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Pacsun Military Discount for 2023

PacSun is a fashion-forward retail chain that sells clothes to teens and young adults.

If you’re looking for a Pacsun military discount, you unfortunately won’t find one.

With that said, they do offer their customers many ways to save.

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About PacSun

Pacsun was founded in Newport Beach, California in 1980.

Two men named Jack Hopkins and Tom Moore started what would become the retail chain as just a small surf shop.

Soon, they began selling clothing and gear for snowboarding and skateboarding as well as surfing.

Next, their store became a place for any fashionable, beach-loving young person to shop.

Today, PacSun has almost 800 stores spread across the United States.

They sell in-style clothing to teens and young adults, much of which still holds their original beach focus.

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5 Ways to Save at PacSun

It’s unfortunate that there is no PacSun military discount.

However, their multiple ways to save are still worth checking out.

The best ways to save at PacSun are outline below:

1. Check out the PacSun Promotions Page

PacSun is constantly providing their customers with great deals and promotions.

These often include Buy-One-Get-One Half Off and Buy-One-Get-One Free deals. Sections of the store often have percentage-off deals as well.

These deals change over time, but there’s almost always something worth taking advantage of.

You can view the current PacSun promotions by clicking here.

If you’re shopping in person, these sales are shared on signs and posters throughout the store.

A PacSun Store Located Within a Shopping Mall. Image:

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2. Shop the Sale Section

Shopping the sale section is another way to get PacSun clothes at a discounted price.

These are typically clearance, but the promotional sales may show up in these areas as well.

Online, you can view the men’s sale items here and the women’s sale items here.

In-store, you’ll want to check out the clearance racks.

3. Sign Up to Receive PacSun Emails

If you want to be notified about potential PacSun savings without needing to check the website, signing up for the email newsletter is the way to go.

When you sign up to get emails from PacSun, you will be one of the first to know about new deals and promotions.

You’ll also get a percentage-off coupon that can be used right away (making this a great way to save if you’re looking for something you can use right away).

You can sign up for PacSun emails by going to the main page, scrolling to the bottom, and entering your email into the box.

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4. Join MyGSOM Rewards

Another alternative to the absence of a PacSun military discount is via their rewards program.

MyGSOM Rewards is the PacSun reward point system. When you sign up, you’ll gain the ability to earn points for your account.

These points can later be used on PacSun purchases.

Some MyGSOM Rewards perks include a $5 off coupon that can be used right away, and another $5 off every time you reach 1250 points (you’ll earn 10 points for every dollar you spend). 

You can also earn points for non-purchase actions, such as downloading the PacSun app on your smartphone (with additional points earned if you turn on notifications for the app), logging into your account online, checking in at a PacSun store, opening emails from PacSun, and making a complete PacSun profile.

You can sign up for My GSOM Rewards by clicking here.

A PacSun Outfit. Image:

5. Use the PacSun Student Discount

If you’re currently enrolled in college, the student discount is one of the best ways to save at PacSun.

This deal gives you 10% off every full-price purchase you make at the store or online.

To use this deal, you will need to have a UniDays account.

You can create this account by clicking here and filling out the requested information. 

You may need to complete additional tasks to create your account, such as verifying your status as a student.

UniDays will let you know how to complete this if necessary once you create your account.

Once you have a verified account, you’re ready to save at PacSun.

How to Use the PacSun Student Discount:

Step 1: Log into your UniDays account through this PacSun link

Step 2: Once you’re logged in, shop in the same tab on your computer or smartphone. As long as you stay logged in, the 10% off deal will automatically be applied to your PacSun purchase.

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Even though PacSun does not offer a military discount at this time, the other ways to save at the store are worth checking out.

If you’re in need of some new fashionable clothing, look into the deals listed above and use the one that is right for you.

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