tesamorelin peptide review and results
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Tesamorelin Review: 5 Big Benefits Of This Peptide

Peptides are often present in various types of foods. The body also makes peptides, which are just strings of amino acids.

They can provide some great benefits for your body. However, lab-made peptides can offer other benefits for your body.

Let’s look at one of these, Tesamorelin, and see what it can do for you.

NOTE: The below supplements are NOT intended for those under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, do NOT consider taking them under any circumstances whatsoever.

What Is Tesamorelin?

tesamorelin peptide review and results

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Tesamorelin, which also goes by the name Egrifta, is a synthetic analog of HGH, human growth hormone.1

Today, this is used as a means to help with weight loss management for patients who have HIV-associated lipodystrophy.2

This means that they have increased fat in certain areas of their body, often because of medications prescribed to HIV patients.3

Although that is the intended purpose of Tesamorelin, it is getting quite a bit of attention from others for the benefits it can provide.

It is used as a means to help to stimulate the body into releasing more growth hormone.

This means it is a popular option amongst bodybuilders and others who are trying to get into better shape.

Tesamorelin Benefits

The quick and dirty summary of the benefits you can expect to see from taking Tesamorelin are as follows: 

  1. Fat reduction
  2. Increased growth hormone production
  3. Lean muscle gain
  4. Nerve regeneration
  5. Improved cognitive function

We’ll discuss these in more detail below.

Tesamorelin Research / Clinical Studies

Naturally, one of the first things that people will consider when it comes to Tesamorelin is the fact that it can increase the levels of growth hormone in the body.

It has been shown to boost the rage of GH release, which means it could increase lean muscle tissue in those who take it.

This information comes from a study that was published in 2018.

It was called “The Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Analogue, Tesamorelin, Decreases Muscle Fat and Increases Muscle Area in Adults with HIV”, and it was published in The Journal of Frailty & Aging.4

One of the main uses of Tesamorelin is to reduce fat, particularly for those who have HIV and who suffer from lipodystrophy, as mentioned above.5

However, others who have taken the peptide have found that it can work well for them, too.

Interestingly, the mechanism of how it provides this benefit is still unknown.

Some research is showing other potential benefits for using Tesamorelin that go beyond just fat loss and lean muscle gain.

Nerve damage, whether it is from surgery, injury, or diabetes is difficult, and often impossible, to fix.

However, there is some interesting research being done showing that Tesamorelin and other GHRH can help nerves to regenerate.

A study was published in 2016 in Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets that discusses how it could improve outcomes following peripheral nerve injury.6

Another study that was performed on 53 patients with type 2 diabetes showed a significant reduction in total cholesterol levels after 12 weeks of 2mg of Tesamorelin per day.

As you can tell, it shows a lot of promise.

Not only could there be potential improvements made for those who have peripheral nerve damage, but there could also be some improvements for those who suffer from cognitive issues.

A trial from Washington state found that Tesamorelin could increase the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain that can improve cognitive function.

This information was published in JAMA Neurology in 2013 in research titled “Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone Effects on Brain y-Aminobutyric Acid Levels in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Healthy Aging.”7

As you can see, some fantastic potential benefits can come from using Tesamorelin, even though it has limited clinical use today.

It has a lot of potential and it could help a wide range of potential users.

How Does Tesamorelin Work?

As mentioned, this is going to release growth hormone in your body, and it will increase IGF-1 levels. 

It stimulates the pituitary gland and releases growth hormone. It also helps to promote lipolysis, which is the term for the process that breaks down lipids and triglycerides.

Lipids and triglycerides are fats that are found in the human body.

Often, they are stored and used for energy.

However, when you have a high level of either of these in your body, it is going to increase your risk of heart disease.

A study was done that showed 10.9% of patients who took the Tesamorelin had reductions in deep belly fat with long-term visceral fat levels dropping by 18%. This is the “magic” of the peptide.8

One of the things to remember about most of the studies that were done, though, is that they were conducted on those who have HIV-associated lipodystrophy.9

It’s not entirely clear how it will affect other people, although the anecdotal results seem to be positive overall.10

Side Effects of Tesamorelin

There are some side effects associated with the use of Tesamorelin, although these do tend to be somewhat rare.

Still, it is good to be aware of some of those potential issues, so you can better determine whether the peptide might be at fault.

The more common side effects tend to be feelings of muscle pain or stiffness. Sweating and diarrhea can occur, too. 

Some people also experience pain and tenderness in the arms, legs, joints, and tendons.

These aches and pains can be treated with other medications during the cycle.

However, if they become too severe, it’s a good idea to cease taking the Tesamorelin and to talk with a medical professional.

Other side effects can occur, but they are even less common.

These include blurred vision, chest pain, dizziness, headaches, nervousness, irregular heartbeat, swelling of the joints, or weakness in the extremities.

