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Military Bases in Maine

With neighboring state Massachusetts close by, Maine doesn’t have a need for many military bases.

With that said, there are currently 4 active duty military bases in Maine. These include 1 major Navy base, 2 Air National Guard bases, and 2 US Coast Guard stations.

Learn more about each Maine military base below, including its location, when it was founded, and its overall mission.

Navy Bases in Maine

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

Location: Kittery, Maine

portsmouth naval shipyard - navy base in Maine

Founded: 1800

Overall Mission: Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is a historic and essential shipyard for the modern US Naval Fleet.

It is their job to repair and upgrade the Los Angeles and Virginia class of nuclear attack submarines.

This base stands as one of four remaining shipyards for the Navy and is dedicated to providing the highest quality for work possible to any ships that are serviced there.

Units / Vessels Stationed:

  • USCGC Campbell (WMEC 909)
  • USS New Mexico (SSN 779)
  • USCGC Reliance (WMEC-615)
  • USS Springfield (SSN 761)
  • USCGC Tahoma (WMEC-908)
  • USCG First District Northeast

Official Website:

Air Force Bases in Maine

Bangor ANG

Location: Bangor, Maine

bangor air national guard base in maine

Founded: 1927

Overall Mission: The primary purpose of the Bangor ANG Base is to help provide in-slight refueling to aircraft in the sky.

Their squadron of KC-135 stratotankers are able to assist American and allied forces in the skies as they help enhance the flight duration during critical operations.

The team at Bangor are also ready to assist with cargo transportation and medevac operations when essential for success in vital operations.

Units Stationed:

  • 101st Air Refueling Wing

Official Website:

South Portland ANG Station

Location: Portland, Maine

south portland air national guard station in maine
Image: Google Maps

Founded: 1940

Overall Mission: The primary mission of the South Portland ANG Station is to provide combat communications in both combat and standard operating times.

The team here commits to providing strategic communications in emergency situations to nay location is the world to keep information flowing as needed.

Additionally, South Portland is also capable of deploying teams to install or replace communication systems in vital areas around the world.

Units Stationed:

  • 265th Combat Communications Squadron
  • 243ed Engineering Installation Squadron

Official Website:

Coast Guard Bases in Maine

USCG Sector Northern New England

Location: South Portland, Maine

uscg sector northern new england
Image: USCG Sector Northern New England Facebook page

Founded: 1970

Overall Mission: This Coast Guard sector is responsible for over 5,000 miles of coastline management and help to ensure safe waterways for civilian and military vessels.

The sector also maintains port safety and efficiency as they monitor port operations in their operating regions in main, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Northern Ney York.

There are also efforts for proper border management with Canada to ensure safe passage for vessels traveling between nations.

Vessels Stationed:


Official Website:

USCG Station Boothbay Harbor

Location: Boothbay Harbor, Maine

uscg station boothbay harbor in maine

Founded: 1967

Overall Mission: Responsible for around 1000 square miles of Maine coast, Boothbay Harbor station helps to make sure waterways in the region are kept clear and safe for vessels.

With just two smaller vessels, this station has all the necessary crew to operate and maintain those boats.

This very small yet committed station has and will continue to operate in active waterways in Maine to help the larger Coast Guard stations have less to deal with.

Units Stationed:

  • N/A

Official Website: N/A

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Maine Military Bases

Maine Military Bases

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Maine is home to 5 military bases. Learn more about each base, including when it was founded, where it's located, and its overall mission.

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