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10 Best AFOQT Study Guides

The Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) is for those who wish to join the Air Force as an officer, and finding the best AFOQT Study Guide is vital.

Being an officer in the Air Force is a demanding and competitive career.

Therefore, the AFOQT is an aptitude test and serves as a way for the Air Force to determine if applicants have the necessary academic potential to succeed as an officer.

Also, the test itself has several different subtests covering a variety of subject areas.

Furthermore, you can expect time limits on each section o the exam.

These twelve subtests combine to create five different percentage scores, which is helpful to the Air Force when candidates compete for coveted positions.

It is vital to do well on the AFOQT, and when you pick out your study guide, you want to ensure you have an up-to-date and comprehensive study guide that is not going to leave out important information.

Plus, you can only take the AFOQT twice, so doing well the first time is essential.

Having a great study guide is critical when preparing for the AFOQT because you want to ensure you brush up on relevant materials covered in the subtests.

Also, you must practice using the time constrictions you can expect on test day.

Lastly, you want to ensure the practice tests and quizzes closely match what you can expect on the AFOQT.

#1. AFOQT Study Guide (JobTestPrep)

job test prep afoqt study guide

JobTestPrep does a great job putting together comprehensive study guides to prepare customers for advancing their careers with their AFOQT Study Guide.

The company began in 1992, so they have a lot of experience providing quality test prep materials and resources to their customers.

Also, the money-back guarantee, around-the-clock customer support, and the fact that well-known universities use JobTestPrep for graduating seniors make JobTestPrep a company to consider.

The JobTestPrep covers all the subtests except for the aviation information sections. However, you can expect this section will be available soon.

Also, you can expect a comprehensive practice testing situation such as 22 reading comprehension tests, 24 math tests, and eight situational judgment tests, to name only a few.

Furthermore, you can trust JobTestPrep is fully invested in providing accurate and realistic test practice, which is vital for success.

The company wants to ensure you can meet the test demands without stress, so your practice tests mimic the timing you will see on the actual test.

Also, you will find the study guide includes test preparation strategies that help with the pressure to be accurate in a short amount of time.

Lastly, you have online access to all test preparation materials, so you can get in the swing of studying literally anywhere on a smartphone or tablet.

Pick it up on the official website here:

#2. AFOQT Study Secrets (Mometrix)

afoqt study secrets test prep

Mometrix is a well-known test preparation company with nearly 20 years of experience getting test-takers ready for important exams.

Also, the company invests in researchers who study tests like the AFOQT. They helped devise content knowledge study guides and test-taking strategies that demystify the test itself.

The expert test-takers worked together to come up with techniques meant for success.

For example, the AFOQT Secrets Study Guide Includes practice questions, an entire review of the content, and test-taking strategies to help you on the AFOQT exam.

Also, the practice test questions come with rationales behind all of the answers. Having test question rationales are helpful because it helps you determine what went wrong with your thinking. If you answer a question incorrectly, you will then have an easier time applying that knowledge later.

Rationales are also helpful if you get an answer correct, but you guessed and need help understanding the right answer.

Also, the AFOQT Secrets Study Guide takes you through the content of all twelve subtests.

The guide includes detailed descriptions of the principles and concepts contained in each section. Plus, the information is laid out in a logical order making it easy to follow and process.

Lastly, Mometrix walks you through practical test-taking strategies that will help you improve your speed and accuracy on the test. Plus, the strategies address how to handle questions of which you are unsure.

Pick it up on the official website here:

#3. Mometrix Officer Candidate Tests Study Guide

mometrix officer candidate school test secrets study guide

Mometrix also has an Officer Candidate Tests Study Guide that covers several tests, including the AFOQT.

As we mentioned before, Mometrix puts a tremendous amount of effort into research to ensure their study guides are accurate, up to date, and reflect the needs of the Officer Candidate Tests required by the military branches.

The Officer Candidate Tests Secrets Study Guide addresses five necessary test-taking strategies.

Strategies are important because while the test covers knowledge, you must also be a savvy test-taker under pressure.

The first strategy is to have a study plan that makes sense, while the second ensures you are studying the correct material.

Next, expect to learn the importance of practicing with practice tests as well as pacing yourself. For example, the practice tests should simulate the same amount of time you have to take the actual exam.

Lastly, you will discuss how to eliminate answer choice to make an educated guess to better your odds of getting the correct answer.

With this study guide, you also receive content information on reading, math, science, mechanical comprehension, and various other topics.

This study guide also comes with some online resources, including helpful videos.

Here’s a link to buy it:

#4. Mometrix Military Flight Aptitude Test Secrets Study Guide

military flight aptitude test secrets study guide

Like the above-discussed guide, the Mometrix Military Flight Aptitude Tests Secrets Study Guide reviews vital key strategies for aptitude tests.

Also, the guide reviews content knowledge for the areas you can expect the test to cover.

Furthermore, the study guide rounds out with all the flight tests for different military branches.

You will find practice tests for all the subtests of the AFOQT and answer keys with explanations reviewing the logic behind the answers.

