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Target Military Discount

Target is one of the largest retail and grocery stores in the United States.

They aim to be inclusive and give back to their communities, and they do so in a variety of different ways.

Unfortunately, they do not give back through a daily military discount.

However, there is one military perk you should consider taking advantage of if you shop at Target.

Every year around Veteran’s Day, target releases a one-use military discount coupon.

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About Target

target veterans day discount

Target was started in 1902 by a man named George Draper Dayton.

Dayton chose a Minneapolis location for its promising business opportunity and called his first store “Dayton Dry Goods.” 

Dayton’s store took off because his customers realized that it was a dependable, fair, and generous business.

These qualities have been held tight throughout the years and the company has continued to grow into what we call Target today.

Dayton’s store took the name “Target” in the year 2000, as board members agreed that the new name was a better fit for where the company was headed.

Target has continued to impress guests with dependable brands.

They’ve created and carried Market Pantry, Simply Balanced, Pillowfort, Cat and Jack, Who What Wear, Magnolia Homes, and more.

These are all brands that customers count on in everyday life.

Target has continued to be fair through acts of inclusivity such as debuting “Caroline’s Carts,” styles for every body type, and makeup for every skin tone.

They’ve continued to be generous by giving back. They give significant monetary gifts to education foundations each year.

They also give back to the military by donating to military causes and holding a goal of hiring 1 million veterans by the year 2020.

Target has been moving forward with innovation as well.

They’ve found new ways to cater customers, including their pick-up and drive-up options and their Shipt delivery partnership.

Overall, Target has grown to meet the needs of its customers while still holding onto the values it was built on.

The company has grown exponentially and plays a huge role in American society today.

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Target Veterans Day Discount

Target honors our military on Veterans Day. Image:

Target doesn’t have a daily military discount, but they do still have a deal for those who are currently serving or have served in the past.

Target’s military discount is available one time each year around Veteran’s Day.

It gives military members and families 10% off of their entire purchase. 

This coupon can only be used once, but its percentage is taken off of your entire order and not just one single item.

To use the Target military discount when it is available, you need to register online in advance. 

Around the time when the coupon becomes active, Target will advertise the deal. When they advertise, they will include a link to Sheer ID.

Sheer ID is an online verification tool that allows you to verify your military status online.

When you register with SheerID, your information will be sent to Target. You will then receive a 10% off coupon via email.

You can print this coupon or show it to the cashier on your smartphone to use it in store. 

Inside of a Target store. Image:

Who Can Claim This Discount?

Target’s military discount is available to current military members, including Active Duty, Reserves, and National Guard members.

It is also available for veterans.

The deal is also available for family of military members, including spouses and direct dependents.

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What Are The Restrictions?

The Target military discount does come with a few restrictions.

The limits change every year, but some of the items that the store carries with a higher price point will not be available at a discounted rate.

In the past, restricted items have included gift cards, pharmacy items, some electronics, certain toys including legos, and larger baby items.

The coupon can also only be used one time per year. It is only available for those who have verified their military status with Sheer ID prior to shopping.

Other Ways To Save At Target

Since the military discount at Target is only available once per year, you may be looking for a way to save money in the store during the rest of your shopping trips.

Luckily, Target does provide its customers with some great ways to lower prices.

Target Cartwheel Advertisement. Image:

Cartwheel and Mobile App

Target has a smartphone application and a program called Cartwheel.

Each of these items are filled with coupons and money saving advice for Target shoppers.

The smartphone app typically gives access to the Weekly Ad and lists any deals that are happening at local stores.

Cartwheel is filled with coupons from every area of the store.

The biggest deals are the gift card deals, where Target provides you with a store discount if you purchase specific items.

The gift card deals typically have you buy a few of a certain item to receive the deal.

For example, you may need to buy three hair care products to earn a $5 gift card.

Click Here to download the Cartwheel app on Targets official website.

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Red Card

You can also save money by opening up a target RedCard.

RedCard users save 5% off of their purchase every time they use their RedCard in a Target store.

RedCards are available in both credit and debit card varieties.

To apply for a RedCard, ask your cashier in person or click here to apply online.

Overall, Target is a store that has held true to their values as they have grown.

They give back to their military in a variety of ways, even though they don’t have a discount for those who serve our country.

If you shop at Target, make sure you take advantage of the once per year military discount deal.

For your other trips, consider using a different money saving technique.

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While Target doesn't offer a daily military discount, they do offer a discount on Veterans Day. Learn more about the discount here, including the terms and restrictions.

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