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RAD 150 Review: Dosage, Results, Side Effects, & More

RAD 150, which also goes by the name TLB-150 Benzoate, s a new SARM that has a lot of promise for bodybuilders who want to put on some added muscle.

It is a powerful option for those who are looking for a quality supplement that has the power to deliver on its promises.

Learn about the benefits of RAD 150, the side effects, user results, dosage, and more below.

NOTE: The below products are NOT intended for those under the age of 18.  If you are under the age of 18, do NOT consider taking them under any circumstances whatsoever.

What Is RAD 150?

rad 150 reviews

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RAD-150 is a newly engineered SARM that is derived from RAD-140. The difference is that it has an added ester.1

This simply means that there is a chemical alteration that changes the half-life and the solubility in the bloodstream.

From a chemical structural standpoint, you will find that it is like RAD-140. The life is simply extended.2

What does this mean in practical terms, though? It simply means that the product is stronger and lasts longer than RAD-140.

You won’t have to use it as often, but you can still get some truly phenomenal results.

RAD 150 binds with the androgen receptors in the muscle tissue.3

This means that the organs in the body won’t be affected.

Instead, it goes right to work on the muscles, which is what those who are taking it want, as most are weight lifters.

What Are the Benefits of RAD-150?

Naturally, you want to know the biggest benefits of starting to take this SARM.

First, you will find that it can increase muscle mass, as well as your overall strength.

Many people train harder when they are on the SARM, and this leads them to have some great gains in size and strength in relatively short periods.4

Additionally, the RAD 150 can help to increase metabolic rates in the body, which helps to improve fat loss.

Of course, you have to remember that if you want to get the best results, you can’t just take this supplement.

You also need to put in the work when it comes to your diet and the amount of time you are spending in the gym.

Work hard and the results will be apparent.

Fortunately, the decreased recovery times that come from taking RAD 150 help to ensure that you can get your body back to being healthy and strong from the gym more quickly.

This tends to be most noticeable in men who are over 40 and who have started to experience a slowdown in muscle regeneration.

Another benefit is the increased endurance that you feel. You will begin to feel more energetic and confident.

This helps to make your workouts better, which in turn helps to fuel the growth and shredding talked about earlier.

How to Take RAD 150

One of the benefits of the esterification of the substance is that it is very strong.

This means that you don’t have to worry about taking high doses to get good results.

Generally, the dosage, regardless of the means through which you are taking the SARM, will be between 5 mg and 10 mg.

For many 10 mg per day will be the standard. Of course, we’re all different and have different goals.

There may be some bodybuilders that have daily doses.

Typically, you can cycle the dosages for up to eight weeks, which is the same as what you can do with other SARMS.

This should be plenty of time to get all of the good effects that you want from the SARM without running the risk of potential side effects.

When it comes to the methods of taking the product, you will have quite a few options.

Find the solution that works best for your needs.

RAD 150 Side Effects

Before taking any sort of supplement, it’s a good idea to look beyond just the benefits and examine some of the potential side effects.

Some people who have taken the RAD 150 say that they have not suffered from any side effects.

However, others have reported side effects such as liver injury.5

It’s important to be aware of those potential side effects, so you can determine whether they are affecting you when you take the SARM.

Increased Blood Pressure

One of the potential side effects of taking the SARM is that it could increase your blood pressure.

Some who have taken it have found their BP to go up by 20 to 30 points in a matter of a few weeks.

Remember to not go over eight weeks in your cycle, and if the BP increase is too great, quit taking the SARM.

Additionally, if you have hypertension, you will not want to use this product.


Some people have found that they may feel more aggressive when they are taking RAD 150.

It’s supposed to produce an even more pronounced feeling of aggression than RAD-140, so be aware that this could happen.

If you are aware, you will often be able to contain those feelings.

Hair Loss

Some users have reported that they lost some hair when they were on RAD-150.

However, they were happy to note that it wasn’t permanent, and the hair grew back when they stopped taking the SARM.

Testosterone Suppression

All SARMs that you take can cause some amount of testosterone suppression, so this should not be a surprising side effect.

Therefore, you will want to undergo post-cycle therapy (PCT) after you go on your cycle.

This will help to get your body back on track to produce the proper amount of testosterone.

While not a side effect per se, you will want to keep in mind that most sports bodies will look for SARMs when they are they are testing athletes.

If there are bans on SARMs in your sport, then RAD 150 is going to show up since it is so similar to RAD-140.

Stacking with Other SARMs

Since RAD 150 is so similar to RAD-140, they can stack with many of the same sorts of SARMs.

Depending on your particular goals, you can stack with an eye toward building muscle or shedding fat, for example.

Some of the options that you might want to consider include Cardarine and Ibutamoren.

Stacking with Cardarine can be great for some added strength and muscle growth.

It could also help with improving recovery time. It could also be used for cutting.

Other stacks might include things like Ligandrol or YK-11, for example.

Where to Buy RAD 150

If you want to buy RAD-150, you will generally need to find an online option.

We personally recommend the Sports Technology Labs brand for a few reasons:

  1. They sell the highest quality SARMS, including RAD 150
  2. Their prices are competitive
  3. They routinely offer discounts, especially on large orders

Click Here to see their page on RAD 150 liquid.

They also offer it in powder form, click here to see their page on that.

There are options for powders, injectables, liquids, capsules, tablets, and even transdermal SARMS.

Take some time to explore the options on the site to find the solutions that will work best for your needs.

In addition to SARMs, they also have peptides, nootropics, and more available.

FAQs About RAD 150

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding RAD 150 and similar SARMS:

What Is the Half-Life of RAD 150?

It is believed that the half-life of RAD 150 is claimed to be 48 hours. However, the jury is still out on just how long the half-life truly is.

Some websites and manufacturers will say that it is only 24 hours.

Others say that it’s 60 hours, which is similar to what you will find with RAD-140.

How Long Should a Cycle Last?

Generally, a cycle is only going to last between six and eight weeks. Those who are new to SARMS should stick to eight weeks.

Once you have finished with the cycle, it’s a good idea to take a break of at least one month.

What Results Can You Expect?

You have to first understand that everyone is different, and it’s impossible to know exactly what to expect in terms of your personal results when you start.

However, you can expect to see some impressive improvements in your strength and the size of your muscles within two months (your first cycle).

There have been some studies done that have shown that some users increased their body weight by 10% in 28 days.

Does It Lower Your Testosterone?

As with other SARMs, you will find that it could cause some testosterone suppression, as mentioned above.

However, this only tends to be a problem in those cases where someone is taking more of the product than they should.


If you want to experience the benefits of RAD-140, but you want a longer half-life, then RAD-150 can be a great option.

There are some potential side effects, but they tend to be minimal for most.

This is a high-quality SARM, and it is considered to be one of the most effective thanks to the esterification process.

It does have the potential to help you improve your performance and to gain both strength and endurance.

There is plenty of fantastic anecdotal evidence from people who have used the product and who have found some great levels of success.

It could help with improving muscle size and endurance, and it might even help those suffering from low testosterone.

If you are considering a SARM to try, or if you want to stack with some other SARMs, RAD 150 could be a solid option.

It’s well worth trying out, as long as you are buying from the right seller.

Always make sure you are choosing the best quality possible.


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