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Spectrum Military Discount for 2023

Spectrum is a company that offers internet, TV, and phone packages in 42 states.

OMK was unable to find information regarding a military discount on their website and decided to chat with an online representative.

The representative stated that unfortunately at this time, Spectrum does not offer a military discount. However, OMK was able to find some other ways to save.

Read below for information on Spectrum and how to save on their services.

Special Note: While Spectrum doesn’t offer a military discount, Comcast Xfinity does! 

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About Spectrum

Spectrum is part of Charter Communications.

According to their website, they are the fastest growing Internet, TV and voice company in the United States.

Their services cover more than 28 million residential and business customers.

Spectrum offers individual plan services as well as bundle packages.

Their complete services include TV, voice, cable, mobile, business, enterprise solutions, community solutions, and reach (advertising).

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To see if Spectrum provides service in your area, follow this link and enter your address in the portion under “Find Best Offers.”

Three ways to save with Spectrum

1. Bundle To Save

While individual prices on services with Spectrum vary based on location, the best way to save with Spectrum is to combine your services into a bundle.

Spectrum will give you a lower rate if you combine your TV, phone, and internet into one package.

The price is for 12 months and changes after that initial period.

Their current bundle special is called “Spectrum One.”

Features of this deal includes:

  • Internet
  • Wi-Fi
  • Unlimited Mobile 

To see more details about the bundle, visit the website here.

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2. Contract Buyout Savings

If you are currently in a contract with another provider and would like to switch to Spectrum, you are in luck.

Spectrum is currently offering a promotion to pay up to $500 towards the cost of ending your current contract.

There are three easy steps listed on their website to take advantage of this program here.

Step 1: First you order a qualifying bundle from Spectrum.  You’ll have to enter your street address and zip code to see what offers are available near you.

spectrum online only deals

Step 2: Fill out the Spectrum Buyout Form.

spectrum buyout form

The form is found on their website at the link above, under step 2.

Step 3: Email or chat your completed Spectrum Buyout Form with a copy of your previous supplier’s final bill and contract charges.

email spectrum

Click Here to visit the Contact Us page directly.

Once you submit your final bill to Spectrum, it will go through a 5-7 business day approval process.

After it is verified, your check will be available within 10 business days.

3. Packages

Spectrum offers a variety of packages outside of the Spectrum One.

The offers include special pricing on internet, phone, and TV.

You can also find deals that include combining two different features into a special price.

Deals such as Spectrum Mobile and Mi Plan Latino (Spanish language programming packages) are also available on this page.

Check out the packages here to see pricing options for your area.

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4. ID.me Spectrum Military Discount

While Spectrum does not offer a direct military discount, you can receive up to 30% off services if you have a verified ID.me account.

ID.me is an online verification service used by U.S. governmental agencies, such as the IRS, Social Security Administration, and Department of Defense.

If you’ve been searching for potential military discounts, you may already have a verified ID.me account. If not, it’s a good idea to set one up.

Go to “Shop ID.me” here and look for the graphic for the military discount. It looks like this:

Spectrum Military Discount

Click on the “Shop Now” button to sign into an existing account or set up a new one.

Once you’ve been verified by ID.me, you’ll be able to cash in on the discount.


While Spectrum does not offer a military discount, there are a few different options for saving.

Spectrum offers bundle packages that allow you to get the most money for the amount of service you receive.

Combining your TV, internet, and phone will give you the most cost-efficient services.

Spectrum has a great offer right now that allows you to switch from your current service provider.

They will give you $500 towards contract fees when you sign up for select packages.

Spectrum also offers packages that allow you to combine certain services or get a discount for a limited time.

View the website for a complete listing of current promotions.

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