nissan military discount
Military Discounts

Nissan Military Discount

Nissan is a provider of high quality, efficient, and innovative vehicles. They provide a military discount to give back to those who serve.

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About Nissan

Nissan was founded in 1938 in Tokyo, Japan. World War II slowed their production and sales, but by 1960 the company was in full force again.

In 1973, a Nissan vehicle rated high as an energy-efficient car in the United States, which brought the brand up in popularity in the US.

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Today, Nissans are sold in 17 countries around the world. They focus on making vehicles “more efficient, more beautiful, more inspiring, and more human.” 

They sell a variety of high end vehicles, and have many eco, or green, options as well.

nissan x trail
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What Is The Official Nissan Military Discount?

To give back to those who serve, Nissan offers $500 off the purchase of your new vehicle. 

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To use this deal, simply go to your local Nissan dealer and tell them you are a military member.

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The website does not state that you need to provide proof of military status, but you may want to bring your military ID or paperwork with you just to be safe.

Along with this discount, Nissan partners with Military Auto Source to provide discounted vehicles to military members who are currently serving overseas. This exact savings from this program depends on the vehicle you purchase.

To take advantage of this program:

Step 1: Access the Military Auto Source website by clicking here.

Step 2: Choose to find a local vehicle or create your own 

Step 3: Select your delivery location and your vehicle

Step 4: Request a quote and provide your contact information

Step 5: A representative will contact you to fulfill your purchase

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Who Can Claim This Deal?

The Nissan military discount is available to all current service members, including members of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. It can be used by those who serve in Active Duty, Reserves, or National Guard roles.

The military discount can also be used by veterans and retired military members as well.

Nissan’s partnership with the Military Auto Source overseas program can be taken advantage of by any service member who is currently deployed or serving overseas. 

nissan altima
Nissan Altima. Image:

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What Are The Restrictions?

The Nissan military discount is ran individually by each Nissan dealership.

Because of this, restrictions may vary from site to site.

You may want to call your local dealer before visiting them, to ensure your purchase will align with the military discount program.

Overall, we know that the military discount is eligible on most, but not all vehicles.

This means that some cars may not be able to be purchased at the lower price. 

Restrictions also pertain to eligibility for the discount. Veterans who use the deal need to be within two years of their service time. Retired military members need to have served for at least twenty years in the past to be eligible for the deal.

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Overall, Nissan is a popular vehicle brand that gives back to those who serve through a military discount. If you’re planning on buying a new Nissan soon, make sure you take advantage of the deals that are available for you.

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Like many other auto manufacturers, the Nissan military discount will allow the men and women serving in the US Armed Forces to save upwards of $500 on their next new car purchase.
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