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Ancestry DNA Military Discount is the largest for-profit genealogy company in the world.

With access to over 10 billion digitized records from people all over the world, it’s quite literally the most comprehensive genealogical database in existence.

On top of that, their DNA service will give you a complete history of your ethnicity, background, and overall roots.  

I recently went to Ancestry DNA to build out my family tree, and it got me thinking: do they have a military discount?

The short answer: no.

From everything I can tell, Ancestry does not offer a military discount.  OMK personally reached out to them for comment, but have yet to hear back.

In the meantime, we did a little bit of research to find a few ways you can possibly save some money signing up.

Here’s what we found out.

Ancestry DNA Discount #1 – Coupons / Free Trial

Hidden away deep in their website, Ancestry DNA actually has a page dedicated to discounts and coupons.

Click Here to visit it directly.

It literally lists all of the current deals and steals they have going on at the moment, and it’s a quick & easy way to save some money without hardly doing anything.

One of the best ‘discounts’ (if you can call it that), is there 14-day free trial.

It essentially allows you to test-drive their service for a full 14 days without having to commit.

Click Here to check it out.

Ancestry DNA Discount #1 – Fathers Day Discount

So when I initially started looking for a military discount, it got me thinking…

Father’s Day is right around the corner (it’s June 16, by the way), and almost every company offers a discount.

It turns out, Ancestry DNA happens to be one of those companies.

Click Here to redeem this discount.

It will take you to their official site, where you’ll save $40 on an Ancestry DNA test kit.

This expires in just a couple of days, so get it soon if you want to save!

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Ancestry Discount Option #2 – AARP Members

Another savings option Ancestry offers is for AARP members.

Obviously this narrows it down to anyone aged 50 and over, but I felt it worthy of including it here.

Here’s a step-by-step explanation on how to redeem your Ancestry discount if you’re an AARP member.

Step 1: Get your AARP card out of your wallet or purse, you’re going to need it.

Step 2: Click Here to visit the official Ancestry AARP page.

Step 3: Choose between either the monthly or 6 month membership.

ancestry monthly or 6 month membership

Either one includes a 14-day free trial, which will allow you to explore the site for 2 weeks and decide if it’s worthy of hanging on to.

Step 4: Enter in your AARP Member number and click continue.

aarp member number

Once you click on the “Start Your Free Trial” button, you’ll be prompted to enter in your AARP member number.  

Enter it and then click the continue button.

Once you do, your 30% Ancestry savings will automatically be deducted from the total.

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A Special Note About The Ancestry AARP Discount

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), the discount is only available for the World Explorer Membership.

This is the most expensive membership, but at the same time, offers the most amount of benefits and access.

For example, with the standard plan (U.S. Discovery), you get access to all U.S. records on Ancestry.

However, with the World Explorer plan, you’ll get access to both the U.S. AND International records.

There are actually numerous other benefits to the World Explorer membership as well, including:

  • Unlimited access to more than 3 Billion (that’s B as in Boy) international birth, marriage, death, census, military, church, and other records.
  • Info on your ancestors history
  • See hand written marriage and death certificates from the 16th century!
  • Get simple instructions on how to make sense of everything.

In any event, you’ll get a chance to use it free of charge for 2 weeks!

Ancestry Discount Option #3 – Coupon Codes

I did a little bit of research, and found a few discounts that can help you save on an Ancestry DNA membership.

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how to claim it:

Step 1: Click Here to visit the official Ancestry DNA subscription options page.

Step 2:  Select which membership you want to sign up for.

Ancestry DNA signup options.

They offer a number of different options, including monthly and 6-month memberships.

If you know you’re going to be using it for a long time (for example, you want to build a family tree from scratch), I highly recommend you sign up for the 6-month membership.

The coupon code I’m about to share with you only works for 6-month memberships.

In any event, you’re automatically going to save anywhere between $20 and $70, depending on the level of access you select.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll stick with the simple U.S Discover 6-month membership.

Step 3: Click the “Get Started” button after you’ve chosen your membership

selecting your ancestry membership

Step 4: Enter in your information in the boxes provided.

enter your info on ancestry dna

Step 5: Enter in your credit card details and billing address.  They also offer PayPal as a payment option as well.

ancestry dna cc info area

Step 6: Click the link that says “Have a coupon?” and enter in the following coupon: WINT30

According to the website, it will entitle you to 25% off site wide.

As of today, the coupon code actually worked for me.

However, these coupon codes change all the time, so it’s not the most reliable way to try and save on an Ancestry membership.

I would check with Retail Me Not before attempting to check out and make sure they have a valid coupon code available.


It’s really unfortunate that Ancestry doesn’t offer a military discount, but I can see why they don’t.

They already offer plenty of other ways to save, and I’m sure they’ve considered doing it in the past and just figured it wouldn’t work out.

With that said, I plan on routinely checking to see if they ever do offer a military discount in the future.

If they ever do, I will update this page accordingly. 

One other thing I noticed about was they actually have a military records search function.

The search includes all major conflicts, including WW1, WW2, and Vietnam, and includes soldiers from the US, UK, Australia, and 53 other countries!

I planned on talking about my experience searching for my grandfathers Navy records, but that’s for another article!

Keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Rob V.

4.2 out of 5 (29 Ratings) LLC is a privately held online company based in Lehi, Utah. The largest for-profit genealogy company in the world, it operates a network of genealogical, historical records, and genetic genealogy websites. As of November 2018, the company claimed to provide access to approximately 10 billion historical records, to have 3 million paying subscribers, and to have sold 14 million DNA kits to customers.
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