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Audible Military Discount

Audible is an Amazon brand that provides access to the world’s largest library of audiobooks.

They offer a military discount on one of their popular monthly subscription plans to give back to those who serve.

Find out more below.

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About Audible

Audible was founded in 1995 by a man named Don Katz. Today, it is headquartered in Newark, New Jersey and owned and operated by Amazon.

The company sells and produces audiobooks, and then gives access to them through monthly subscription programs.

Aside from the typical audiobook, the Audible library also gives access to podcasts, radio, TV shows, movies, and audio newspapers and magazines.

They help customers find content they may be interested in through listener profiles and recommendations as well.

They call themselves the “driving force” behind the audio-entertainment revolution that is happening in today’s society.

Audible Listener Page
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What Is The Official Audible Military Discount?

Audible offers a few different levels of monthly subscriptions, and they offer a military discount on their basic, most popular, level.

The military discount brings the price of the Gold Monthly plan down to just $12.70 per month.

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The plan usually costs $14.95 each month.

The Gold Monthly plan is so common that it’s actually the option that Amazon defaults to whenever someone wants to sign up for an Audible account.

It gives you one credit per month, which you can use to download one Audiobook. 

Some other plans offer a credit every other month, offer to credits per month, or offer 12 credits per year (but all at one time) so you can use them whenever you want to.

One of the best parts of Audible Monthly Gold plan military deal is that the price is good forever.

You don’t need to worry about your price changing, or having to re-prove your eligibility some number of years down the line.

Once you sign up and prove your military status, you are good to enjoy the discounted subscription price for life.

To use this deal, you will need to have an account with SheerID.

SheerID is an online company that verifies the military status of customers, so businesses can provide discounts and deals to service members online.

If you do not have an account yet, you can create one here.

When you create your account, you will need to upload proof of your military service.

This can be in the form of any official, current document that lists your first and last name, your branch of service, and your current military status.

After your account is approved, you’ll be able to easily take advantage of any military deals that use SheerID, and you won’t have to worry about uploading documents each time you use a deal in the future.

To sign up for Audible at the military discount price:

Step 1: Visit the SheerID Audible site here

Step 2: Fill out the form with your personal details and  current military status

*SheerID recommends choosing the military status option that best represents the proof you uploaded to your account if you’re having trouble deciding which choice describes your situation best

Step 3: Once you are all approved, sign up for Audible’s Gold Monthly subscription plan to receive the discounted price (all other plans will be charged to you at their full rate)

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Who Can Claim This Deal?

The Audible military discount is available to all military members, both past and present.

This includes those who currently serve in the Air Force, Army, navy, Marines, and Coast Guard, in National Guard, Reserve, or Active Duty roles.

It includes retried military members and veterans as well.

Unfortunately, the deal does not extend to military family members, such as spouses or dependents, at this time.

Audible App
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What Are The Restrictions?

The Audible military discount is only available through SheerID.

This means that if you sign up for a plan on Amazon’s Audible website, you will end up paying full price.

It is also only available for the Gold Monthly plan, as we mentioned earlier. 

Everyone who uses the deal will need to provide proof of military service to SheerID, which we also mentioned earlier.

Besides these few things to keep in mind, the Audible military discount is fairly straightforward and easy to use.

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The Audible military discount is a great way to save on monthly access to a huge library of audio entertainment.

If you’ve been wanting to give audio books a try, be sure to take advantage of this deal.

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Audible has a military discount which allows the men and women in uniform to save $2.25 on monthly memberships.

Originally posted on 02/06/20

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