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Papa John’s Military Discount for 2023

Papa John’s is one of the country’s top pizza chains. Unfortunately, they do not offer a set military discount.

They do, however, offer some deals worth looking into.

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About Papa John’s

Papa John’s started in Jefferson, Indiana.

It had a humble beginning when its first pizza was baked inside of a broom closet.

Since then, the restaurant chain has grown rapidly and now has 5,500 locations in 49 different countries around the world.

They focus on keeping their customers happy with wholesome ingredients and high-quality pizza.

Their customer service is always a main goal as well, as they say that, “P.A.P.A.” stands for People Are Always Priority.

Papa John’s has won several awards over the years, including being rated #1 for both customer satisfaction and product quality.

papa johns store
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What Is The Official Papa John’s Military Discount?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Papa John’s offers a set military discount like so many other restaurants across the country do.

However, some customers have reported getting a military deal on their orders in the past.

In Baltimore, Maryland, customers at corporate locations can get 25% off in-store by showing a valid military or veteran ID.

Others report they can save online by typing in the code TROOPS25 during the checkout process.

However, we tried this coupon code at a location near us, and it wasn’t valid.

papa john's military promo code

Others at various locations across the country have reported getting 10% off their in-store order with a valid military ID.

Along with these reports, it looks like Papa John’s has offered a short-term military deal at least once in the past.

There are expired codes available online that give military members and veterans 50% off their orders.

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The promo code used to be VETS50, but when you visit the official link for this promo, it currently says that the promo code is invalid.

papa john's military coupon code is now invalid

If you want to get a deal on your pizza order, you will need to call your local store and ask if they give a military discount.

It seems like the answer will likely be “no,” but some locations will give a deal.

You may also want to pay attention to Papa John’s advertisements to see if they bring back the 50% off pizza deal that they had in the past.

It would be smart to watch closely around Veteran’s Day since so many stores and restaurants give great deals to those who serve around the holiday.

Since these deals are not official at the corporate level, we do not have any information on who can claim them or their restrictions.

For specific questions, you’ll need to ask your local store or watch for advertisements, which typically come with terms and conditions.

You can find the information for your local Papa John’s store here if you’d like to contact them about military deals.

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Other Ways To Save

If your local store does not offer a deal and the military coupon doesn’t come back around, you will need to look into some other ways to save on your Papa John’s order.

papa johns pizza
Pizza from Papa John’s. Image:

Papa John’s Specials

You will rarely need to make a Papa John’s purchase at menu price.

Their Specials webpage has deals on pizza, combos, and more.

They have standard deals and deals that change every week.

If you’re looking for a pizza on a budget, this page is the first place to look.

To see what deals they have available near you, click here to search for a location near you. 

Once you enter your delivery (or carryout) address, click on the “specials” link towards the top of the page.

papa john's specials

They’ll show you all of the specials they have going on at the moment, and you can save on items that you had no clue were even on sale!

Papa Rewards

To save even more money, you can sign up for the Papa John’s loyalty program, Papa Rewards.

Papa Rewards gives you points when you place orders, which can be turned in for deals including free pizzas and sides.

With this program, you get 1 point for every $1 you spend.

Once you have 75 points, you’ll have $10 you can redeem for free food.

To sign up for Papa Rewards, simply click here and follow the registration process.

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Even though Papa John’s does not have a daily military discount, they do offer many ways to save.

Consider checking if your local store has a military deal. Individual franchises may post special deals on its social media. 

If they don’t, you still shouldn’t ever have to pay the full menu price for food at Papa John’s.

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