advance auto parts military discount
Military Discounts

Advance Auto Parts Military Discount

If something goes wrong with your car, the first thing you do is get it checked out.

One of the best places in the country to get that car fixed is Advance Auto Parts.

A few people have asked us whether or not Advance Auto Parts offers a military discount.

I’m happy to report that in fact they DO.

Along with the military discount, there are other deals available for students and other individuals to take advantage of.

Scroll down to see the discount details.

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Advance Auto Parts Discount Method #1 – Military

While some retailers don’t offer military discounts, Advance Auto Parts has made sure to show appreciation by providing all military, retired and active-duty, with a discount.

Advance Auto Parts military discount is only available in stores, like this one in South Beach, FL. Image:

It’s only applied to in-store purchases, so online buys may need to be done in person in order to save.

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The military discount takes 10% off of any items that are full priced in the store.

There are some limitations and requirements of the discount, and it is only available to certain individuals, such as:

  • Members of the Armed Forces that are active duty or have retired
  • Veterans that have retired with more than 20 years in the service
  • Individuals receiving VA benefits along with their immediate family members

Service members include members of the United States Army, United States Air Force, United States Marine Crops, United States Coast Guard, and the United States National Guard.

Immediate family members include spouses as well as children that are dependents under the age of 18.

Upon arrival to the cashier to use your discount, you will need to show proof of your military status to verify that you qualify for the discount.

Any of the following can be used as proof:

  • S. Uniformed Services ID Card
  • Common Access Card, or CAC
  • Veteran Identification Card, or VIC

If you have a VetRewards Card, you may be able to use this as a form of military identification.

Simply ask a representative and they will let you know if the store can accept it as identification of military status or not.

If you have any of these identification cards, be sure to bring them with you at the time of your purchase.

Without any of these cards, you may not be able to receive the discount even though you have served in the military.

The discount varies by location and cannot be guaranteed due to the fact that Advance Auto Parts isn’t associated with the Veterans Advantage Partner Coalition.

Before making a purchase, get more information about the specifics of the military discount at the specific location you will be visiting.

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Advanced Auto Parts Discount #2 – Newsletter Signup

Another way you can save a ton of money on your next Advance Auto Parts purchase is by signing up for their email newsletter.

It will entitle you to a one-time 25% discount on your entire order!

Here’s how to get it:

Step 1: Click Here to visit the official Advance Auto Parts website.

Step 2: When you get there, click around a bit until you see the popup that looks like this:

advance auto parts email newsletter signup discount

Step 3: Click ‘Activate My Discount’, and you’ll automatically be presented with a coupon code to use at checkout.

advance auto parts discount coupon code

Keep in mind that the maximum discount amount is $50, so don’t think you’ll be saving $300 on 20 boxes of catalytic converters.

Advance Auto Parts Discount Method #3 – Official Deals

The official website has coupon codes and deals available for users.

They are easily accessed by going to the website’s home page and clicking on the menu icon.

Click Here to visit the official website.

From there, scroll down a bit until you see coupons & deals.

On this page, you can find discounts for many different items.

There is a coupon for $15 off an order of brakes as well as $20 off the purchase of a battery.

For any of the various car maintenance items you may need at any time, checking this page gives you insight into how you can save online.

They’re official deals, so there’s no worries about codes being invalid for any reason.

On top of the deals available on the website, you can join Speed Perks to get even more information on how to save on services and products.

Speed Parks is a rewards program that customers can enroll in online or in the store.

By enrolling, you gain access to offers, coupons, special events, and sweepstakes that are taking place at any time.

Not only do you get the most recent deals, you get the chance to win contests and sweepstakes prizes as well.

Members get promotions that aren’t available to anyone else along with coupons and exclusive invitations.

You’ll also receive double the reward points earned when purchasing certain items.

Enrolling is as simple as pressing a button and you can start getting coupons and rewards to your email or cell phone within minutes.

You can save anywhere from $5 and $20 on your next purchase when you activate the membership.

To enroll in Speed Perks, simply provide your first and last name along with your phone number and email address.

You’ll need to pick as password as well before clicking enroll.

Which will get you on the road to exclusive savings.

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Advance Auto Parts Discount Method #4 – Discount Codes

If the deals on the official website aren’t what you need, then you should consider two of my favorite websites for coupons and discounts: RetailMeNot and SlickDeals.

These two websites list coupon codes and the latest deals for websites and businesses like Advance Auto Parts.

Let’s explore some of the information I was able to find that could help you save money on future purchases.

If you want to save some money on your purchase, there are plenty of way to do it on SlickDeals.

The very first coupon code I tried worked like a charm and took 15% off of my entire order.

There are also many others listed, such as a 20% off coupon for your entire purchase and more.

If you’re a member of Speed Perks, you can even more incredible savings.

The deals on SlickDeals are available sitewide, so you won’t have to select certain items in order to get the deal applied to your cart.

RetailMeNot has similar listings, with offers showing up to 25% off of your entire purchase price.

With RetailMeNot Genie, a new extension hosted by RetailMeNot, coupon codes and deals can be applied to your cart instantly during checkout.

The process of finding deals can be made much easier using the Genie from RetailMeNot and another browser extension – Honey.

Honey works much like RetailMeNot, except that it does not allow you to search for coupons.

It is a standalone browser extension available on various browsers, connecting users with the latest discounts and coupons on their favorite websites.

If you’d like to know how to install any of these extensions, you can visit the websites and find details on how to get them up and running to make your couponing skill increase.

You can use these sites together to find the best deal on your purchase from Advance Auto Parts, taking some of the financial pressure away from car problems and repairs.

If you use these deals along with your Speed Perks reward, it can result in even more savings and a lot less time searching for deals and discounts.

With Speed Perks and the deals available through sites like RetailMeNot, you won’t have to pay full price for a thing.

There’s no minimum on purchases using most of the coupons, so you can save on even the lowest priced equipment and products needed for your vehicle.

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While it may be a bit disheartening to see that there are no student discounts offered at Advance Auto Parts, military personnel can rejoice in the fact that you are celebrated at this establishment.

If you’re serving or have served the armed forces, you can get a discount off of any items at full price of up to 10%.

Even though students have their fair share of car problems, not having a discount at this business isn’t the end of hope – they have a Speed Perks membership available that can make things more affordable for you.

Speed Perks allows you to access deals and discounts via text message or email that aren’t available to the public.

Enrolling is easy and takes just a minute or two, giving you premium coupons and deals that nobody else has access to as well as exclusive events and sweepstakes.

There are also discounts and coupons available on the official website, so you can get the things you need at a more reasonable price.

You can also find deals online by using browser extensions or searching on websites with reliable coupon codes like RetailMeNot or SlickDeals.

Maybe in the future students will be able to enjoy some of the perks of discounted auto supplies and equipment, but until then you should continue to save as much as possible on your vehicle and enjoy the ride.

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The Advance Auto Parts military discount entitles the men and women serving in the US military a savings of 10% off their next order.
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