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O’Reilly Auto Parts Military Discount

O’Reilly Auto Parts is one of the leading auto parts retailers in the United States.

The retailer offers aftermarket auto parts, tools, equipment, supplies, and accessories.

Additionally, service members can take advantage of the O’Reilly Auto Parts military discount which provides 10% off select in-store items.

Continue reading to learn more about the O’Reilly Auto Parts military discount.

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About O’Reilly Auto Parts

o reilly military discount
O’Reilly Auto Parts is one of the largest retailers of aftermarket auto parts in the nation. The company provides a military discount for customers that make in-store purchases. Image: Flickr

O’Reilly Auto Parts is one of the most recognizable retailers for auto parts and supplies in the nation.

The company dates back to 1957 and now has more than 5,400 locations in 47 states.

Furthermore, the company recently expanded to offer stores across the border in Mexico.

The original O’Reilly Automotive store originates from Springfield, Missouri.

O’Reilly Auto Parts is thrilled to recognize and respect the hard work and sacrifice of people in service.

As a result, the company demonstrates its appreciation by offering a military discount on select in-store items.

In addition to the military promotion, service members may also save on auto parts by checking the “Deals” section under the official website.

O’Reilly Auto Parts frequently runs new promotions as well as offers digital coupons.

Additionally, military personnel should consider joining O’Rewards to earn points on each purchase toward other types of savings.

Most O’Reilly Auto Parts locations provide free services for customers, including battery testing and wiper blade/bulb installation.

Auto Parts For Sale

The company specializes in all functions of an automobile and you can find parts for the following:

  • Air Conditioning/Heating
  • Alternators & Starters
  • Battery
  • Belts & Hoses
  • Brakes
  • Chassis & Steering
  • Detailing
  • Engines & Transmissions
  • Exhaust
  • Filters
  • Hardware & Fasteners
  • Headlights
  • Lighting & Electrical
  • Motor Oil
  • Paint & Body
  • Performance
  • Shocks & Struts
  • Tires & Wheels
  • Tools & Equipment
  • Wiper Blades

O’Reilly Auto Parts also features a fantastic resource of “How To” videos for installing or repairing auto parts.

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What is the official O’Reilly Auto Parts military discount?

o'reilly military discount
Military customers can find many different ways to upgrade the performance of their personal vehicle through O’Reilly Auto Parts. Image: Needpix

O’Reilly Auto Parts is proud to recognize the hard work, diligence, and sacrifice of service members.

For this reason, the company offers an exclusive discount to active-duty and reserve members of the military.

The O’Reilly Auto Parts military discount also applies to retirees and veterans of the Armed Forces.

Military customers receive 10% off on select in-store items.

Unfortunately, the special savings does not include purchases of motor oil or antifreeze.

Furthermore, sale items and online purchases are excluded from the military discount.

Steps to Receive the O’Reilly Auto Parts Military Discount

The O’Reilly Auto Parts military discount is only available for in-store customers.

Purchases that are made online do not qualify for the military promotion.

Here are the steps to receive 10% off on select in-store items:

Step 1: Visit an O’Reilly Auto Parts store location.

Step 2: Shop for auto parts. Remember that motor oil and antifreeze products are not part of the military promotion. Sale items are also excluded.

Step 3: Notify the clerk at checkout that you are active-duty or former military.

Step 4: Present a valid form of proof of military status.*

*NOTE: O’Reilly Auto Parts accepts multiple forms of identification. More information, below.

Immediate family members (spouses and dependents) may also take advantage of the military promotion.

O’Reilly Auto Parts accepts a Department of Defense issued dependent ID card (Form DD 1173 or 1173-1) for proof.

Who can claim this deal?

o'reilly auto military discount
Visit a local O’Reilly Auto Parts store to find out how they can help improve the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. There are many stores that offer free in-store services, like a car battery test. Image: Wikimedia Commons

The O’Reilly Auto Parts military discount is available to active-duty and reservists of the following branches:

  • Army
  • Coast Guard
  • Air Force
  • Marine Corps
  • National Guard
  • Navy
  • Space Force

Additionally, the military discount is available to spouses and dependents of military personnel.

However, individuals that have received a dishonorable discharge do not qualify for the exclusive savings.

O’Reilly Auto Parts accepts the following forms of military identification:

  • Department of Defense ID Card
  • Uniformed Services ID Card
  • Veteran Identification Card
  • Veteran Health Identification Card
  • State ID or Driver’s License Designating Veteran Status
  • Certificate of Release or Discharge (Form DD 214)

Questions? Contact O’Reilly Auto Parts for more information at 1-888-327-7153.

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What are the restrictions?

The O’Reilly Auto Parts military discount features 10% off select in-store items.

Military customers cannot apply the discount to products that contain motor oil or antifreeze.

Additionally, sale priced items, special orders, and online orders do not qualify for the military discount.

Active-duty, reservists, retirees, veterans, military spouses, and dependents must provide proof of military status to receive 10% off the retail price.

Customers must present a form of military or veteran identification with each sales transaction.


The O’Reilly Auto Parts military discount is advantageous if you are shopping in-store and not looking for motor oil or antifreeze.

It also does not apply to online orders which is disappointing to some folks.

Therefore, if you are looking for a comparative military discount on auto parts, consider what Advance Auto Parts has to offer.

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O'Reilly Auto Parts Military Discount

O'Reilly Auto Parts Military Discount

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O'Reilly Auto Parts offers a 10% off military discount. Unfortunately it's only available in stores, learn more about how to redeem it here.
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