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Avast Military Discount

If you’re a man or woman with a military background, you’re probably wondering if Avast offers a military discount.

A quick search on Google shows that Avast does not, in fact, offer a military discount.

This is unfortunate, because those with a military background are of all ages, and many may not be as technologically inclined as the younger generations are.

Yet just because Avast doesn’t offer a military discount doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways that people can save money while buying antivirus from them.

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Avast Discount Option #1 – Free Download

The very first thing I noticed when researching whether or not Avast had a military discount was the fact that they offer a free download for their Avast SafePrice toolbar.

This toolbar will essentially do the heavy lifting for you, in terms of helping you find the best deal on whatever you’re looking to buy.

It’s free, takes seconds to download, and can help you save $100’s, potentially even $1,000’s in your everyday shopping.

You can download this free toolbar directly on their website here.

As for their other product offerings, see the table below:

Free AntivirusSecureLine VPNCleanup Premium
Premium SecurityPasswordsDriver Updater
Secure Browser

Avast Discount Option #2 – Couponing Sites

Avast doesn’t offer any discounts on its own.

Unlike most companies and online vendors, Avast doesn’t seem to have any sales, discounts or promotions for its customers.

That means no Black Friday sales, no first-time user discounts, nothing.

This is unfortunate, as it means that you have to turn to third-party couponing sites to save any money.

Sites such as Slickdeals, RetailMeNot and Groupon all offer coupons and discounts to the site.

These coupons are great because they allow you to take some money off the total without having to do anything – the sites automatically apply the coupon!

The trick is to go to the couponing site first, and then have the site redirect you to Avast’s site.

The best ways to do this is to simply search on Google the name of the couponing site that you want to use, along with Avast’s name.

So if you wanted to use the coupons offered by RetailMeNot for Avast, you’d search “retailmenot avast”.

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One of the first results you see should bring you to the proper webpage.

Once there, you can pick the coupon you want to use for Avast, and then click the adjacent button to bring you to Avast’s website.

The couponing website will then automatically apply the discount code during checkout – so no further steps for you to worry about!

The best part about these websites is that they come with filters.

That means that if there are multiple coupons, you can create filters that remove coupons that don’t interest you.

You can have the websites only show coupons that knock off a certain percentage off your total, for example.

These couponing sites also tend to have a wide array of coupons.

In the case of Avast, there are coupons for antivirus subscription purchases for five PCs, for different antivirus subscription plans, for home antivirus plans (versus antiviruses for businesses), for Macs, and more.

Another plus is that some of these websites – especially Slickdeals – tells you if a coupon is “verified”.

This means that another shopper has successfully used the coupon before.

This will give you peace of mind and keep you from wondering if you were given a code that won’t work!

It’s important to remember that none of these coupons don’t last forever.

Just like any coupon you’d clip out of a newspaper or pull from a store newsletter, these coupons all have expiration dates and will only work for a limited time.

It’s important when visiting these couponing sites that you pay attention to how long they last.

Most last for a couple of weeks, or are only active for one month out of the year.

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Avast Discount Option #3 – Cashback Sites

Cashback sites such as Ebates and Rakuten are another alternative to consider.

These sites give you money back simply for shopping with them.

What does it mean to earn cashback?

It’s just as the name says.

You quite literally get money back just for using their plugin while shopping.

It’s pretty similar to a rebate, except there’s no added effort on your part.

Just install the plugin and get to shopping!

To install a cashback site’s plugin, you’ll need to get an account with them, first.

Once you’re done signing up, you should receive a prompt to install their plugin.

Installing the plugin is pretty simple; it’s not much different from downloading a song or other file.

Except instead of going to your downloads folder, the plugin installs itself right onto your web browser.

Then you’re free to use the site’s cashback services!

To find Avast’s page on a cashback site, you can either search for “avast” on the website’s search bar, or you can Google Avast’s name and the cashback site that you want to use – so something along the lines of “avast ebates”.

You’ll then be taken to the proper page on the cashback site.

Once you’re on the right page on the cashback site, you’ll see all of the coupons that different third-party couponing sites are offering, along with the cashback percentage that the website offers.

To use Ebates as an example, they have every single coupon you could find on RetailMeNot, as well as in red text the number 12.5%.

This means that they offer 12.5% cashback on any purchases made on Avast if their plugin is used.

As long as the plugin is installed on your browser, you don’t have to worry about visiting the site first to take advantage of the coupons or cashback incentives, like you have to do with couponing websites.

 As mentioned before, once the plugin is there, it will track your online purchases and calculate your cashback for you.

You can also save even more by using multiple cashback sites.

Yes, it’s possible! You can stack cashback incentives so long as you don’t use two plugins that clash.

Some websites may not let you use other apps or cashback plugins while you’re using there’s, which is not unlike having two antiviruses on your computer that are constantly competing against each other.

Make sure to do your homework and read the FAQs on each cashback site you plan on using so that plugins don’t clash and you don’t end up losing out on potential benefits!

By using both coupons and a cashback site incentive, you’ll be able to save tons of money while shopping not just with Avast, but with hundreds of stores.

Big-name cashback sites such as Rakuten and Ebates have partnerships with countless different companies in many different companies, making it possible to save even hundreds of dollars while shopping online.

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While it’s unfortunate that Avast doesn’t offer any military discounts – or any discounts period, for that matter – it’s good to know that there are still plenty of ways to save money, especially when it comes to a purchase as important as antivirus.

Although you need to use third-party websites to make any savings, you could potentially save a bundle while using these sites; some coupons take off as much as 75% off, depending on what subscription you end up buying.

As mentioned above, cashback sites are also another good alternative.

These sites allow you to get some money back in addition to getting some savings by using coupons provided my couponing sites.

There are many ways to save money while shopping for antivirus programs and subscriptions – all you have to do is do a bit of Googling.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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