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Lululemon Military Discount

Lululemon popularized athleisure wear more than any other brand. With their comfy clothes for people of all shapes and sizes, they have a wide market that they need to cater to.

If you regularly go to the gym, are in any sports, or just make it a point to incorporate exercise into your life, you have probably shopped at Lululemon more than once.

With all sorts of clothing such as skirts, pants, shirts, swimsuits and even bodysuits, Lululemon is bound to have something for everyone.

And if you’re a woman or man with a military background, you may be wondering if Lululemon offers a military discount.

A quick search on Google shows that Lululemon does, in fact, offer a discount; the discount knocks 25% off the subtotal.

This is great news, but you may still have a few lingering questions about the discount.

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How to claim the discount

All that’s needed is a proper government ID to prove you’re either active duty military, a military spouse, or an active first responder, and you’ll be able to claim the discount.

This means that a valid ID should be shown to the cashier of a Lululemon store before you pay.

Showing a valid ID is really the only way to determine your status in person.

Lululemon doesn’t accept any other forms of paperwork or identification to validate a person’s military status.

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Who can claim the discount?

The best part is that the discount applies not only to those with a military background, but also to first responders and spouses of those in the military.

This means that active firefighters, police officers, EMTs, paramedics and correctional officers can all claim the discount.

Spouses of first responders can’t claim the discount, however.

This discount applies to all of North America, meaning shoppers in the United States, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean can all claim the discount.

As mentioned before, spouses can claim the discount, but no other immediate or extended family members, including children and parents.

The discount is also non-transferable; this means that if you are shopping for or with someone else, you must carry out the transaction.

You’ll have to then gift the item to whomever you want to gift it to after leaving the store.

What’s a valid ID look like?

Something like these (if you’re active duty military)

us military id card
Every U.S. Armed Forces member is given a military ID. Image:

Or a Common Access Card (CAC):

valid cac card

If you’re a first responder, a valid ID may look like these:

police officer id card

Further information on the discount

Lululemon has an entire page on their website dedicated to answering questions about their military discount.

This webpage covers a few basic questions on the discount, including how much is knocked off the price, who can claim the discount and more.

It’s worth looking at before your next visit to a Lululemon, so that you can have any questions answered as well as formulate any other questions you’d like to ask an associate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the discount be used online?

Sadly no, the discount can only be claimed in-store.

Lululemon has no way to determine your military or first responder status online, so your status must be verified in person by a Lululemon associate.

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What is excluded from the discount?


The Lululemon military discount covers everything in the store, including markdowns.

This is great for those who don’t want to spend a lot at a Lululemon to revamp their athletic wear wardrobe; they won’t have to worry about leaving certain things at the store because the discount doesn’t apply.

Can the discount be stacked?

Meaning, can the discount be used in conjunction with other discounts?

Lululemon’s page on the military discount doesn’t give an answer one way or another.

Lots of stores that usually don’t allow discounts to be combined will make an exception for those using the military discount.

You can always ask at the counter when paying, but be prepared to hear no.

Be sure to do the math in your head beforehand to determine which discount is the better discount, so you can quickly decide whether or not you’re going to claim the military discount during your purchase.

Can I claim the discount if I’m retired?

Unfortunately, Lululemon’s page on the military discount doesn’t say so.

Their site only mentions active and reservist military members.

It’s worth noting that many stores and chains across the country do extend the military discount even to those who are retired or are otherwise no longer an active military person.

It’s worth asking the next time you shop at a Lululemon, just be sure to bring your ID to prove your (former) status if they do offer it.

Can divorced spouses claim the discount?

It’s safe to say no, spouses of those eligible for the discount can’t claim it for themselves.

What if I’ve been dishonorably discharged?

Again, Lululemon isn’t clear about this part, but it’s always worth an ask.

Since the discount can only be applied in-person, you’ll be able to speak directly with an associate.

If they aren’t sure, they can always speak to their superior.

However, it’s worth noting that Lululemon seems a bit strict about who can claim the discount; the spouses of first responders already can’t claim the discount, nor can the children, parents or extended family of military men and women.

It’s probably safe to assume that anyone who has anything besides an honorable discharge won’t be able to claim the discount.

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Although Lululemon can be a tad strict in who can claim the discount, it’s good to know that they offer a discount at all.

Offering the discount to first responders military spouses is also very nice, as not many stores extend the discount to non-military servicepeople.

It’s important to remember that the discount can only be claimed in stores; there is no way to claim it online, not with a coupon or code or anything.

Shoppers should also bear in mind that Lululemon is still a bit unclear on whether or not dishonorably discharged military people and retired vets can claim the discount, as well as whether or not the discount can be combined with other discounts.

Anyone shopping at Lululemon and planning on claiming the discount should be sure to speak to an associate to get all of their questions out before checking out.

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General FAQ

What is the Lululemon military discount?

The discount allows members of the military, both active duty and retired, a savings of 25% off the subtotal of your purchase.

Who can claim the discount?

The military discount applies to active duty, veterans, and retired military. First responders such as firefighters, EMT's, and police officers can also redeem the discount.

Can I claim the military discount online?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You can only claim the Lululemon discount in stores.

How do I redeem the discount?

Simply present your military ID to the cashier at checkout. Valid forms of ID include a CAC card, drivers license with military seal, or Geneva Conventions id card.

Are there any restrictions?

The discount cannot be used online. Additionally, while spouses of military members can claim the discount, immediate family members cannot.



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