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US Army Age Limits

Can you join the army at 50? What is the army age limit? What is the minimum age to join the army? These are some of the frequent questions many people ask regarding joining the US army, and today, we are here to answer questions relating to the maximum and minimum age for joining the US army.

Each branch of U.S. military has its own age limits for applicants seeking to be enlisted.

However, the age limit is not cast in stone and thus can be altered in times of need or when the army wants to give a waiver for age to an applicant.

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As of 2013, the maximum age for joining the army was capped at 35 years. However, this is dependent on the level of your education, prior military skills or experience, which means you may still join the army beyond even if you are beyond this age. In most cases, the decision is left to a recruiter who evaluates your situation and decides if you are eligible.

Here are the age limits for different army personnel:

Enlisted Soldiers

The maximum age for enlisted soldiers who want to join the army for active duty is 35 years. However, you can join the army as a reservist if you have prior experience with the military, especially in a job where your services are unique.

Warrant Officers

The maximum age limit for warrant officer flight training is 32 years while that of warrant officer technical training is 45 years. This means you will need to have prior military experience, a degree, or civilian experience for you to become a warrant officer at the age of 40. However, there is some leniency of outstanding candidates.

To be a warrant officer technical training, you need to have a rank of at least E-4. Most Army officers begin with a rank of E-1, but your education level or experience with the military can qualify you for higher ranks thereby making you an eligible candidate for warrant officer technical training.

Army Officers

For you to be an army officer, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Also, you should not be older than 32 years. However, applicants with certain licenses or degrees can join the Army through their direct commissioning program with a maximum age limit of 42 years.

To join as a veterinarian, physician, or dentist, you need to have an advanced degree. For others such as chaplain, dietitian, occupational therapists, and nurse, a bachelor’s degree will be enough.

One thing to note is Chaplains require 72 hour master’s degree and two years ministry experience, unless commissioning in the candidate program (only available compo 2 & 3).

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You can talk to your local recruiter to give you a list of jobs offered in the army to check the ones you are eligible for.

Bottom Line

Every branch of the army has a maximum age limit for applicants, but the age to enlist is not cast on stone. It is quite flexible with different regulations and waivers for different jobs.

The federal law can be manipulated when it comes to maximum age, which averages at 35 years. The minimum age for enlistment in the Army is 17 years with parental consent or 18 years without parental consent.



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