair and Supply Center Elizabeth City (Coast Guard)
  2.  Aviation Station Morehead City (Coast Guard)
  3.  Aviation Technical Training Center Elizabeth City (Coast Guard)
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