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ASVAB ST Score Explained and Potential Army Careers

If you are looking into the Army, you are probably already wondering about the ASVAB ST score.

The ST score makes up just one part of the ASVAB test, but your performance on the test determines how many jobs are available for you.

This score is especially vital if you wish to be in a career with necessary and significant mechanical and technical skills.

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What is the ST Score?

Preparing for the ASVAB Test and improving the ST score

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a test used by the military to determine if a potential recruit has a minimum standard of intellectual ability.

Also, the ASVAB test helps the military determine the aptitude for specific careers.

There are four test areas, including verbal, math, spatial, and science and technical.

From those four areas, the test breaks down into ten different tests.

For instance, the math domain has arithmetic and mathematic knowledge tests.

The ST score is the Skilled Technical (ST) score, and this domain has different tests that make up the line score.

Therefore, this score is a composite score and is a combination of the following scores:

  • Word Knowledge (WK) and Paragraph Comprehension (PC)
  • General Science (GS)
  • Mechanical Comprehension (MC)
  • Mathematics Knowledge (MK)

Why Is Getting a Good ST Score Important?

Since the ST score is a composite score made up of several different tests, it carries a lot of weight when considering potential jobs.

If you have a particular career in mind, achieving your best possible score on the ASVAB is vital.

Also, if you are looking into a career that puts a lot of weight into the ST score, you need to do particularly well on that section of the ASVAB.

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What Army Careers Require a Good ST Score?

To be an air traffic controller you need a high asvab st score

Several Army careers require a strong ST score for qualification.

Here are just a few of the potential careers available to those with high ST scores:

Field Artillery Surveyor

A Field Artillery Surveyor works in artillery.

In addition to having the strength and stamina for a physically demanding job, this position requires technical skills.

Technical skills are necessary because there is a tremendous amount of math involved with computing survey data, making calculations and calibrations.

Also, this position requires the ability to multi task and think and move quickly.

Aviation Operations Specialist

An Aviation Operations Specialist manages tactile aircraft missions.

In this position, you work with flight plans, maintain logs, and manage both routes and navigation.

Therefore, the Army requires a high level of technical skills for this career path.

Air Traffic Control Operator

An Air Traffic Control Operator is a highly skilled position in the Army.

If you decide to go into Air Traffic Control, you manage the take off and landing of air craft.

Also, you track air traffic in multiple environments all while following the necessary rules and regulations.

This job is highly stressful and requires a great deal of concentration.

However, if your ST score is high enough, you could consider a position in the Army as an Air Traffic Controller. 

Special Forces Medical Sergeant

A Special Forces Medical Sergeant is in a highly-skilled position to provide a high level of first response trauma care.

Not only skilled in trauma care, a Special Forces Medical Sergeant provide medical screening and examinations, and manage laboratories and evacuations in combat situations.


An Army Diver handles underwater demolition, salvage, and reconnaissance all while in shallow water or deep sea. 

This highly skilled position includes underwater welding, hyperbarics, and monitoring dive profiles which covers the depth, time under water, and decompression.

The Army Diver position is dangerous and requires a tremendous amount of skill.

Also, the skills needed cover a wide range of abilities and situations. Therefore, it is necessary to have a high ST score.

Military Intelligence Systems

If you want to work with Military Intelligence Systems, you will handle the computers and networks necessary for Military Intelligence.

Therefore, you will manage and test the communication systems and repair them, if necessary.

Furthermore, you will access data from all communications sources. 

This position requires a vast knowledge and interest in computers, software, and networks.

Because of the variety of equipment involved, the Army has a minimum ST score necessary to qualify for this position.

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How do I calculate my ST Score?

After you take your ASVAB test, the individual subtests have a raw score.

The raw score calculation into a standard score goes from 30 to 70 for each subtest.

The base of the standard score is the idea that a 50 is average.

Next, the standard score is calculated into the composite, or line, score.

For the ST score, the Army combines the WK, OC, GS, MC, and MK subtests.

How Can I Improve My ST Score?

The Army allows a retake on the ASVAB only if the scores expired or the final score does not qualify a potential recruit for enlistment.

Therefore, if you pass the ASVAB test enough to get into the Army, the ST score you earned is what you must work with.

Therefore, it is vital to prepare to take this test.

You can prepare in High School by taking many classes involving reading comprehension, science, and math.

All these subjects support the subtests on the ASVAB that contribute to the ST score.

Also, talk to your recruiter about setting up a study plan and for connections to local tutors.

Furthermore, there are practice tests you could take to help prepare you for success.


In the end, your performance on the ASVAB test contributes to potential career aspirations in the Army.

The Army takes the subtests of the ASVAB score and groups them together to come up with a line sore.

Many careers in the Army have a minimum expectation for the ASVAB ST score.

Therefore, it is vital to prepare for the test. 


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