petsmart military discount
Military Discounts

Petsmart Military Discount

Petsmart is a leading supplier of pet food and supplies in the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

Unfortunately, they do not have a military discount. However, they do offer many ways for their customers to save.

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About Petsmart

Petsmart began in 1986, and quickly grew to be the largest specialty pet store to provide both pet products and services. Today, Petsmart operates from over 1,650 locations.

Petsmart sells everything you need for pets, from food to cages and kennels. They sell toys, treats, and health supplies as well. 

The store provides various services, including a grooming salon, pet training, boarding, day care, and pet adoption events.

Petsmart also has their own Veterinary office, Banfield Pet Hospital.

This clinic takes patients for both routine and emergency care performed by veterinary professionals.

The well-known online pet supply retailer is owned by Petsmart and operated as a subsidiary of the company.

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5 Ways To Save At Petsmart

Even though Petsmart does not offer a military discount, they do offer a wide variety of savings opportunities to all of their customers.

1. Petsmart Treats Program

The Treats Program is Petsmart’s loyalty rewards program.

The program allows you to earn and receive special money saving offers.

It also allows you to use a digital card to pay for purchases, and lets you book grooming and training services for your convenience.

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2. Coupons

One of Petsmart’s best deals is their coupon policy. Petsmart sends out many coupons that you can, of course, use at their stores.

However, this is not the end of coupons at Petsmart.

The store also allows you to use coupons from other stores or manufacturers if the products are an exact match.

The competitor coupons need to be in print version, and Petsmart will collect them after use.

This means that you can only use each coupon one time.

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They also need to have a scannable barcode, a valid expiration date, and cannot be copied or changed in any way.

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Petsmart Adoption Center. Image:

3. Pick Up And Save

If you place an order and pay on the Petsmart website and pick it up at your local store, you can earn 5% off a variety of products.

To view eligible products and make a Pick Up And Save order, click here.

4. Local Advertisements

Petsmart sends out a digital version of a local ad as well, allowing you to see special in-store prices from the comfort of your home.

You can use these ads to watch for sales.

When you see a deal you would like to take advantage of, you can go to the store and make your discounted purchase.

To view these deals, click here and type in your zip code to see the correct area. 

5. Website Sales Page

To find even more deals, you can view the Petsmart Sales page by clicking here.

This page is filled with clearance items and other reduced-price deals.

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It’s unfortunate that Petsmart does not offer a military discount, but luckily they still offer many ways to save.

If you’re shopping at Petsmart in the near future, make sure you take advantage of these deals to get the best possible price.

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Petsmart doesn't have a military discount, but they do have many other ways you can save on your next order.

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