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Military Discounts

AT&T Military Discount

AT&T is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world.

They give back to United States Military Members through a discount on services, as well as other generous programs.

So what is the AT&T Military Discount?

In a nutshell, AT&T offers 2 different discounts that are essentially the same:

1. Active Military plan: Active military get 25% off the Unlimited & More regular and premium wireless plans.

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2. Veteran plan: Retirees and veterans get 25% off as well.

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Scroll down to learn more about the discounts, including who’s eligible, what the restrictions are, and more.

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About AT&T

AT&T started its story in 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell created the first telephone.

They then started as a business in 1885 when they were asked by Bell to create the world’s first long-distance telephone network.

They took on this goal and came out successful.

By 1927, AT&T had made it possible, through a two-way radio, to speak to callers across Europe. 

The long-distance calling process was improved in 1956 with AT&T’s invention of the submarine telephone cable, which began being serviced officially in 1964.

As time went on, AT&T kept improving and bringing in new innovations.

They expanded greatly with the purchase of a computer company and a cellular company. 

With these purchases, they created the world’s first cellular network.

This network has shaped the world we live in today, through the invention of the cell phone and mobile internet.

Today, AT&T provides exceptional cellular service, owns DirecTV television service, and may soon purchase Time Warner, home of HBO and CNN.

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AT&T’s Active Military Plan

AT&T’s Active Military Plan provides current military members with 25% off of the Unlimited &More and the Unlimited &More Premium Wireless Plans. 

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Who Can Claim This Deal?

The Active Military plan is available to any current military member.

This includes members of all five military branches, as well as members serving in Active Duty, Reserves, and National Guard roles.

This deal is also available to spouses of current military members.

Spouses do, however, need to have a valid Department of Defense sponsorship card to be found eligible.

How To Claim The Active Military Plan

Step 1: Go to AT&T’s military discount website here

Step 2: Click “Sign Up Online” within the “Active Military” box

Step 3: Enter your military email to verify your status as an active military member

Step 4: Follow the prompts for account creation or for a discount to be added to your current AT&T account

Note: If you do not have a military email address, you will need to sign up for your discounted account in an AT&T store.

When you go to the store to sign up, make sure you bring a valid military ID or a recent pay stub to verify your current military status.

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AT&T’s Military Discount Veteran Plan

Retired military members and veterans are able to take advantage of the same 25% off of the Unlimited &More plan or the Unlimited &More Premium through AT&T.

Who Can Claim This Deal?

This deal is available to veterans of all five branches, once again including those who served in Active Duty, Reserves, and National Guard roles.

Spouses of veterans and spouses of deceased military members are eligible for this deal as well if they have a valid Department of Defense sponsorship card to verify their status.

How To Claim The Veterans Plan

Step 1: Go to AT&T’s military discount website here

Step 2: Click “Sign Up Online” in the box designated for military veterans

Step 3: Upload a valid form of identification to verify your veteran status. Accepted forms of ID include a VetRewards card from Veterans Advantage, a veteran-designated driver’s license, or a Veteran ID Card (VIC).

Step 4: Follow the prompts for account creation, or for a discount to be added to your current AT&T account

Note: If you do not have one of the identification forms listed, you will need t sign up for a discounted account at an AT&T store.

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When you sign up in-store, you can use other forms of identification including your DD-214, a current AMVETS membership card, a Veteran Health Insurance Card (VHIC), or any of the same IDs mentioned above. 

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AT&T Military Discount Restrictions

The AT&T military discount plans provide a great deal to those who served or are currently serving.

However, the plans do come with some restrictions.

The 25% off discount cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts, or credits.

The deal gives a percentage off of your monthly plan and device access charges. It does not count for phone purchases or financing option charges. 

Taxes and fees are not able to be included in the 25% off category, so they will be complete charges when you see them on your bill.

The discount will begin to show on your bill within 3 billing cycles after you sign up for the deal.

Since it may take a while to get the discount started, you will get a one-time “catch up credit” to cover the additional fees you pay while you wait for the discount to show in your account.

The discount will be taken after other deals, such as autopay discounts, paperless bill discounts, or multiple line discounts.

AT&T has the right to ask you to re-certify your account annually.

This means that once per year, you may be asked to provide proof of military service once again.

AT&T has the right to change these deals at any time.

Even though this program is steady and there is no sign of this happening, it is something that the company wants its customers to know.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Many Discounted Lines Can I Have Through The AT&T Military Plans?

A. As many as you’d like! There are no limits on the number of discounted lines you can have on your account.

Q. My Son Is A Military Member And He Is On Our Phone Plan. Can We Use The Discount?

A. Unfortunately, no. In order to be eligible for this deal, the primary account holder must be a current military member, a veteran, or a military spouse. However, your son could sign up for his own AT&T account to take advantage of this deal.

Q. Do I Get Completely Unlimited Data On The AT&T Military Plans?

A. Yes, you will be able to use as much data as you need. However, if you use more than 22GB of data on a single line in one month, AT&T has the right to slow your service for the remainder of the billing cycle. Because of this, you may see slower speeds on this plan if you use a lot of data.

