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Amazon Military Discount for 2023

If you’re looking for a military discount on Amazon, you unfortunately won’t find one.

When you run a Google search for Amazon military discount, the very first result to show up is this one.

Not very reassuring, is it?

To get to the bottom of it, OMK reached out to Amazon’s customer service department.

Unfortunately, they confirmed that they indeed do not offer a discount to active duty military, veterans, retired military, or National Guard / Reserve members. 

While there is no specific Amazon military discount, the savings through certain subscriptions like Amazon Prime can help U.S. Armed Forces members in a variety of different ways.

In this article we will review all of the features of Amazon Prime for military and why you may want to consider a subscription moving forward.

Amazon Prime Veterans Day Discount for 2023

With Veterans Day right around the corner, a few of our site visitors have been asking if Amazon Prime will have a Veterans Day discount.

Unfortunately, OMK spoke with a customer service rep at Amazon, and it appears that they will NOT be offering a discount for Veterans Day in 2023. 

In the past, all current and former members of the US Military were entitled to a savings of $40 on a one-year Amazon Prime membership.

While a typical membership was $119, they would only charge you $79 for the membership.

This offer was redeemable by all active duty military, veterans, members of the Reserves, and National Guard members as well.

In addition, if you already had an Amazon Prime membership, you could have still taken advantage of this offer and saved $40.

However, they don’t appear to be offering that this year. Of course, if any of this changes, we will update this page immediately.  

Types of Amazon Military Discounts

Amazon Prime shipping delivers in two days. Image: Flickr

There is no specific Amazon military discount. However, there are a number of ways that military personnel can save money by going through Amazon for some of their shopping needs.

One of the most popular features for members is Amazon Prime Military shipping. The two-day shipping guarantee gets products you need to friends and family immediately while you are stationed overseas.

Therefore, a growing number of military personnel are starting to invest in an Amazon Prime subscription in order to receive discounts and special offers. All in all, the benefits you can receive from a Prime subscription are outstanding.

If you are weary about paying a monthly subscription for a product you are unsure you will use frequently, you may want to consider a free trial with Amazon Prime.

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Did you know that Amazon features a 30-day free trial on Prime memberships? There are no strings attached. You can try the membership for one whole month to test the waters. If you don’t think you’ll use it enough, you can always cancel before the deadline. If you like it, you can save on one month, which is about $12 in savings.

Furthermore, there is the option to pay as you go at about $14.99 per month as opposed to paying for an entire year upfront at $139. Paying for an entire year upfront is better in terms of savings, as you’ll end up paying about $180 per year at the monthly rate of $14.99.

Take advantage of the free trial of Prime during the holidays or when popular shows are released. Then cancel as soon as you don’t plan to use the subscription nearly as much.

Additionally, Amazon Prime Video and Prime Musc are extending their reach to military members. The services were previously only available to customers within the United States, however, Amazon is attempting to make the subscription more accessible to members overseas.

Amazon Prime Features

amazon military discount
Amazon Prime is a good luxury for active duty military. Image:

Amazon Prime currently has over 200 million subscribers across the globe and is growing. The benefits of having a Prime account are nearly endless. In addition to free, expedited shipping, the membership also includes movie streaming, free books, and unlimited photo storage.

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The best way to get a discount is to take advantage of a Prime membership. The program initially started out as a premium way to get fast and free shipping. However, it has since expanded to offer a number of other services.

What are all the features of Amazon Prime?

