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Military Discounts

Shutterfly Military Discount

OMK reached out to Shutterfly directly to find out if they have a military discount.

Unfortunately, they do not.

The same goes for their other brands, including:

  • Tinyprints
  • Lifetouch
  • Groovebook
  • Borrow Lenses

With that said, they do offer a wide variety of other discounts you can take advantage of right away.

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Here’s a couple of them:

#1: Email List Signup

The quickest way to save some money on Shutterfly products is by signing up for a free account.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Click Here to visit the Shutterfly homepage.

Step 2: Enter your email in the popup.

Once you reach the Shutterfly homepage (or any other page for that matter), simply wait for the newsletter pop up to show up.

shutterfly military discount
This is the popup you’ll be looking for.

Once it does, simply enter your email and click ‘Join’.

Step 3: Complete The Form

Once you’ve done the above, you’ll then be prompted to complete signing up for an account.

The form will look like this:

shutterfly signup

Fill out the required fields, and then click ‘Sign up’.

Once you do, you’ll be redirected to their ‘Getting started’ page.

What Discount Will I Get With This?

By completing the steps above, you’ll receive the following free items:

  • 101 free prints
  • 5 free magnets
  • 1 free set of address labels
  • 1 free 8X10 art print

It’s a quick and easy way to save some money!

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#2: Daily Promotions

Another easy way to save some money with Shutterfly is via promo codes.

Click Here to view the current Shutterfly promo codes. 

Here’s a few that we recently found:

  • Free shipping on photo books: Promo code – PBSHIP
  • Free economy shipping: Promo code – SHIP39
  • Free upgrade to expedited shipping: Promo code – UPGRADE
  • One free card: Promo code – CARD4U
  • Save 25% on orders: Promo Code – HEARTS

Keep in mind that these Shutterfly promo codes are subject to change, and they also have some restrictions.

You can view a list of the restrictions, as well as the full list of promo codes, by visiting this link.


It’s unfortunate that Shutterfly doesn’t offer a military discount.

They’re missing out on a large consumer base that is ready and willing to buy their products and services.

With that said, using the methods above, you can quickly and easily save on your next Shutterfly order.

We will be updating this page frequently, so be sure to check back on future Shutterfly military discount details!

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While Shutterfly doesn't offer a military discount, there are plenty of other ways to save on photos, photo albums, and much more.
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