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10 Best ASVAB Study Guides

If you are gearing up to take the ASVAB test, you probably want to be as prepared as possible with the best ASVAB study guide.

The ASVAB test is your ticket to having a competitive edge when joining the military.

Also, the exam determines for which MOSs you qualify. The better you do in all subtests, the higher your chances of qualifying for any position you wish.

Before you grab an ASVAB study guide, you need to consider how comprehensive and up to date is the study guide.

Plus, you need to evaluate the number and quality of the practice tests.

What to Consider When Shopping for an ASVAB Study Guide / Book

Best ASVAB study guides help recruits pass the test

When choosing an ASVAB study guide, there are vital considerations before deciding which works best for you.

First, comprehensiveness is essential. Your study guide should go into detail about all the different subtests of the ASVAB. It is not enough to have several practice tests. Practice tests are a critical part of the process of preparing for the ASVAB, but you also need a program that covers the knowledge necessary to pass the exam.

Next, your best ASVAB study guide needs to be up-to-date. Tests like the ASVAB test are constantly evolving. Therefore, so should the best ASVAB study guides.

If you use an older study guide, you face feeling unprepared when taking the test. Also, an out-of-date study guide may cost you points on the test, impacting your competitiveness for potential jobs.

Finally, the types of practice tests used with ASVAB study guides make a massive difference in your preparedness. Your practice guides should mimic the conditions of the actual exam as much as possible.

We put together a list of the best ASVAB study guides on the market to make the process easier for you.

#1. Mometrix ASVAB Test Prep Course

mometrix asvab study guide and course

First up on our list of the best ASVAB study guides is the Mometrix ASVAB Test Prep Course.

This course was designed with one thing in mind, to get you the best ASVAB score possible.

It contains a wealth of resources to help you study, including: 

  • 800+ Practice Questions
  • Multiple Full-Length Practice Tests
  • 95 Lessons
  • 230+ Instructional Videos
  • 455 Flashcards

The course covers an array of difficult concepts, and presents them in an easy-to-understand format.

It’s perfect for every type of learner, giving you the option to learn by visual presentation, or reading.

You can access the course both on a desktop computer or mobile device, making it extremely accessible.

The Mometrix ASVAB Test Prep Course also tracks your progress across these devices, picking up exactly where you left off every time.

It’s an excellent course for both those that are struggling to score well, and those who wish to improve their score dramatically.

Learn more about the course here:

#2. ASVAB Study Guide

job test prep asvab study guide

JobTestPrep began in 1992 when David Meshulam retired as an Air Force pilot and wanted to create a system or prepare for job assessments that helped clients land their dream jobs.

After 32 years in the test prep business, offers a complete and comprehensive package with a money-back guarantee.

JobTestPrep’s ASVAB study guide comes with a three-step program.

First, you take a diagnostics test. The diagnostic test works like a pretest to determine which areas you struggle with the most.

This information helps you determine what to prioritize when studying.

Next, the study guide provides drills to target instruction in your areas of weakness.

Also, the drills go further by offering explanations to the questions to ensure your understanding. That way, you have a full understanding of the rationale behind every question.

Lastly, you will receive three full-length practice tests beyond the diagnostics test.

Having practice tests is helpful because as you take the drills and read the explanations, the extra tests will help refine which areas to study.

Also, you have drills in all the subtests of the ASVAB, so no area of study is left out.

This option for the best ASVAB study guide includes a unique math study guide that focuses on the basics before building up to the skills necessary for the ASVAB test.

Math is one of those knowledge bases and skills that tend to deteriorate over time if you do not use math regularly.

Pick it up on the Job Test Prep site here:

#3. Mometrix ASVAB Study Guide

mometrix asvab study guide ebook

Mometrix Test Preparation uses researchers who specialize in standardized tests to ensure their study guides are relevant and up-to-date.

The company began in 2002 with a mission to help customers efficiently prepare for exams using a variety of platforms, including books, online resources, flashcards, and apps.

The Mometrix ASVAB study guide has an online course that goes along with their printed book.

The course includes lessons that cover the topics of the ASVAB subtests along with videos to support the learning.

Also, the study guide includes close to a thousand practice questions and over 400 digital flashcards.

Online access is vital for those who wish to make the most of all their downtime—for example, waiting to get your oil changed turns into a 30-minute impromptu study session with Mometrix’s study guide program.

Overall, the program includes the study guide, mobile-friendly online access, several practice tests, and flashcards.

Also, what makes Mometrix unique is that they teach content and help you understand how to apply the knowledge to increase your score.

Furthermore, this study guide helps with some vital test-taking strategies, including evaluating the question help find the correct answer and using context clues.

Also, Mometrix understands that time is considerable pressure for those taking tests. Timed tests create anxiety and can cripple even the most knowledgeable of test-takers.

