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Air Force Office of Special Investigations (7S0X1): Career Details

Air Force Office of Special Investigations (7S0X1) includes Special Investigation Officers that conduct internal and external investigations.

These individuals are tasked with keeping every base safe and secure.

The Special Investigation Officers investigate criminal matters, fraud, counterintelligence and internal security concerns.

Air Force Office of Special Investigations will coordinate, monitor and direct all special investigation activities.

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Education, Qualifications and Training

Air Force Office of Special Investigation (OSI) Special Investigation Officers are in the Officer role and have more requirements than other positions.

This is not an entry-level Air Force position.

These individuals must be trustworthy, have a clean background and must have previous Air Force that shows outstanding performance and discipline.

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To become a Special Investigations Officer you must have a Bachelor’s Degree or Graduate Degree.


The qualifications that you must meet to be a Special Investigations Officer include:

  • Must be an Air Force Officer with less than 12 years of total active duty military service and no more than six years total commissioned service
  • Knowledge of special investigative policy, procedures and techniques concerning criminal, fraud, counterintelligence, personal background and technical security services
  • Qualification to bear firearms
  • Favorable interview by an Air Force OSI detachment commander
  • Clearly and distinctly speak and write English
  • Possess or be able to obtain a valid state vehicle operator’s permit
  • No colorblindness or history of emotional instability
  • Complete a Single Scope Background Investigation
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 39
  • Complete either Officer Training School, Air Force Academy or Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps


Individuals will complete 9.5 weeks of Officer Training School at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama.

Job Duties

Air Force Office of Special Investigation
Air Force OSI supervise a fingerprint set up at a processing center. Image: Wikimedia

Special Investigations Officers under the OSI are responsible for maintaining all internal (and sometimes external) security.

The Air Force Office of Special Investigation mission includes:

  • Conducting and assisting in major criminal investigations involving Air Force members, contractors and/or civilians
  • Technology and information security
  • Threat assessment and intelligence gathering
  • Mitigation and elimination
  • Special investigative services 

Individuals in the Special Investigation Officer position will be in charge of formulating, reviewing and following special investigation policies.

The policies can cover counterintelligence, cyber threats, counter threats, criminal, fraud and assigned special agents.

They will manage all data collection systems. 

The Office of Special Investigations houses the Defense Cyber Crime Center.

It may be the responsibility of Special Investigation Officers to investigate cyber crime and use this tool to monitor any security threats.

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The Office of Special Investigations Officers will analyze all of the data collected.

Individuals who work in the Office of Special Investigations field will conduct investigations, conduct interviews and interrogate suspects.

Investigation tactics may include psycho-physiological detection of deception (PDD) methods to determine a suspect’s honesty. 

They will work to find and investigate any individuals who break the law including the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The individuals that they investigate are making major felonies, not minor offenses (minor offenses are the duty of Military Police to investigate).

Similar to a civilian police officer or investigator, Special Investigation Officers will attend court proceedings, provide written/verbal testimony and brief command officials on updates and investigation status.

Special Investigations Officers will work with other outside agencies including local, state, federal and foreign law agencies.

When working with other agencies they will create contracts and develop sources to monitor any potential threats. 

They will complete investigations regarding espionage, sabotage, terrorism, security threats and subversion allegations.

The Office of Special Investigations will be involved in counterespionage operations that may target foreign intelligence services.

Individuals may also investigate any reports of cheating on exams, promotional and vocational, in the Air Force.

What does a Specialist get paid in Operation of Special Investigation?

Air Force Special Investigations Officer
OSI Agent on a special mission. Image:

Individuals who wish to join the Air Force in Operation of Investigation will have some degree of experience with the Air Force, have an education and will be at the Officer level.

All of these factors will be taken into consideration when the rank is decided.

Anyone who has the same rank and years of service will get paid the same base pay amount.

As an Officer your monthly base pay (not including potential) ranges from $3,188.40 a month to over $6,000 a month.

In addition to the base pay discussed above, all individuals, enlisted or officer will have access to benefits.

The benefits include:

  • Insurance
  • Retirement
  • Housing Allowance
  • Food Allowance
  • Retirement
  • Vacation
  • Education Tuition Assistance
  • On-base Recreation

You can find details about each individual benefit and the Officer pay table by visiting the Air Force website here.

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Job Reviews

Job reviews for an Air Force OSI tend to be a mixture of positives and negatives.

People who recommend the position state that you learn a variety of trades that you would not be able to learn elsewhere. 

Other positive reviews discuss the variety of work, feeling as though you’re making a difference and benefits such as free education.

Negative reviews discuss the amount of administrative paperwork involved, deployments and a high stress level.

Pursuing this job with the idea that the hours may be long and there is always a possibility of deployment will allow you to focus on the positive aspects of the job.

You can find a review from an experienced Air Force OSI below:

Air Force OSI
Image: Glassdoor

Civilian Career Opportunities

Experience gained working in the Office of Special Investigations directly relates to several civilian jobs in the criminal justice field.

Not only are there civilian jobs that relate to OSI functions, you can actually work for the Air Force in OSI as a civilian.

Most criminal justice agencies will give preference to Military.

Positions that individuals can attain after working in OSI:

  • Counterintelligence Investigator
  • Cyber Threat Analyst
  • Civilian Investigator
  • Criminal Investigator
  • Police Officer
  • Police Analyst
  • Background Investigator

The above positions are just a few examples.

There are varying investigation positions that have varying department responsibilities and tasks.

Civilian positions can be found working for local, county or state governments, private investigative businesses, The U.S. Department of Interior, Department of Transportation and others.

The pay scale ranges based on the business you work for and the exact department you choose to work in.

The pay is generally similar to what an Officer would make in the OSI.

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Air Force Office of Investigation (OSI) is an organization that completes internal and external investigations.

OSI Special Investigations Officers investigate espionage, sabotage, terrorism, security threats and subversion allegations.

They do this through interviews, interrogations, and by working with outside agencies.

This job is not an entry-level position, the Special Investigations Officer must have experience in the Air Force and is an Officer.

The pay for OSI depends on the rank and years of service an individual has.

The reviews for this position are very mixed because of the high-stress environment and administrative functions surrounding it.

People who like their position in OSI state that it is rewarding, engaging and allows for development of valuable skills.

There are many civilian career opportunities in the criminal justice field that directly relate to Office of Special Investigation job functions.


Air Force Special Investigations Officer

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