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Sprint Military Discount

Sprint is considered one of the “Big Four” wireless carriers along with AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

The American telecommunications company reports more than 54 million customers, making it the fourth-largest mobile network operator in the country.

Does Sprint feature a military discount?

The answer is yes, they most certainly do!

Sprint is comparable to the other Big Four in that it provides substantial savings to the U.S. Armed Forces and eligible family members.

Here is how you can save money by switching to Sprint today!

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Types of Sprint Military Discounts

The Sprint military discount currently offers service members savings of up to 50% off select phone lines.

It is an impressive discount that could save you and your family hundreds of dollars each year on phone coverage.

Sprint currently provides the military discount for active duty, retired, veterans, U.S. National Guard and Reserves through the Sprint Works program.

The savings are featured through what is known as the Sprint Unlimited Military Plan.

The Unlimited Military Plan is a limited time offer that will expire in September of 2020.

However, until then the plan can deliver savings of 50 percent with even more discounts when you add lines for other family and friends.

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Sprint Unlimited Military Plan

sprint military plans
The Sprint Unlimited Military Plan can save you up to 50 percent off. Image: PxHere.com

The Sprint Unlimited Military Plan is a really good deal for eligible active duty or retired military personnel.

The Unlimited Military Plan is comparable to the Sprint Unlimited Basic plan yet with substantial savings.

The subscription features unlimited talk, text, and data.

The Sprint Unlimited Military Plan includes:

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data nationwide
  • Unlimited talk and tax in Mexico and Canada
  • TV subscription with Hulu
  • 500 MB mobile hotspot
  • 5GB of 4G LTE data
  • DVD-quality SD video streaming (480p)
  • Global roaming to more than 185 locations across the globe

It is important to note that the Sprint Unlimited Military Plan is not compatible with 5GB smartphones.

Besides that it is a really good phone plan, especially considering the military discount.

Additionally, the included Hulu TV subscription with each Sprint phone plan is a really good deal.

Subscribers receive a limited commercials plan free of charge that saves you about $7.99 per month, or nearly $100 each year.

Unless your family members eat up a ton of data the Unlimited Military Plan is more than satisfactory.

Sprint does cap the mobile hotspot speeds and lower to 3G after 500 MB are used per month.

Otherwise the limitations of the plan are not too extreme.

How much do you save with Sprint?

Sprint provides 50 percent off on family lines related to the Unlimited Military Plan.

Active duty and veterans are able to save 50 percent on family lines between 2-6 lines.

Sprint also donates a portion of each account activation to the Fisher House Foundation.

The Sprint military discount essentially charges you full price for the first line then begins discounting each additional line at 50 percent.

The more lines you add the more combined savings you earn.

So it benefits you to add every single member of your family and even a few extended family members or friends for the highest amount of savings.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • $60 for the first line
  • $20 for the second line = $80 per month
  • $10 per line for each additional line (max allowed is six lines)

Those that enroll in a single line do not save anything compared to what civilian subscribers pay for an individual line on the Unlimited Basic plan.

However, the discount starts to kick in on additional lines. 

For example, it is only $20 for the second line with the Sprint military discount compared to $40 for regular subscribers.

More than two lines are $10 each, compared to $20 for traditional subscribers.

The promotional Sprint Unlimited Military Plan expires in September 2020, so definitely make sure you make the switch before then if you want to earn the savings.

The promo is only good when you enroll in AutoPay. It also cannot get combined with other promotional offers.

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How to Get the Sprint Military Discount

sprint military discount
Sprint features one of the top discounts for military personnel. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Are you ready to make the switch to Sprint based on its military discount?

The process is not too complicated:

Step 1: Click Here to visit the official Sprint military discount / perks page.

Step 2: Click the Sprint Perks box that says ‘We Salute You’.

sprint perks - military salute

Step 3: Click the button that says ‘Verify your military status’.

sprint verify military status

Step 4: Fill out the form

Complete the form to get pre-registered for the discount.

Sample verification form. Click Here to see the real thing.

The form requires information such as your name, email, phone number, and branch of service.*

Step 5: Complete your verification

Once you complete the form you will receive an offer code with more instructions on how to apply the Sprint military discount to your new or existing plan.

You do not need to complete the form if you are already a Sprint customer.

Instead you should reach out directly to their customer service in order to notify them that you would like to start getting the Sprint military discount applied to your current account.

Additionally, Sprint will grant you up to $650 per line to make the switch from another carrier to Sprint provided you are already in some type of commitment.

The up to $650 per line helps cover penalties and fees for backing out of another contract early.

For more details about the offer you can call Sprint at 888-211-4727.

*NOTE: When you submit the form you agree to let Sprint contact you by phone or email to follow-up on your request. You must also agree to let the wireless provider send other service and product information to the email provided.

Spring Military Discount Eligibility Requirements

Sprint must confirm your military status before you begin earning extra savings each month on your phone bill.

It is comparable to just about any other military discount on the web.

