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12 ASVAB Tips & Tricks To Help You Get The Best Score

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test is an aptitude test used by the Department of Defense to determine a recruit’s potential.

Since the test is so important, recruits often search for ASVAB tips.

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6 ASVAB Tips For Studying

the ASVAB test is just one of many tests one takes in the military

The ASVAB test not only gives the military a good idea of your potential as a member of the armed forces, but it also helps determine potential careers in the military.

Some jobs in the military have minimum requirements for the ASVAB test for specific careers. Therefore, if you are hoping for a particular career, you may need ASVAB tips.

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#1 – Start Studying Early for the Test

Like any test, the earlier you start studying, the better off you will probably end up doing.

This, of course, applies to the ASVAB as well. I would, at a minimum, suggest that you start studying for the test 6 months before.

There are two reasons to start studying early.

First, spreading out your learning gives you time to study the topics broadly, followed by practice tests that refine areas to restudy.

Second, you need time between studying to get plenty of rest. Sleep is known to help you remember information easier and for an extended period.

#2 – Do not Cram the Night Before

Avoid cramming for the ASVAB because it does very little to help you.

The way our brain works with processing information and memory means we should revisit information over a period of time, so the memory becomes more concrete in your mind.

It would help if you took the time to process the information you are trying to learn over time and situations. This way, it is easier to remember.

#3 – Study in a Variety of Places

Just like not cramming for a test, it is also vital to learn in various places.

Since we know your brain needs time to categorize and code memories, being in different situations while studying helps your brain recall information.

For instance, as you study over several weeks, be sure to revisit the content in different places.

Study in a library, but also move near a sunny window or at a park for variety.

As you study, your brain is attaching cues.

Many people recall their teachers in school writing notes on the board or the chart, and when you take a test on the material, you might instinctively look to where the notes used to be on the wall or board.

This practice is an example of your brain attaching cues to a memory. You do not just remember information in isolation, you remember a lot about the environment that triggers the memory. 

#4 – The Practice Tests

Taking a practice test gives you a baseline on areas in which to focus further studying.

Also, practice tests help with feelings of stress or anxiety, particularly for those who suffer from test anxiety.

Furthermore, practice tests help increase your mental stamina, especially for more extended tests over a wide range of topics.

You can take one section of the practice test, and the next time increase to two, and so on.

However, do not take the practice test immediately after learning new material.

If you do, you are likely to overestimate what you know.

Give your brain time to process information so you can accurately hone in on areas with which you struggle.

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#5 – Hire a Tutor

There are several sections to the test, and one of the best ASVAB tips is to seek out help for areas in which you struggle.

Having a tutor helps with subjects and skills necessary for success at the test.

You might consider an in-person tutor or finding an online tutor to help with subject knowledge, general study, and critical thinking skills.

#6 – Make A Study Schedule

Now that you know you should not cram for the test and need time for both study and rest, it is critical to make a schedule.

If you plan it right, you can tackle subject areas you expect to struggle with and focus on them first.

After rotating in practice tests and studying areas of concern, you can continuously cycle through your weakest areas first.  

As time goes on, you will realize you are continuously focusing on narrowing areas of need instead of studying everything.

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6 ASVAB Tips For The Day Of The Test

Getting ready for the test with ASVAB tips
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With all your prep work done and studying complete, it is time to take the actual ASVAB test.

There are some tips to make the day less stressful and help with your success.

#1 – Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is necessary between study sessions, and it is also vital to prepare you for test day.

A night of sleep gives our brains the ability to take all new information and process it correctly.

Plus, a night of sleep will help you cope with the anxiety people often feel just before the test. This anxiety tends to harm test performance, so sleep is doubly essential.

#2 – Come Fully Prepared

The best of the ASVAB tips is to show up for the test on time.

Timeliness is vital in the military, no matter which branch. In fact, early is on-time, and on-time is late.

Also, understand you may not bring anything into the testing center.

Therefore, calculators, your cell phone, and even scratch paper are not allowed. 

Leave them in your car, if possible, or at home.

#3 – Eat a Healthy (But Very Light) Breakfast

Do not skip breakfast on the day of the test.

Also, be sure to eat something healthy. If you consume too much sugar or carbohydrates, you will likely feel a crash before you finish the test.

Instead, plan for a breakfast high in protein and healthy fats to keep you full longer and to prevent your stomach from distracting you by rumbling.

#4 – Prepare Everything the Night Before

Set yourself up for success the night before.

If you plan and make sure your morning routine is as flawless as possible, you better your chances of heading out the door with a clear head.

Ensure you know where your keys are, wake up on time, and have everything ready to go so you can maintain the right state of mind.

#5 – Dress Comfortably

The testing centers are often cold, and it is harder to concentrate when uncomfortable with the temperature.

Therefore, dressing to anticipate being uncomfortable with the temperature will help because you can remove layers if necessary.

Also, you are likely going to sit for an extended period. Be sure what you choose to wear is not a distraction from your own comfort.

#6 – Fire up Your Brain

Now that you fully prepared and woke up on time with a good breakfast, it is time to ensure your brain is fully engaged.

Instead of trying to cram more information in your head, do some light reading of short articles.

Find something of high interest to help take your mind off any lingering anxiety.

Also, engaging your brain is like stretching a muscle. Your mind is about to do some heavy lifting, and it needs to stretch.

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Every recruit takes the ASVAB test as part of the process.

The test is an aptitude test designed to help recruits and the military see if they are a good fit for one another.

The test is also one way the military determines if you are a good fit for a particular career.

Doing well is essential to many recruits, and there are some ASVAB tips to help you prepare.

By planning, studying, and ensuring you are getting enough sleep, you are sure to eliminate most of the roadblocks that stand in between you and success.


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