army bases in south carolina

Army Bases in South Carolina

South Carolina has military bases that represent all five branches of the US military, but only three of those are used by the Army.

There is one base solely dedicated to serving the Army in South Carolina, and there are two joint bases that Army units use for training and command purposes.

The bases differ in history as well, as one was built in the early 1900s, one was built and used by the army around the time of world war 2, and the last was built around world war two but not used by the Army until the 1980s.

Below, you can find a brief description of each of the Army bases in South Carolina. If you’d like to learn more about a specific base, click on the “Official Website” link to be redirected to their base-specific site.

Fort Jackson Army Base

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

fort jackson army base in columbia sc

In Use: 1917- Present

Overall Mission: Fort Jackson is used for basic combat training, and aims to provide both basic readiness levels for its units and opportunities for its families.

Units Stationed: 

  • 30th Infantry
  • 81st Infantry
  • US Army Soldier Support Institute
  • Department of Defense Chaplin Center and School
  • Drill Sergeant School
  • 8th Infantry (Korean War)
  • 31st Infantry (Korean War)

Official Site:

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Shaw Joint Base (US Army Central)

Location: Sumter, South Carolina

joint base shaw army base in south carolina

In Use: 1941 (Base), 1982 (US Army Central)

Overall Mission: The Army Units at this base train, equip, supply, and service all US troops who are located in Central Asia and the Middle East.

Units Stationed:

  • US Army Central Command

Official Site:

McEntire Joint National Guard Base

Location: Eastover, South Carolina

mcentire joint army national guard base

In Use: 1943- Present

Overall Mission: This base provides command and control to all South Carolina Army National Guard units, as well as serving as a training facility.

Units Stationed:

  • Army National Guard units (for training)

Official Site:

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South Carolina Army Bases

South Carolina Army Bases

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South Carolina is home to 3 major US Army bases. Learn more about each base in SC, including its location, units stationed there, its primary mission, and more.
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