Wyndham Military Discount
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Wyndham Military Discount

Wyndham is a chain of hotels that is made for all types of travelers.

They offer a military discount to give back to those who serve.

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About Wyndham

The first Wyndham hotel was founded in 1981 by a man named Trammel Crow in Dallas, Texas.

The hotel quickly grew into the well-known chain that exists today.

Wyndham is a hotel chain with locations all around the world. They aim to be a place for both business and leisure travelers.

This means they have what you need to relax after a long day of meetings, as well as everything you need to have a good time with your family while you’re on vacation. 

Their best features range from meeting spaces to pools, fitness centers, and complimentary breakfasts.

The Exterior Of A Wyndham Hotel. Image: Wikimedia.org

What Is The Official Wyndham Military Discount?

Wyndham Hotels offer a generous discount program to give back to those who serve in the United States military.

Their discount can be broken down into three main parts, which we will look into in detail below:

Save 12%

The first deal they offer is 12% off their Best Available Rate at any location across the country.

This is an excellent deal, since a lot of hotel military discounts only come off of full room prices.

This deal comes off of the rate that is already the lowest, so you can be sure you are getting the best deal as the company thanks you for your service.

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Upgrade to the GOLD Account Level Instantly

As we will explain below, you will need to make an account with Wyndham to use their military discount.

When you do this, your account will automatically be upgraded to their GOLD level.

This usually takes quite a few stays to earn, and it’ll get you on your way to earning great rewards with the hotel chain quickly.

Get 1000 Bonus Points Instantly

After your first stay, you will automatically get 1000 bonus points to use toward future stays.

These points typically take quite a while to earn, and they go straight to saving you more money in the future (even though you did not have to complete additional stays to earn them).

How To Use The Wyndham Military Discount:

To take advantage of these deals, you will need to go through a quick sign up process, which is outlined below:

Step 1: Create a Wyndham account here

Step 2: Click here to sign back into your account on the military discount page

Step 3: Choose your military branch and status from the drop down menu and click “Confirm Status”

Step 4: Be sure to bring your military ID with you when you check into your hotel room to finish proving you eligibility

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Who Can Claim This Deal?

This deal is available to all current members of the U.S. military.

This includes those who serve in the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard.

It extends to those who serve in Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard roles.

The deal is also available to former service members, including both retired military members and veterans.

Even military spouses are able to claim this deal.

A Standard Room At A Wyndham Hotel. Image: Flickr.com

What Are The Restrictions?

There is quite a long list of restrictions that you will want to keep in mind when you go to use the Wyndham military discount.

First, as we mentioned earlier, you will need to show your military ID when you check into your room to finalize the deal.

Even if you already went through the process to prove your military status online in your Wyndham account, you still need to bring an ID when you check in.

You will also need to book your room with a credit card.

The deal is only available on new bookings, and cannot be used on group bookings.

The savings do not count toward the taxes, resort fees, service fees, tips or gratuities, incidents, or other per night charges that may occur.

They only count toward the advertised “Best Available Rate” on the night of your stay.

The military discount cannot be combined with any other discounts, deals, or promotions. 

The deal is also based on availability, meaning there may be certain days when it is not available.

Some of these unavailable dates will include blackout dates.

Blackout dates vary by location, but are typically found around major holidays and major sporting events that take place nearby the hotel.

Some other room type exclusions and restrictions may apply, as these can be set by individual location.

If you have any specific questions on this, it is always best to check with the location you’ll be staying at before you show up to use the deal.

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Even with this list of restrictions, the Wyndham military discount is a generous offer on the company’s behalf, and something that is definitely worth taking advantage of.

If you will be staying at a Wyndham hotel in the near future, be sure to take advantage of this deal.

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Like a lot of other hotel chains, Wyndham offers a military discount. The discount entitles active duty, retired, veterans, and their families a 12% off discount on their hotel stay.

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