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Nike Military Discount

Nike is one of the leaders in footwear, sports apparel, equipment, and accessories in the world. 

As a way to give back to the men and women who serve, Nike also offers a generous military discount. 

The discount is 10% off your order, and it’s redeemable by both active duty and veteran military alike.

So how exactly do you claim the Nike military discount? Click Here to find out!

We will break down how you can save money on your next order through the legendary sports company and also document other ways the corporation supports the U.S. Military.

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Nike Military Discount Details

Nike products are offered at a discount for military personnel. Image: Pexels

Nike offers a 10% discount to eligible military personnel, spouses, and dependents.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to redeem it:

Step 1: Click Here to visit the official Nike military webpage.

Step 2: Click ‘Verify Status’ to verify your military service.

Step 3: Go back to and shop around, add items to your cart, etc.

Step 4: Once you’re ready to checkout, simply put the coupon code you received after verifying your military service in the discount code area.

Nike Military Discount Restrictions

The savings apply to active duty military, veterans, retired personnel, and reservists. It is open to the U.S. Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy.

In order to receive the discount on all future purchases through Nike, you need to first verify your identity. It applies to online purchases made through

Purchases that are made at a physical storefront will need to go through a separate process.

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Once eligibility is confirmed, military personnel and dependents receive a promo code that allows them to apply it to the order. There are some items sold by Nike that are not eligible for 10 percent off. Right now, that currently includes all SNKRS purchases. Also, Nike By You, gift cards, certain Launch products, and Apple products aren’t eligible for the discount.

The discount isn’t redeemable at, either.

However, the Nike military discount is available at, as well as at Nike and Converse stores located across the United States. There are hundreds of different locations to select from.

What You Need To Do To Prove Military Service

Nike is a long-time supporter of the U.S. Military. Image: Public Domain Photos

There are two different ways you can prove your military eligibility.

The first and slightly easier option is to visit a Nike or Converse store. Most products in the store should be eligible for the discount. If you are unsure, you can always ask a staff member.

When you go to buy the items, inform the cashier that you are military. They will probably request a valid military ID. As long as you have one to present, the 10 percent discount will be applied to the total price.

The second option is to confirm eligibility online. uses SheerID to verify military service. Here are the steps you need to take when ordering online to get the military discount:

  1. Shop online at The discount is not guaranteed if you buy products from other third-party stores (i.e. eBay). When you see an item that you would like to purchase, add it to your cart. You can add multiple items to the same cart in order to maximize savings.
  2. When you have finished shopping, click “Checkout”. The option is available on the top right-hand portion of
  3. Sign into your Nike member account or shop as a guest. You can use either option, however, having an account with Nike presents you with free shipping on all orders.
  4. Once you reach the checkout screen, review all the purchase details. Do you have the right products and correct quantities? A total price will be displayed. The price is before the military discount has been applied. In order to receive 10 percent off you will need to enter a one-time code into the promo code field.
  5. In order to receive a one-time promo code, verify your service by using SheerID. First, provide your military status (active duty, reservist, veteran/retiree, registered dependent). Then designate your branch of service. Lastly, enter your complete name, birth date, and email address. Click Submit. You may be required to submit more proof at a later date.
  6. After military service is verified, you will receive a one-time promo code. Military members and dependents are allocated a promo code every 7 days. The code expires two weeks after it has been issued. Enter the promo code into the Checkout screen.
  7. The total price should now be adjusted with the 10 percent discount.

If you are having trouble getting the discount applied, you may need to contact customer service. Customer service is available by calling 1-800-806-6453. They are open seven days a week from 4 am to 11 pm PT. You also can chat with a live agent regarding products and orders 4 am to 11 pm PT (seven days a week).

In order to visit a Nike store in person, find a store near you. Certain restrictions may apply, so it is important to ask if the discount is not being applied correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Grab a new pair of Nike sneakers for your training. Image: PxHere

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the military discount Nike has for eligible members…

Does Nike offer a Veterans Day discount?

