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Dicks Sporting Goods Military Discount: 10% Off (+Veterans Day Details)

Military discounts are becoming more popular. However, not all places offer a discount.

Furthermore, the ones that actually do offer a discount might not readily advertise it. When conducting an online search of Dick’s Sporting Goods, I was unable to find results related to a Military Discount.

OMK decided to chat with an online representative to see if I could find any information related to a Military Discount.

The Good News:

Dick’s Sporting Goods does in fact have a military discount!

The Bad News:

The discount is not available online and is only available at the manager’s discretion at each individual store location.

Scroll down to learn more.

Special Note: Click Here to find out how to save 10% off your ONLINE order in 3 easy steps.

About Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a retail chain that sells merchandise for all kinds of sports.

Dick’s Sporting Goods offers clothing, accessories, and products to fit all ages with anything athletic or outdoors.

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What is the Dicks Sporting Goods military discount?

As of June 2023, Dicks Sporting Goods doesn’t have an official military discount.

However, many individual locations offer a 10% discount on your order.

Unfortunately, it’s available only in their retail store locations.

Click Here to find a location near you.

Are there any restrictions on the military discount?

Yes! There are two restrictions.

1. It is up to the manager’s discretion to offer the discount. The request for a discount must be made directly with the manager, not the retail staff.

2. The discount will not be available to items currently on sale or on the promotion exclusion list.

We hope that Dick’s Sporting Goods will advertise their Military Discount on their website in the future so the terms and restrictions are clearer.

For now, a chat with your local Dick’s Sporting Goods Manager could help you save 10%.

Does Dicks Sporting Goods Offer A Veterans Day Discount?

We spoke with a representative from Dick’s Sporting Goods about whether or not they will be offering a Veteran’s Day discount in 2023.

Just like with the other discount details on this page, it’s the same policy.

Some stores will be offering a 10% off discount, while others won’t.

Unfortunately, it’s completely at the manager’s discretion, so you will have to check with your local Dicks Sporting Goods to find out for sure.

How to Save on your Dicks Sporting Goods ONLINE Order

Despite the fact Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t offer a military discount online, you can STILL save quite a bit of money if you know where to look.

Here are 3 methods of doing just that:

#1: Sign Up For Their Email List

One thing you might have missed is their email newsletter signup promotion.

It’s hidden toward the bottom of their website, but if you look closely you’ll see it.

By providing your email, you can receive a 10% off discount as well as other email advertisements and discounts.

Here’s how to redeem it, step-by-step:

Step 1: Click Here to visit the official Dicks Sporting Goods website.

Step 2: Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and look for the email sign-up form.

Step 3: Enter your email and click ‘Sign Up’.

dicks newsletter signup

Once you do that, you’ll be sent an email that will contain a coupon code that you can use on your next online purchase.

It will look like this:

dicks sporting goods coupon code

Simply use that coupon code at your next Dicks Sporting Goods purchase, and you’ll instantly save 10% on qualifying items!

Keep in mind that this coupon can’t be combined with things like:

  • Gift cards
  • Previously purchased merchandise
  • Clearance items
  • Other coupons or discounts

#2: Coupons and Offers

Dicks offers a wide variety of discounts, coupons, and promotions right on this page.

While they change from week to week, the savings can be as little as 5%, to as much as 30%!

Click Here to see this week’s deals, and here to view their weekly ad.

#3: Sign Up For Text Alerts

Another way Dick’s allows you to save some money with your online order is by signing up for their text alerts program.

It literally takes 5 seconds and will grant you $20 off orders of $100 or more.

The details change from time to time, so click here to get the full story. 

Other Discounts Dick’s Sporting Goods Offers, Deals, & Coupons

If your local store will not offer the military discount, we have found several ways to save with Dick’s Sporting Goods below.

#1 – Get Scorecard

Dick’s Sporting Goods offers a benefit program that allows you to collect one point for every dollar you spend.

Scorecard Benefits

ScoreCard is a free membership that allows you to gain rewards cash, receive exclusive offers and discounts, gain inside access to product releases, and gives you the ability to check out faster with saved online purchase information.

ScoreRewards Credit Card members are automatically signed up for this benefit.

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How to Sign Up for Scorecard

Signing up for a ScoreCard is easy.

Type in the information in the required fields, read the terms and policies at the bottom of the page, and click “Create Account”.

Click Here to visit their official Scorecard page.

How to Receive Points

Not only can you receive a point for every dollar you spend, but you will also receive Bonus Points for redeeming Bonus Points coupons, downloading and logging onto the Dick’s Sporting Goods mobile app, and opting into receiving eRewards via email.  

You can even receive points for using the MOVE fitness tracker on the Dick’s Sporting Goods App.

Once 300 points have been received, the rewards can be used on products in the store and online.

Scorecard Exclusions:

You must rack up 300 points in order to redeem the rewards. 300 points are equivalent to $10.00 in rewards.

There is a reward cap of $500.00, and points expire after one year if they have not been transferred into rewards.

You must present your ScoreCard in the store or type in the code online to collect points and redeem the rewards.

Click Here for a full list of terms regarding the Scorecard program.

#3 – Best Price Guarantee

dicks sporting goods price match guarantee

While using a price match policy is not a discount, it does offer you the convenience of getting a sale price from another store at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

This gives you the ability to get the sale price, and gain points if you have signed up for the ScoreCard Rewards promotion.

How To Take Advantage Of The Price Match

To price match, all you have to do is make sure the product is the same exact product in both locations.

Next, ensure the store is on the list of qualifying stores or websites and that the product meets the eligibility criteria.

If you are making a purchase in-store, bring an ad or have the website readily available on your phone.

If the purchase is online, call 1-877-846-9997 or chat with an online representative. 

Click Here to see their full price match policy.

#4 – Dick’s Cash

Dick’s Cash is a promotion that Dick’s Sporting Goods does at various times of the year.

Dick’s Cash is a coupon that is emailed to the customer after making a purchase of a minimum amount.

The Dick’s Cash is not readily available for use but is emailed to the customer within 10 days of the initial purchase.

As with any promotion, restrictions apply and it is best to check out the promotion on their website to ensure you are making qualifying purchases.

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#5 – Outside Websites

Doing a search for Dick’s Sporting Goods coupons on websites such as Slickdeals.net and coupons.businessinsider.com will give you several options for coupons.

It is best to make sure the coupons meet the terms and policies at the store.

You can find the policy for each type of coupon, promotion, or discount on the Dick’s Sporting Goods Website.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Military Discounts Summary

While Dick’s Sporting Goods does not openly advertise its Military Discount, it is available (at the manager’s discretion) and could save you money at the store.

Taking the time to have a conversation with the manager may help you receive the discount now, and help show the importance of the discount being promoted for future use by other service members.

Between the possibility of using the Military Discount and the other discount/promotion options available at Dick’s Sporting Goods, there are plenty of reasons to shop the great variety of products offered.

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