The wireless company has several methods that determine your eligibility for the Sprint military discount:

  • Use an email address to match it with military records confirming your identity.
  • Rely on a third party database to search for matching military records.
  • Submit documents to Sprint that verify your military status such as DD Form 214 or DD Form 256.

If you would prefer not to have your military status authenticated online it is also possible to visit a Sprint store in-person and provide the documentation. Or you can fax the ID proof over to Sprint.

The company notifies military personnel that it is perfectly acceptable to block out or delete personal information from official military forms or ID cards such as your social security number, date of birth, or other information you prefer to keep confidential.

If you are a current customer it can take 1-2 months before the military discount begins to show up on your monthly bill.

If you are still not seeing the discount after a couple of months you should reach out to Sprint to make sure the promo has been applied correctly.

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Other Ways Sprint Supports the U.S. Military

The military discount by Sprint is featured through the Sprint Perks Program, which you can read the details about here.

The program was established to provide special deals not only for service members but also students, universities, employees, and other organizations.

Sprint supports the U.S. Military in many other facets.

In addition to offering a very generous special phone plan for military personnel, Sprint also services and produces equipment for those experiencing hearing loss.

The program is called Sprint CapTel and was partially created to assist veterans that experienced hearing loss as a result of time in service.

Secondly, Sprint helps support U.S. troops with the Deployed Military Program.

Click Here to see the full details on that one.

The initiative allows customers to remain on their original service plan and keep their phone number for up to 36 months in the event of deployment.

Thirdly, the wireless carrier wants to help veterans that are facing financial hardships. Sprint supports Assurance Wireless (a subsidiary company) and its Lifeline Assistance Program.

And, finally, Sprint donates $10 of each new account sign-up to the Fisher House Foundation.

The company reports that they have donated over $400,000 to the foundation since the partnership began.

For more information on any of the following programs that support the U.S. Armed Forces do not hesitate to reach out to Sprint for more details.

The company provides a chat interface 24/7.

You can also reach them by phone at 888-211-4727.


Sprint supports the U.S. Armed Forces in a number of different ways. Image: Flickr

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Sprint military discount..

Is it worth making the switch to Sprint based on the military discount?

It depends on your personal situation. The bottom line is single line users really do not benefit from the Sprint military discount.

The price is the exact same as what civilian users fork over.

However, the savings are substantial when you add multiple lines to the account. The more the merrier.

So it benefits you to make the switch if you have a lot of other family members or friends you want to add to the account.

Of course this means you are responsible with the final bill each month, but if family or friends are dependable in repaying you it helps everyone to make the move.

Sprint also helps ease the burden of getting out of a previous agreement with a carrier by providing $650 per line in financial relief for early cancellation fees and penalties.

It helps with the anxiety related to backing out from another carrier earlier than previously agreed upon.

How does the Sprint military discount compare to other phone discounts?

The “Big Four” wireless carriers all feature their own version of a military discount:

T-Mobile features a special deal through the T-Mobile ONE Military Plan.

The plan gives military personnel a 20 percent discount compared to what regular subscribers pay.

AT&T offers a 25 percent discount for service members and veterans on qualified unlimited plans.

AT&T is like Sprint and T-Mobile in that you have to provide proof that you are or previously served in the U.S. Military.

The discount can take 2-3 months to show up on your account.

Verizon also has a military discount.

There are currently three different ways to save monthly on a phone bill.

Or, if you bundle phone service with internet and TV you can save even more cash.

Is Sprint a reliable wireless carrier?

Sprint is the fourth largest wireless carrier in the United States which proves something.

Yet like any carrier its coverage map varies and works really well in certain parts and not so much in other areas of the country.

Before you enroll in a new plan check the Sprint coverage map to make sure you will get reliable service in your area.

Secondly, decide if you or anyone else on the account will need/want new phones while making the switch.

It will help you determine if you should make the transition from another carrier to Sprint or not.

Sprint vs. T-Mobile – Which military discount is more advantageous?

Sprint and T-Mobile arguably feature the two best discounts for service members of the Big Four.

What helps make the two carriers so attractive to military personnel is their unlimited plans.

Sprint provides a subscription to Hulu with each plan. Meanwhile, T-Mobile has a deal with Netflix and therefore includes a subscription to the video streaming service.

What do you prefer – Netflix or Hulu?

The answer to that question will likely help you decide which carrier is better for you and your family as both military discounts are comparable.

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Sprint advertises a really fantastic discount for U.S. military.

The 50 percent off is a little misleading as single line plans are the same price as what civilians spend each month.

However, the savings do kick in when you add between 2-6 lines on the Sprint Unlimited Military Plan.

It really benefits military members with large families or a lot of friends that want to bundle up together on a single plan.

The Sprint Unlimited Military Plan will save you 50 percent off on additional lines added to the account of active duty or retired personnel.

Yet you will need to show proof of service first, and also do so before September 2020 when the promotion expires.

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