Q. I Already Have AT&T. Can I still sign up to receive my military discount even though I am currently paying for a full-price plan?

A. Absolutely! You can sign up for a military discount by contacting AT&T Customer Support, or by reviewing your benefits in your online account.

Q. Are The AT&T Military Plans Good Options For Military Families?

A. Definitely. The AT&T Military Plans provide you with an unlimited number of discounted lines, are available to military spouses, and provide you with exceptional service during any military travels you may need to make.

Samsung Galaxy S10
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AT&T’s Military Discount Compared To Other Carriers

AT&T’s military discount is great if you’re already planning on using AT&T as your mobile phone provider. However, does their discount stand up against other cellular service providers?

Below we will look into the military discounts that other top mobile phone companies provide. We will then come to a conclusion on which cell phone carrier has the best military deal.

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AT&T vs. Verizon Wireless Military Discount


AT&T: 25% Off

Verizon Wireless: $10 discount for 1 phone, $25 discount for 2-3 phones, and $20 discount for 4 or more phones per account. 15% discount on account access fee of plans not listed below

Eligible Plans:

AT&T: Unlimited &More and Unlimited &More Premium Plans

Verizon: Start Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, Get More Unlimited, Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, Above Unlimited, and Just Kids Data Plans

Who Can Claim:

AT&T: All military members, veterans, and military spouses

Verizon: All military members, veterans, cadets, Gold Star families, and commissioned officers in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association and the United States Public Health Service

Learn more about the Verizon military discount here.

AT&T vs. T Mobile Military Discount


AT&T: 25% Off

T Mobile: $8-$15 off per line 

Eligible Plans:

AT&T: Unlimited &More and Unlimited &More Premium Plans

T Mobile: Magenta and Magenta Plus Plans

Who Can Claim

AT&T: All military members, veterans, and military spouses

T Mobile: All military members, veterans, and Gold Star families

Learn more about the T Mobile military discount here.

AT&T vs. Sprint Military Discount


AT&T: 25% Off

Sprint: 50% off lines 2-5

Eligible Plans

AT&T: Unlimited &More and Unlimited &More Plus Plans

Sprint: Sprint Unlimited Military Plan

Who Can Claim

AT&T: All military members, veterans, and military spouses

Sprint: All military members and veterans

Learn more about the Sprint military discount here.

Which Cell Phone Carrier Has The Best Military Discount?

Overall, it looks like AT&T provides the best military discount. This finding is based on the fact that AT&T offers a percentage off and not a dollar amount, as well as the fact that the AT&T deal covers all lines.

This could lead to larger savings as most people have large cell phone bills each month.

AT&T’s military discount is also straightforward, available on their most well-known plan, and available to a large group of people in the military world.

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What Else Does AT&T Do For Military Members, Veterans, And Their Families?

Alongside their military discount, AT&T also gives back to military members in a variety of other ways.

They are dedicated to giving back as much as possible, and this desire shows through the following programs.

Operation Phone Home

Operation Phone Home is an organization that helps military members on deployment speak with their loved ones back home by providing them with phone cards.

Sprint donates phone cards to this program often to give back to those who serve our country.

You can see more about Operation Phone Home here.

Veterans Job Mission

AT&T set out on a mission to hire 20,000 veterans and veteran family members by 2020.

They have done great so far, by hiring over 15,000 since 2013.

Below, you can read about some of the ways AT&T trains veterans and military members to succeed in their company as well as in post-service life in general.

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Udacity Tech Careers For Veterans And Families

AT&T partners with Udacity to provide veterans and their families with scholarships to attend school for tech-related degrees.

This is the first of many programs AT&T uses to help military members and veterans find their place in the civilian workforce. 

Udacity’s Nanodegree’s are short-term and get military members and veterans into high-quality, high paying careers quickly.

They feature one-on-one mentorship, personal career coaching, and online schooling options.

You can see more about Udacity here.

After scholarship winners complete their programs, they are often even hired by AT&T for tech-related jobs as well.


Sprint also partners with NPower to train military members and veterans for careers in the tech field.

NPower is set apart by their addition of social services, networking, and mentorship into their post-grad programming.

You can see more about NPower here.

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Job Advisor Sessions

AT&T hosts job advisor sessions to allow them to learn more about life after service and transitioning back into civilian life.

Because AT&T takes time to learn about these challenges that veterans face, they are better able to support those who have served in the past when they go to work for their company.

These job advisor sessions also allow veterans and military members to learn more about jobs at AT&T.

They are hosted online weekly, so they are extremely easy to access.

You can register to be a part of these sessions here.

Transition Assistance Program

These Job Advisor Sessions allow AT&T to be prepared as they host a Transition Assistance Program. This program allows AT&T to help veterans as they move back into civilian life and start a career.

Information about this program as well as an example transition timeline can be found here.

Operation Hand Salute

In the past, AT&T has offered a program called Operation Hand Salute to help disabled veterans get back into the workforce. 

You can learn more about this program here.

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iPhone X; Available At AT&T. Image:

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AT&T is an excellent provider of cellular service that also gives back to military members, veterans, and their families through a variety of programs.

If you are a current AT&T customer or are looking to switch to their service, be sure to take advantage of their generous and helpful deals.

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