  • Free same-day delivery. Members qualify for free same-day delivery on more than a million different items located on the marketplace. You do need to order at least $35 of certain items. Prime Now, which is available in select cities, can also guarantee one or two-hour delivery.
  • Prime Now exclusive deliveries. A newer feature of Amazon Prime, the Prime Now feature allows customers to shop from early morning to late night, seven days a week, and receive delivery within two hours free of charge. Restaurant orders are fulfilled within an hour of ordering.
  • Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card. The card presents members with 5 percent back on purchases that are made at or Whole Foods. The savings can help with a number of different items, including groceries.
  • Money back on gas and food. In addition to Whole Foods, you can also get 2 percent back at gas stations and restaurants. The card features 1 percent back on all other purchases. There is no annual fee to have the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card. Military members also appreciate no foreign transaction fees. 
  • Instant access to video streaming. Amazon Prime is comparable to Netflix in that it features tens of thousands of movies and TV shows available for instant streaming with a subscription. The streaming also includes Amazon original series like Jack Ryan, Homecoming, Good Omens, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.
  • Prime Music included with subscription. In addition to unlimited video streaming, members also receive instant music streaming access through Prime Music. The ad-free content presents more than one million songs with thousands of different playlists and stations.
  • Unlimited photo storage. Prime Photos provides cloud storage for your digital photos. The Amazon Cloud Drive can secure an unlimited number of images.
  • Free books to read. If you prefer something a little different from TV or music, you can also get access to more than 800,000 ebook titles for your Kindle. Prime members are allowed to borrow one title per month with no due date. Members also have access to Kindle First pre-releases.
  • First access to Amazon Lightning Deals. Did you know that Prime members receive exclusive discounts known as Lightning Deals 30 minutes before the general public? Shoppers can save first on high-tech products and other items.
  • Amazon Family features more savings. Military personnel with young families will appreciate the 20 percent off diapers. There are many other baby products available at 15 percent off.

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As you can see, there is a lot of value offered at just $139 per year or $14.99 per month. The quick and free shipping is the most well-known benefit, but you can also save in other areas such as possibly eliminating the need for a cable TV subscription.

Amazon Prime Overseas Availability

U.S. Military should take advantage of good Amazon deals. Image: DoDLive

Amazon Prime used to be reserved for residents of the United States. However, the company has been attempting of late to broaden its horizons namely by supporting the U.S. Military.

The Amazon Prime Military features now include video streaming and radio in many locations overseas. New licensing and royalties regulations have allowed this luxury for military personnel.

Amazon Prime Military plans now support members serving time in Afghanistan, Japan, Kuwait, Djibouti, Turkey, and Romania. The company also announced plans to expand its outreach to more military installations in the future.

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Amazon Original series like The Man in the High Castle, Alpha House, and Transparent are also now available on the Armed Forces Network. It has helped bring these Amazon originals to overseas Armed Forces and their families.

U.S. Military members also value Amazon Prime for its free 2-day shipping. When active duty members are separated from their families, it helps them get gifts to them sooner. The luxury is especially nice during the holiday season. It saves time and money compared to shipping through UPS or FedEx.

For this reason, many consider Amazon Prime saves them time on shopping, offers better online deals, and saves on postage compared to more traditional ways of shopping for friends and family.

Sign Up for Amazon Prime

amazon prime military discount
Amazon Prime works well for military personnel overseas shipping to their families. Image: Flickr

It is easy to sign up for Amazon Prime. The membership features instant video streaming and music, as well as unlimited photo storage in all parts of the United States and select countries overseas.

Free shipping also includes:

  • Free same-day delivery (in select cities)
  • Free one-day delivery (in select cities)
  • Free two-day shipping in all other parts

It is recommended that you sign up first for a free trial.

Even if you know you’ll want Prime for the year, you can still save on the first month. The 30-day free trial has no strings attached as long as you cancel before the trial expires.

There are two different options for payment. You can pay by month and cancel each time. The current monthly rate is $14.99. You will pay an estimated $180 for a year. You can save approximately $40 per year by paying upfront for an annual subscription. The annual rate is currently $139.

There is also the option to bypass the free shipping options and only receive Amazon Prime Video. The subscription costs $8.99 per month. Students who can prove they are currently attending college can receive a free six-month trial followed by a discounted rate of $7.49 per month. Residents living on government assistance can receive a similar discount.

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There are many different ways you can receive an Amazon discount. Though there is no precise amount of savings based on an individual purchase, military personnel (active duty and veteran) often enroll in Amazon Prime. 

The membership provides quick and free shipping to separated family and friends. You also get instant video and music streaming along with a plethora of other features.

Keep in mind, there are some things you actually might want to avoid buying on Amazon.

For example, supplements like Hourglass Fit (a female fat burner) and Instant Knockout (a male weight loss pill) have been known to have counterfeit versions of their products on Amazon.

So, while you think you’re getting the ‘real’ thing, in all actuality you’re actually getting a potentially dangerous counterfeit.

It’s best to buy those types of products directly from the source, as tempting as the Amazon price may be.

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