Tingling, itching, or burning sensations in the extremities could occur, as well.

Most of the time, minor side effects will go away as you get used to taking the Tesamorelin.

However, if they don’t go away or if they get worse, you will always want to get in touch with a doctor to discuss the situation.

There could also be issues with the injection sites, so you will want to pay attention to them.

Look for issues like a burning or cold sensation at the site, discoloration of the skin, a feeling of pressure, hives, infections, rashes, swelling, etc.

It is also important to keep in mind that people may have different types of reactions to taking the Tesamorelin, as well as other substances.

Take note of anything that seems out of the ordinary, even if it is not on the list above.

It is always better to be a bit more cautious.

Does Tesamorelin Really Work?

One of the things that you are likely to ask before you choose to buy Tesamorelin is whether it truly works or not.

After all, you don’t want to end up spending a lot of money on something that isn’t going to give you the results you need.

It’s important to keep in mind that most of the research that has been done on the peptide has been done with HIV patients.

This means that a lot of the purported benefits tend to be anecdotal evidence.

Still, there are quite a few bodybuilders who have had some success with it.

You can find some great information on YouTube from people who have taken it.

Some of the channels you will want to check out include the channels Joey Thurman, Jay Campbell, and Sam Stolt.

There are even videos from other creators discussing how to properly reconstitute and mix Tesamorelin, such as Rewind Anti-Aging.

You can sometimes find reviews and people talking about Tesamorelin and other peptides on Reddit.

Here’s an example from someone who has been quite happy with the before and after results they have achieved.

“I did an eight-week cycle of Tesamorelin 2mg/day on weekdays, weekends off, and it went really well. I definitely lost fat, gained muscle, and I look and feel a ton healthier.

“I used to have this really annoying feeling of constant pressure inside my abdomen, and that has subsided, my health tracking scale has marked a decrease in my “vascular age”, and about a 2.5% drop in body fat. My belly has a tendency to hold on to padding no matter how skinny the rest of me gets, and it finally started trimming down. I’ve never been overweight, but I’ve also never had as much definition as I do now.

“I had some negative side effects, mostly just minorly achy joints or tendons, and skin very slightly more prone to breakout. The benefits vastly outweighed the negatives.”
– TWCochran, Reddit

The below video by Dr. Matt Chalmers goes into pretty good detail about the benefits of Tesamorelin: 

What you will find when you start to look at the potential benefits that Tesamorelin offers, along with the reviews that people have regarding the peptide, it could be worth it for you.

Just make sure you are using it properly.

How to Use Tesamorelin

Tesamorelin is injected into the body subcutaneously into the area below the navel.

Make sure that you aren’t injecting the peptide into any part of the body that is scarred, irritated, red, or bruised.

Don’t inject into the same spot twice in a row. The standard injection dosage for people will be 2 mg once per day.

You can typically stay on a cycle for 10 to 12 weeks before you will want to take time off from the peptide.

The peptides will typically be in a vial and in crystalline form when you get them.

This means that you will need to reconstitute them before they can be used.

When you reconstitute, you will need to use bacteriostatic or sterile water as your liquid medium.

You don’t want to make a mistake, as it will ruin these costly peptides.

Use an alcohol wipe on both of the vials before adding the liquid, and make sure that you don’t squirt the crystals.

Instead, inject the water slowly, allowing it to dribble slowly down the sides of the vial. 1 ml of water is typically enough to reconstitute a 5 mg vial

You are typically going to want to use the medication as soon as you have mixed it up.

Make sure that it is in a safe location and that it doesn’t get jostled too much.

If you aren’t careful, it could damage the peptides, which will make them essentially useless.

Before you reconstitute the Tesamorelin, you should make sure it is refrigerated.

Keep in mind that some people should not be taking Tesamorelin.

If you have cancer, a pituitary gland disorder, are undergoing radiation treatment, or are pregnant, you shouldn’t take it.

The peptides have a chance of harming the unborn baby.

If you have any questions about the safety of taking it based on any health conditions you might have, make sure you talk with a healthcare professional.

Where To Buy Tesamorelin

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They make the highest quality peptides on the market, at reasonable prices.

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A lot of people are starting to use Tesamorelin, and they are having some good effects.

It could be a good option for you to consider if you are searching for a quality peptide to try.

Of course, you always want to be sure you are choosing to buy from a company that provides you with the best quality products possible.

Additionally, make sure you are dosing correctly and that you are paying attention to the potential side effects.

If you notice any issues, it’s better to stop and talk with a medical professional than to continue taking any supplement.

Make sure that you buy enough of the product for the correct dosage, and that you know how to mix it and inject it properly.

Otherwise, you will not get the results you want.

The potential gains that come from this peptide are impressive.

While it might not be the peptide to choose if you are just going after bulk, it has a lot of other promising benefits.


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