marine corps boot camp graduation gift ideas

Marine Corps Boot Camp Graduation Gift Ideas

Shopping for a Marine graduation gift can be difficult for some, so we here at OMK did the research to help you find the ‘perfect’ gift.

It goes without saying that graduation from Marine Corps basic training or, “boot camp”, is not an easy task.

Your Marine has just undergone weeks of physically exhaustive and brutal exercise.

The graduation gifts for new Marines below are the perfect way of saying ‘Thanks for your service’.

Something a little sentimental to commemorate the transition, or maybe something useful to take with them on their next adventure.

No matter who the recent graduate is, there is something in this list for them.

1. Bates Men’s USMC Lightweight DuraShocks Work Boots

bates usmc boots

The Bates Men’s USMC Lightweight DuraShocks Work Boots are a lightweight military and tactical boot.

They are made in the USA, with a full rubber sole, out of a blend of 80% porcine leather, and 20% Nylon.

This unique construction method ensures a strong boot that has oil and stain resistance, and scuff and abrasion resistance.

The shaft measures a manageable 7 inches from the arch and the heel is approximately 1.75 inches.

The Wolverine Warrior leather and nylon uppers give the perfect combination of comfort and durability.

The additional Bates Durashocks technology provides additional shock absorption and long-wearing comfort, and the breathable lining keeps feet and boots drier than ever.

Like with most boots on this tier of performance, there will be a break-in period needed before using the boots for extended times.

They should also be treated with oil or a similar leather cleaner and preservation agent.

This will ensure that these boots are ready to be your dailies and provide comfort and support.

It makes for the perfect Marine graduation gift, pick up a pair on the Dick’s Sporting Goods website here:

2. Casio G-Shock Digital Step Tracker Watch

casio g shock digital step tracker

For reliable step counts, with minimal tech influence, the Casio G-Shock Digital Step Tracker is a great option.

Your new marine will find multi-faceted use in this watch.

No matter where they go, what they do, or if they have time to charge their Fitbit or smartwatch.

This Casio is a classic option that provides a lineup of helpful features with very few space-wasters or unnecessary features.

The Casio G-Shock Digital Step Tracker features a Cotton/Polyester band and a tang buckle that comfortably keep the 43-millimeter wide case in place on your wrist.

The 200m water resistance keeps the watch ticking.

The Scratch Resistant Mineral crystal will keep your watch readable and looking great for years to come.

The internal battery will last approximately one year before needing a replacement.

When it comes down to it, the clear screen, simple operation, and easy pedometer that nearly everyone will be able to use with only a few button presses.

Also included are the standard watch functions of an alarm, stopwatch and lap timer functions.

You can pick it up on the official Dick’s Sporting Goods here:

3. Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses

oakley fuel cell military sunglasses

The Oakley Fuel Cell men’s sunglasses are a rare blend of art and technology, form and function.

The clean wraparound design is an Oakley standard, but the lenses contain cutting edge technology and industry-leading innovation.

The lenses are available in either a matte finish black or a grey polarized lens, and make for a great Marine graduation gift.

To ensure consistency across pairs, both lenses for a pair of Fuel Cells are cut from a single piece of Plutonite material.

They are then given the iridium coating which helps attune your vision to current light conditions, no matter what they are.

Oakley does let you apply your prescription to Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses for the perfect long term optical solution.

The signature Three-Point Fit holds the lenses in the perfect position.

The O Matter framing is extremely light and strong and resists stress damage over time.

Pick it up on the official Dick’s Sporting Goods website here:

4. KA-Bar Marine Knife

ka bar marine knife

The KA-BAR is arguably one of the most recognizable fixed blade knife designs in modern history.

It is a 7-inch straight-edge blade on a knife whose overall length is just under one foot.

The KA-BAR features a small hand-guard and a leather-wrapped handle supporting a 1095 cro-van steel blade.

The 1095 steel blade is perfect for its intended purpose, of course, but the quality of the metal and hardness of it allows the KA-BAR to be used in other ways.

There are stories of Marines using their KA-BAR as a prybar, hammer, screwdriver, and so on.

When finished, it can be wiped clean and stored in the included 100% leather sheath for future quick access right on your belt.

Pick it up on the Brownells official website:

5. US Marine Corps Red Anchor Globe Military Ball Cap

marine corps red anchor globe ball cap

If you want to get your recent graduate a piece of civilian wardrobe for when they get the rare occasion to wear it, then the US Marine Corps Red Anchor Globe Military Ball Cap could be the ideal gift.

They will not get many opportunities to be out of uniform, so getting them some officially-licensed Corps gear pretty much guarantees that your gift will see some usage.

Not only is it official licensed Marine Corps gear, but it is made in the USA.

No more embarrassing hats that say how patriotic you are while being made in a third world sweatshop.

The hat itself is made from a cotton blend and is only available in red, making it a unique Marine graduation gift.

Pick it up on the Overstock website here:

6. USMC LG Stockman Gift Set

usmc lg stockman gift set

A traditional gift that is always well received, is the pocketknife.

Case makes phenomenal knives that keep their edge and their value.

Featuring top tier workmanship and unparalleled customer care make Case an exceptionally collectible knife.

The Natural Bone Trapper Pocket Knife has laser embellishments and natural bone.

Has “Marines” stamped on the clip blade and “Since 1775” on the Spey blade.

The knife will be numbered with a Case long tail serialization.

It will also come with two spare blades that are “Case Tru-Sharp” high carbon steel.

Also included are extra nickel silver bolsters, liners, and brass pins.

This knife is made in the USA and is highly collectible.

Pick it up on the Bass Pro Shops website here:

#7. HERO11 Black


The HERO11 Black is an extremely sleek device from the well-known manufacturer GoPro.

GoPro is the leader in mobile yet high-quality cameras that produce footage out in the wild.

The HERO11 Black presents 4K120 video as well as 24.7 Megapixel photo.

In fact, you can take very high quality photos right from videos you recorded!

It’s also rugged in design and waterproof so you can take it just about anywhere.

Furthermore, the innovative and compact camera offers GPS stickers and time-lapse mode for video.

The footage is shockingly crisp for such an affordable camera and your Marine will appreciate it’s tough like them.

The GPS stickers are a cool thing to show off to family and friends as it tracks your speed, distance, and elevation gained on personal travels.

Purchase the HERO11 Black through the official website here:


If someone you love recently graduated from the United States Marine Corps basic training, and you want to commemorate the occasion with an unforgettable gift, then something from our list could give you the perfect idea.

What kind of person are they, are they practical?

Are they going to want to use their free time to its absolute ultimate potential?

Or would they prefer a more low key gift that was not fancy or extravagant, but would surely be remembered years later?

Answer these kinds of questions, and you should be able to find the perfect gift for your new graduate.


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