Peloton military discount
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Peloton Military Discount

Peloton is a newer exercise equipment brand that has quickly risen to the top of the market.

Their bikes and treadmills are never sold at a discounted rate, but they do have a special deal that allows military members to save a little extra money on their purchase.

About Peloton

Peloton was founded in 2012, and officially started business in 2012 after a successful kickstarter campaign online.

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The idea behind the brand was to bring the motivation of “boutique-style” fitness classes into the home, to get more people working out in a way that is equal parts of fun and intense.

Today, Peloton sells two pieces of fitness equipment, a bike and a treadmill, along with a variety of accessories for each machine.

The machines require a monthly subscription when they are purchased, which unlocks almost 100 live, weekly classes with real fitness instructors.

Past workouts and rides/runs set to various types of music and scenery are available as well.

These programs even allow users to “ride” with other Peloton users, and give the teammates the ability to virtually “high five” and push each other to finish their workouts.

Users can also sync their bike or treadmill to work with their fitness or smartwatch to count steps, calories, and more.

The machines are compact, adjustable, and come with a thirty day satisfaction trial.

They come ready to ride as well, which means there is never any type of assembly required. 

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What Is The Official Peloton Military Discount?

Peloton bikes and treadmills never go on sale, as we mentioned earlier.

However, they do offer a special deal to military members to say “thank you” for serving.

There is a deal for the bike and a deal for the tread, so we will look into each of these individually below.

Peloton Bike Military Discount

When military members purchase a Peloton bike, they receive “The Essentials” package for free.

This package normally retails at $159, so that’s the total savings that military members can get.

The Essentials package includes Peloton shoes with cleats, a set of weights, and headphones.

The shoes come in sizes 5-12 for women and sizes 7-13.5 for men, and for the weights, buyers can choose 1, 3, or 5 pounds.

Peloton Tread Military Discount

The Tread gives military members “The Tread Essentials” package for free.

This package is valued at $229, and it comes with an exercise mat, a set of resistance bands, and two sets of weights.

Buyers can pick a different weight for each set, and weights are available from 5 to 30 pounds.

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How To Use This Deal

Unfortunately, the Peloton military discount is not available with online purchases and orders at this time.

Because of this, you’ll need to either visit a Peloton showroom or call their customer service line to use this deal.

If you want to make a purchase in person, simply bring a military ID and let the associate who helps you with your purchase know that you would like to take advantage of the military discount.

You can see a map of all the showrooms located in the United States here.

If you want to make a purchase over the phone, call 1-866-650-1996.

Let the associate know that you would like to make a purchase using the military discount.

You typically won’t need proof of military service if you make your purchase over the phone, but keep in mind that Peloton has the right to ask for it if they feel the need to.

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Who Can Claim This Deal?

The Peloton military discount is available to all current military members.

This includes members of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. Those who serve in Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard roles are all eligible.

Past service members, including retired military members and veterans are able to use this deal as well.

Peloton Bike
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What Are The Restrictions?

The biggest restriction that the Peloton military discount has is that it cannot be used online, as we mentioned earlier.

Other than that, it is a pretty straightforward and easy to use deal.

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If you’re planning on purchasing a Peloton bike or treadmill in the near future, be sure to take advantage of this deal as it is one of very few ways to save on these high quality fitness machines.

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Peloton offers a military discount for both their bikes and treads. The deal can entitle you to a significant savings, but does come with a few restrictions.
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