Nike doesn’t necessarily do anything distinct on Veterans Day that separates it from any other day of the year. The 10 percent discount is offered year-round, so military personnel and eligible family members can take advantage of it at any time.

The only thing special that you may notice about Veterans Day compared to other days of the year are some more sales. It is common for stores to offer special deals on holidays, so you might find even more savings on Veterans Day.

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In order to receive the discount in-store, bring your military ID with you. It is all you need to do to confirm eligibility in person. The standards are a little different for online purchases. Some restrictions do apply. Additionally, the military discount is not valid at Nike Company Stores.

How do I get the Nike military discount online?

In order to receive 10 percent off your order when shopping online, visit Here you can browse hundreds of different items including footwear, sports apparel, sports equipment, and accessories.

When you find a product that you would like to purchase, click on the icon and it will bring up a button to “Add to Cart”. You can add multiple items to a single cart. In fact, doing so will eventually produce more savings once the 10 percent off is applied.

When you are finished shopping you can “Checkout” by clicking or tapping the button near the top right of the screen. There is an option to “Checkout” as a Nike member or guest. The Nike member option includes free shipping.

At the “Checkout” screen, you will be able to review your order. Make sure you have the right items and quantities. Then you can review the final price after taxes and shipping costs.

You have the ability to enter a promo code, which is how you will receive the discount. In order to get a one-time promo code, you need to first verify eligibility. Nike uses SheerID as a third-party verification service.

Can I get the discount via the Nike app?

The Nike app is a way to make purchases on your smartphone or tablet. The app features the latest products. Members get early access to new releases and exclusive product deals. The membership also includes free shipping and 30-day returns.

The checkout process is designed to be quicker on the Nike app. You can still enter a promo code for the 10 percent military discount. However, you will need to confirm eligibility just like you would do through

In addition to the Nike military discount, customers also receive a special deal on their birthday by using the app.

Are there any restrictions or items not available for the military discount?

There are a few products offered through Nike that are not eligible for 10 percent off. The list of items includes things like the Apple Watch, Nike By You, select Launch items, and SNKRS purchases. It can get updated, so check with Nike for their latest updates.

It is also important to note that Nike gift cards are not eligible to get the military discount in addition to the balance on the card. Other than that, most items through the Nike store are eligible for the veterans discount and exclusive military option.

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Do I have to re-verify my status every time I want a discount?

Yes. It is probably the biggest hassle with the Nike military personnel discount. In order to receive the discount, you need a new promo code every time you make a new order.

Thankfully the verification process is not extremely in-depth. However, expect to set aside a few more minutes to get a new code every time you place a separate order.

Customers are granted one single-use promo code for the 10 percent discount every 7 days.

Are my spouse or children eligible?

Yes! Nike provides the military discount not only for active duty members, retired members, veterans, and reservists, but also for their registered spouses and dependents. Nike recognizes dependents as those defined by the U.S. military. Any spouse is legally married to the service member.

You can receive the same 10 percent discount if you are family of a service member by providing the same eligibility at

Can I combine the discount with any coupon codes or other discounts?

Unfortunately, the military discount is not compatible with gift cards you receive from friends or family. If you are making a purchase with a gift card, you will not be able to receive an additional 10 percent off with a military promo code.

For other coupon codes and discounts, it can depend on the order. Some products may be eligible to receive multiple savings. Products that are already discounted online or in-store can still receive the 10 percent savings on eligible items.

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Nike offers training gear and sportswear for military personnel. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Nike does a pretty good job of taking care of the U.S. Military. It offers a 10 percent discount for active duty military, veterans, retired members, and reservists year-round. The savings are also extended to spouses and dependents.

In order to receive the 10 percent earnings, please verify your identity online if shopping through Purchases made at Nike and Converse stores located across the U.S. are also eligible for the 10 percent discount. You will need to provide a valid military ID in order to confirm eligibility.

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Nike offers a 10% discount to eligible military personnel, spouses, and dependents. The savings apply to active duty military, veterans, retired personnel, and reservists.
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