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Rogue Fitness Military Discount

Rogue Fitness sells premium, American-made workout equipment.

They don’t offer a military discount, but they do give back to the United States military in other ways and provide many ways for all of their customers to save money on their products.

Special Note: While Rogue Fitness doesn’t offer a military discount, several other workout equipment stores do!

Check them out below (click the link to learn more):

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods – Offers a 10% off discount in stores only. Click Here to learn more.
  • – Their Club-O program can help you save as much as 15% on your order. Click Here to learn more.

About Rogue Fitness

Rogue Fitness was started in 2007 by a man named Bill Henniger. Henniger started the company from inside of his home garage. 

By 2017, Rogue Fitness had grown to the point of filling a warehouse and employing over 500 workers.

Rogue Fitness continues to grow today.

They strive to provide high-quality careers to their workers, as they believe this work will help the entire economy in the long run.

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Rogue Fitness also focuses on proving premium workout gear and equipment to gyms and individuals around the country.

They are a large provider of CrossFit equipment and sell a variety of materials from barbells to boxes.

Their customers include creators of home garage gyms, CrossFit facilities, military gyms, professional sports teams, and more.

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How To Save At Rogue Fitness

Rogue Fitness does not offer military discounts, as they state they want to keep prices low for all of their customers. 

They offer great online deals for all of their customers through the Rogue Deals section of their website.

These deals are each outlined below.

Hot Deals

Hot Deals are short-term deals that come and go from the website with no warning.

If you see a product you want under the Hot Deals tab, you’ll want to grab it fast.

There are not always Hot Deals available. When they are available, you can see them on their deals page here.

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Closeout And Sale

When products are discontinued, you can catch them at a good price on clearance.

You can view the Rogue Fitness Closeout And Sales page on their website here.


The Boneyard is the place where Rogue Fitness sells refurbished items as well as those brand-new merchandise items that have minor cosmetic blemishes.

All products are in working condition.

They are simply sold at a lower price for a small mistake in their appearance.

If you’re not worried about your equipment looking perfect, the Boneyard may be a great way for you to find a deal.

You can view the Rogue Fitness Boneyard on their official site here.

Hundo Pricing

If you purchase large amounts of weight, your savings can add up.

Rogue Fitness often offers special deals on large amounts of weight through their Hundo Pricing program.

Hundo Pricing is not always available.

When it is, you can access them from the Deals page on their website here.

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Shipping Deals

Rogue Fitness offers various shipping deals depending on what you buy from their website.

You can see these deals in a rotating banner in the top right-hand corner of their site, or you can see the Rogue Fitness Shipping Deals page here.

Shipping deals may vary but often include free shipping when you purchase a Rig and free shipping on orders over $5,000.

Rogue Fitness has a “3 Ship Free” page, where you can get free shipping on any three items you choose to purchase that are available on that specific page.

Free shipping is also available for any products with the “Ships Free” logo in its listing.

Free shipping may seem like a small discount, but these deals add up fast when you think of how heavy workout equipment can be, and how expensive those heavy-weight products are to ship.

Savings Events

Every year, Rogue Fitness hosts a huge sale during the week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

They call it the Matte Black Friday Sale, and it typically lasts for around one week.

The details for this deal are announced annually near the date of the sale.

To see the deals offered for the current year, watch out for ads from Rogue Fitness.

Customers who have purchased from this sale in previous years say that this is not a sale you want to miss.

How To Save

You do not need to do anything special to use these deals.

Simply add the products that are eligible for the promotion to your cart. 

There may be restrictions specific to each deal.

You will want to check for restrictions if your products are not showing up with the discounted price when you put them in your online cart.

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Rogue Fitness Flag Display. Image:

How Does Rouge Fitness Give Back To Military Members?

Rogue Fitness makes it clear that they have a deep respect and appreciation for those who serve our country, even though they do not offer a specific discount for military members.

Rogue Fitness makes a point to give back to military members by hiring veterans as well as actively serving military members for high-quality careers.

They also raise money for various foundations with military ties through certain product sales.

They have donated over $400,000 to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America organization through sales of IAVA apparel. 

Rogue has donated over $23,000 to K9s for Warriors through sales of dog collars as well.

You can see more about the company’s history of support for military members here.

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Overall, it is unfortunate that there is no Rogue Fitness Military Discount.

However, the company does a great job of giving back to the US military and providing deals to everyone who purchases its products.

If you are looking into purchasing some Rogue Fitness merchandise in the near future, make sure you take advantage of these deals to get the best possible price.

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Unfortunately, Rogue Fitness doesn't have a military discount. But that doesn't mean you can't save some money. Find out more here.
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