Furthermore, Mometrix understands that everyone learns differently. Therefore, you can access online resources such as online videos where the instructors break down concepts step-by-step.

Plus, the guide’s design goes in a logical progression of learning to prevent confusion and maximize appropriate study time.

Pick it up on their official website here:

#5. Trivium AFOQT Study Guide

trivium afoqt study guide

Another option for AFOQT study guides is the Trivium AFOQT Study Guide.

Trivium is an independent study guide test preparation company in the United States.

The company employs researchers and test professionals who create efficient test preparation materials tailored to individual learning styles.

This guide includes a complete review of all topics you can expect to see in the AFOQT subtests.

Also, the guide includes practice questions meant to mimic what you will see when you take your exam, and each question comes with explanations to help you understand the correct answer and the reasoning that supports the answer.

You will notice the examples apply to the real world, which is also helpful when you take the knowledge and apply it to the situations that may come up on the test.

Furthermore, the Trivium AFOQT study guide includes two complete practice tests. You might consider taking one test as a baseline to see which content areas or subtests you struggle with the most, so you can set up a study plan that hits areas of weakness first.

Also, since the AFOQT is timed, consider mimicking the timing restrictions of the actual test while you practice.

Trivium gives you access to their online platform to review condensed study sheets, flashcards, and test-taking strategies.

Having access to study material in more than one format means you can learn anywhere without the book.

Pick it up on the Walmart official site here:`

#6. Barron’s Military Flight Aptitude Tests

barrons military flight aptitude tests

Barron’s Military Flight Aptitude Tests study guide is one to consider.

Also, Barron’s has over 80 years of experience helping customers succeed and realize their career aspirations with their test preparation guides.

This guide covers the unique needs of each branch of the military, including the Air Force’s AFOQT.

The first part of Barron’s Flight Aptitude Tests guide covers aviation, and the second part covers the test format for each branch of the military and the review of content knowledge.

Next, you will find strategies that help you approach the test easily and without anxiety.

The third part includes the flight aptitude practice tests for the different military branches that give flight aptitude tests, including the AFOQT for the Air Force.

Pick it up on the official Walmart website here:

#7. Apex Test Prep AFOQT Study Guide

apex test prep afoqt study guide

Apex Test Prep’s AFOQT Study Guide is another study guide to consider.

The company came into existence in the late 90s by Microsoft’s Paul Allen and has grown ever since.

This study guide has sections by subtest to include content knowledge, practice questions, and answer explanations to deepen your understanding of the topic.

Also, you will find test-taking strategies that cover how to pull apart a question quickly without losing time.

Furthermore, the guide discusses strategies such as how to examine every answer choice and the best way to eliminate potentially wrong answers to better your chance of success.

Plus, beyond test-taking strategies, there are examples so you can see the system in action.

Lastly, the guide comes with a free DVD offer that discusses applying the content knowledge and the test-taking strategies. The company will ask for a review in exchange for the free DVD, however.

Pick it up here:

#8. Mometrix AFOQT Free Practice Test

mometrix afoqt practice test

Some test preparation materials do not come with enough practice tests.

When you study, access to practice tests is helpful to give you a baseline of where you are before you begin to learn.

Also, practice tests right before taking the actual test help narrow down what you must focus on before taking the AFOQT.

With this information in hand, you can refocus and study only what you need.

Mometrix offers a free practice test so you can get a handle on your study progress and prioritize your learning.

Check it out on the official site here:

#9. Test Prep Books AFOQT Study Guide

test prep books afoqt study guide

Test Prep Book’s 2020-2021 version of the AFOQT Study Guide is another helpful study guide resource to consider.

This study guide begins with some test-taking strategies that will get you through the exam efficiently and without stress.

For instance, you learn strategies such as not overanalyzing the question or panicking when you do not know the answer. Not panicking is vital for a timed multiple-choice test because it slows you down.

Also, you learn the value of trusting your instincts when speed and efficiency are critical to success.

You will first learn some background information about the AFOQT before designing a study plan individualized to suit your needs and study habits.

Next, you work through each of the subtests where you work through practice questions and review the rationales behind the answers.

The company also offers a free DVD with extra resources, although you must request the DVD. Therefore, order quickly if your test is coming up soon.

Pick it up on the Walmart website here:

#10. Petersons’ Master the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test

petersons master the afoqt and oar study guide

Peterson has decades of experience creating valuable test preparation products. Furthermore, they invest research into memory retention strategies as well as creating a range of print and online resources to help their customers.

If you need an AFOQT Study Guide, consider Peterson’s Master the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test guide.

This AFOQT study guide covers all subtest areas for both the Air Force Officer Qualifying Exam and the Officer Aptitude Rating Exam (OAR).

Furthermore, this study guide includes a pre-test so you can determine your areas of strength and weaknesses.

With this information, your study guide will help you determine a plan of action for studying.

Also, you have numerous practice tests available to you so you can continue to refine your studying to best prepare you for test day.

Pick it up on the official Walmart site here:

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