Army Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer (MOS 91J)

Army MOS 91J: Career Details

Army Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer (MOS 91J) is responsible for performing maintenance on chemical equipment, forced air-heaters and quartermaster machinery.

Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer is also responsible for supervising maintenance and working on special purpose equipment.

This Army enlisted job is best for someone who has an interest in a career with shop mechanics.

Qualifications and Training

To enter into this MOS recruits must pass all physical/medical exams and take the ASVAB.

A minimum score of 92 on the Mechanical Maintenance (MM) portion of the ASVAB is required to enter into this position, or a combination of 87 on the Mechanical Maintenance and 85 on the General Technical (GT).

Training for this position starts with 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training.

Soldiers will then move onto Advanced Individual Training for 10 weeks.

Advanced Individual Training consists of classroom and field work with practice in marine engine maintenance and repair.

Skills that are helpful in this MOS include:

  • Interest in fixing engines and machinery
  • Ability to use hand and power tools
  • Interest in a job with physical work

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What are the Job Duties of a Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer?

Army Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer
Army Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer working on a Load Handling System Compatible Water Tank Rank. Image:

Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairers supervise and perform maintenance on a variety of equipment.

The equipment that they service performs various tasks for soldiers from water purification and laundry to heat.

Their work is important to keeping unit operations successfully running.

This position requires individuals to be familiar with safety procedures including fire prevention, safety and extinguisher use.

Soldiers in this MOS use a variety of hand and power tools to complete their work.

They are required to be familiar with all types of tools, maintain the tools and service them as needed.

Repairers perform maintenance in garrison or field scenarios.

Their work can vary by day and may require being available at any time.

When repairers receive a call about an issue they will perform damage assessment and repair.

This may require soldiers to refer to manufactures diagrams or computer programming.

They must be knowledgeable on how to disassemble, repair and reassemble all quartermaster and chemical equipment.

Soldiers will service internal combustion engine systems.

These systems include ignition, cooling, fuel and electrical.

One of the first systems that soldiers will learn how to repair and maintain in training are electrical and fuel heater systems and decontamination systems.

They will also maintain and repair dryer/tumbler systems, pumps, protective filter systems, water purification systems, centrifugal pumps and laundry washer/extractor systems.

Chemical equipment they may work on includes smoke generators or they may work on small diesel engines.

One of the pieces of equipment that soldiers will work on includes the Laundry and Dryer System (LADS).

This system is used as a mobile field unit that reuses water and has a recycling and purification system that repairers must work on.

One of the harder systems that Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairers work on includes the Reverse-Osmosis Water Purification Unit.

The valves, timing, sensors and other parts are all managed by electronics that must be repaired by the specialist.

Soldiers in this MOS will work with electrical systems and be required to read schematics and determine electrical flow.

Additional job functions and training details can be found in the Army video below.

Job Reviews

Reviews from Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairers rate the position an average of 4/5 stars.

Most previous repairers recommend the position for the values learned and camaraderie between soldiers.

Positive reviews discuss the benefits, discipline and ability to travel.

Negative reviews discuss long hours, having to work in the elements and stressful situations.

The review below provides details on responsibilities and improvements that being an effective leader can make.

Image: Indeed

The review below provides an outlook on a typical day as a 91J.

Army MOS 91J
Image: Indeed

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Civilian Career Opportunities

Soldiers in this MOS can use the skills and knowledge gained to find civilian work with marine transportation or in commercial fishing and oil drilling industries.

Other potential civilian career opportunities related to job functions of a 91J include Heating and Air Conditioning Mechanic, Water and Wastewater Treatment Operators and Chemical Equipment Operator.

Repairers can earn credentials in safety or electronics while working in this MOS, that can allow for more civilian career opportunities.

This position also qualifies for the PAYS recruiting program, which provides a job interview with a Military friendly civilian employer.


Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer (MOS 91J)
Army Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer adjusting controls on the forward repair system. Image:

Army Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer (MOS 91J) perform maintenance on chemical equipment, quartermaster machinery, heaters and other related equipment.

This position requires soldiers to be knowledgeable on repair for various systems and engines.

Recruits wishing to join into this MOS must first take the ASVAB and reach the related minimum scores.

Soldiers who have previously held this position recommend the work but note the potential for time away from family and working in stressful situations.

Civilian career opportunities related to this position include jobs in marine repair and heating repair.

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Army 91J Training article

Army MOS 91J Career Details


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