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YETI Military Discount

YETI has quickly become one of the top quality and top rated brands for a variety of outdoor products.

Their brand is relatively new in comparison to some of the more established brands.

YETI offers an online retail store and has many authorized dealers across the United States.

YETI currently has an every day Military Discount that is available through their main website.

Continue reading for more information on YETI, the Military Discount and other ways to save on Yeti products.

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About YETI

yeti military discounts

According to their website, YETI was started in 2006 by two brothers.

The brothers were frustrated with outdoor coolers not meeting their expectations and constantly needing to be replaced.

They designed the YETI cooler to be high-quality, no matter what you put it through.

They have expanded to not just have a long-lasting, high-engineered cooler, but also drink-ware, bags, clothing, chairs and more.

You can even buy YETI gear for your dog or customize your product.

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Currently YETI has two store locations but product can be found in hundreds of authorized retailers.

To find a location near you, visit their website here.

YETI Military Discount

YETI has partnered with to give Military Discounts. 

The discount varies between eligible products, but is 20% on the majority of items.

Who Can Receive the Discount?

The discount is open to Military members, veterans, first responders and government officials.

Active Duty, Inactive Reserves, National Guard, Veterans and Retirees are all eligible for the discount and can register for the Troop ID with

First responders and government officials may have other restrictions outside of what is outlined below. 

Visit this page for the full details.

How Do I Sign Up?

Signing up requires you to register on the website prior to purchasing your items.

There are 4 ways to verify through

You can use your USAA account or .mil email account to verify.

You can also enter in your service information or upload documents to verify. will verify your information against online data bases and attempt to complete your registration within 60 seconds.

Details on verifying through can be found here.

An advantage to going through this process is that once you have completed the registration process, will remember your information and you can use it with other online retailers that offer Military Discounts as well.

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Redeeming The Yeti Military Discount

It’s very simple to redeem the military discount, simply follow the below step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Click Here to visit the official Yeti website and do your shopping.

Step 2: Once you’re done shopping, click on your cart and select, “View Cart”.

Step 3: Under the items in your shopping cart there will be a drop down section that says, “Military & First Responders”. Select, “Troop ID”.

Step 4: A new screen will pop-up asking you to login or register for 

You can either login with an existing account, or sign up for a new one.

When your account is logged in you will see a strike-through on the prices that qualify for the Military Discount.

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What Are the Restrictions?

Not all products qualify for the Military Discount.

If the product is considered Limited Edition, Collegiate, customized or is part of a new release, you cannot use the discount on it. 

The discount is also intended for the service member only, not friends or family.

You can find more information about the discount on their website here

Other Ways to Save with YETI

Because YETI products are sold at a variety of retailers, the prices can sometimes vary.

To save on YETI products you can price compare between retailers or shop the online YETI store to ensure you are not receiving knock-off YETI gear (it happens).

YETI has an online account system called YETI Nation.

Signing up just takes filling out basic information on their website here.

Once you are registered you will receive information on new products and promotions.


YETI is a top brand in outdoor accessories.

Their product line includes coolers, chairs, clothing, accessories, drink-ware and more.

They have an emphasis on creating products that are high-quality and that will last you.

Although they are a newer company in the world of outdoor retailers, their products have become very popular.

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YETI does offer a Military Discount that gives you 20% off of your product.

The Military Discount is available when you purchase items through their online store.

To use the discount, you must register for an account.

Even though the process may seem longer, is easy to use and will show you other locations that you can use your newly registered account to get Military Discounts.

YETI products are sold in many different retailers and sometimes prices can vary so price compare before you buy!

The best way to save with YETI is on their website with your Military Discount and by signing up to join the YETI Nation.

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The Yeti military discount allows those serving in the US military a savings of 20% on their next purchase. Find out how to redeem and more.
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