Army Tactical Power Generation Specialist (MOS 91D)

Army Tactical Power Generation Specialist (MOS 91D): Career Details

Army Tactical Power Generation Specialist (MOS 91D) supervise and perform maintenance on power-generation equipment.

They also work on internal combustion engines and any associated equipment.

The soldiers in this MOS are required to work on equipment in mobile and stationary power plants.

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Qualifications and Training

To enter into this MOS recruits must first take the ASVAB.

MOS 91D requires a minimum score of 98 on the General Maintenance (GM) or a score of 88 on the General Maintenance plus 88 on the General Technical (GT).

After all entry testing, recruits will attend 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training.

Soldiers will then attend Advanced Individual Training (AIT) for 10 weeks.

AIT is a combination of classroom and field training that includes practice in maintaining electrical power systems.

Skills that are helpful in this MOS include:

  • Hand and power-tool experience
  • Interest in a job involving electricity and large machinery

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What Are The Job Functions of a Tactical Power Generation Specialist?

Army Tactical Power Generation Specialist
Tactical Power Generation Specialist performing vehicle recovery on an overturned vehicle. Image: flickr

Tactical Power Generation Specialist are the men and women who keep the lights on.

These soldiers perform maintenance on the generators that are used to provide electricity, heat or air conditioning.

Working in this MOS requires an individual who can think critically and work under pressure.

They perform maintenance on small and large generators and understand how to operate/maintain power grids.

Specialist in this field must be familiar with using technical manuals and publications as it is one of their biggest tools when fixing equipment.

Specialist must also have an understanding of water meter, diodes, relays and battery voltage regulator functions.

Tactical Power Generation Specialist work on generator operations and electrical generation and distribution.

Specialist perform maintenance on tactical utility, internal combustion engines, precise power-generation sets and any associated equipment.

They will dissemble, inspect, perform maintenance and reassemble diesel generators.

The specialist must be familiar with electrical and electronic circuitry in order to safely perform their job.

When a generator is not working, the specialist will perform troubleshooting to find the issue.

Specialist will use diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot the issue including multi-meters.

Once the fault is found, they will use wiring schematics and diagrams to determine what the issue is and how to fix it.

They may replace voltage regulators or circuit cards, adjust frequency or voltage.

In addition to fixing equipment when there is a problem, specialist will perform preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance keeps the equipment running longer and assists with improving efficiencies.

These soldiers perform field level maintenance on sustainment equipment, generally up to 200KW.

Other duties include recovery operations and assisting other maintenance areas.

The Army video below provides more information on Tactical Power Generation Specialist job duties.

Job Reviews

Reviews of this position describe the work as fast-paced.

Most previous employees state that you must be resourceful in this position and learn to fix items without all the correct parts.

Average reviews rated the position 3-4 stars.

Positive aspects include the ability to learn a trade and the benefits.

Negative reviews stated the position was stressful and had a lot of time away from family.

The review below provides information on the position as well as positive and negative aspects.

Image: Indeed

The review below describes a typical day as a 91D.

Army MOS 91D
Image: Indeed

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Civilian Career Opportunities

Working in this MOS provides soldiers with skills related to maintenance and electrical repair.

Soldiers can find work as Diesel Engine Mechanics, Electrical Repairers, Electrical Engineering Technicians and Commercial and Industrial Equipment Repairer.

With advanced training, soldiers can also work as electricians in the civilian world.

Certificates related to electrical, power and engine repair are available through the Army’s COOL program.

This allows soldiers to gain skills while in the Army that provides opportunities towards civilian careers.

The position also qualifies for the recruiting PAYS program which guarantees a job interview with a Military friendly employer.


Tactical Power Generation Specialist (MOS 91D)
Tactical Power Generation Specialist replacing an oil pan gasket on a Generator Environmental Control Unit Trailer. Image:

Army Tactical Power Generation Specialist (MOS 91D) perform maintenance on power-generation equipment.

The specialist in this MOS perform maintenance and electrical work.

This entry level position requires ASVAB testing and basic entry requirements.

Soldiers in this MOS recommend the position for the skills learned.

Civilian career opportunities related to this position allows for work with construction companies, manufactures, power supply companies and repair agencies.

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Army MOS 91D Career Details


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