Therefore, this study guide works to address the challenges of a timed test by working on methods to get through questions quickly and accurately.  

Pick it up on the official Mometrix site here:

#4. Master the ASVAB (Petersons)

master the asvab

Peterson’s has a 55-year track record of preparing customers for career-advancing exams.

Because of their position in educational services, you may find their study guide is best for you.

Peterson’s relies on educators, researchers, and instructional designers to prepare customers for their careers.

If you decide on the Master the ASVAB 23rd edition study guide, you have a total of four ASVAB practice tests. Three of these tests are in the book, while the fourth is available online.

Although, before digging into the practice exams, you will take the included diagnostics exam first.

With the information gained from the diagnostics, you can review the test areas in which you need the most work.

You will find the study guide has well over 1300 questions that include rationales for each question to help support your new understanding.

If you prefer to study with Peterson’s but want online access to materials, you can add a subscription that unlocks additional test materials.

For instance, your online tools will include multimedia lessons for those who need to read, listen, and view materials to best absorb new learning.

The online access includes videos, diagrams, flashcards, and a tailored study plan.

Pick it up on the Walmart website here:

#5.  ASVAB for Dummies

asvab for dummies

The For Dummies company has roots in the instructional book niche since the early 1990s.

Since then, the company provides reference books that are approachable and use language that is not intimidating and is easy to understand.

Since its early days, the For Dummies company grew to include an ASVAB study guide. The most recent version of the study guide is for the years 2021 – 2022.

Using its traditional, straightforward language, the ASVAB for Dummies guide covers a lot of ground.

You can expect to have an in-depth analysis of each subtest of the exam and a refresher of the knowledge necessary for each subtest.

The study guide includes practice problems and drills that have full explanations of every question.

Also, the ASVAB for Dummies includes test-taking strategies that will help ease test anxiety.

Furthermore, the included practice tests self-calibrate to give you a full understanding of your current skills.

Moreover, the book itself provides access to online resources.

These resources include extra practice exams, videos, and even flashcards to help study.

Having access to both a book and online resources is helpful to those who need a variety of sources from which to learn.

Plus, smartphone-friendly online resources make it easier to grab a few extra minutes of studying during your downtime.

Pick it up on the Walmart website here:

#6. ASVAB Prep Plus 2022 – 2023 (Kaplan)

kaplan asvab prep plus asvab study guide

Kaplan has over 80 years of experience helping test-takers build their knowledge base and confidence to take a test that advances their careers.

The Kaplan ASVAB Prep Plus includes many resources, including six practice tests, online resources, and test-taking strategies that demystify and destress the test.

Your study guide includes details regarding the meaning of the scores and how they work together to qualify you for careers.

Also, you can expect to learn Kaplan’s strategies for success while testing.

The study guide includes a diagnostics test which serves to help you see what areas you should study first.

The diagnostics test is in different parts that relate to the separate subtests of the ASVAB.

Also, the study book includes rationales for every test question along with the answer choices.

Next, as you study, the book breaks down into subtests so you can first focus on areas of concern.

As you complete your study cycle, you can retake practice exams in the book to see where you are.

These practice tests also include helpful test question and answer rationales to help you understand where your thinking may have gone wrong.

Do not forget to log in to the included online extras, as well. The videos and other online resources are incredibly useful.

Pick it up on the Walmart website here:

#7. ASVAB Flashcards Study System (Mometrix)

asvab study guide flashcards

Suppose you do not need an entire study guide but instead want flexibility and targeted learning with flashcards.

In that case, the ASVAB Flashcard Study System through Mometrix is a fantastic option.

Repetition is a part of preparing for exams because to more you expose yourself to the information you need to transfer from short-term memory to long-term memory, your recall of information comes easier.

The ASVAB Flashcards Study System are physical cards rather than digital.

The cards go beyond asking a question and giving an answer because they include rationals behind the answers.

Having in-depth explanations of the answers helps you understand the concepts behind the bit of knowledge.

Flashcards make the most out of the moments you have to study and review. You will not need to carry a large review book around with you, as you can pull out your flashcards for targeted review.

The flashcards cover your mathematical knowledge, word knowledge, paragraph comprehension, and mathematic reasoning.

Be it stand-alone study resources or an add-on for an existing study guide, the ASVAB flashcard Study System is a great option to improve your chances of a great ASVAB score.

Pick it up on their official site here:

#8. Cliffsnotes ASVAB Cram Plan 2nd Edition

asvab cram plan cliffs notes

Cliffnotes began in the 1950s when the creator wanted to create study guides that went along with literature to support student understanding.

These days, Cliffnotes goes beyond literature support and includes study guides for tests, including the ASVAB Cram Plan 2nd Edition.

The ASVAB Cram Plan is a resource you can trust to get you ready for the ASVAB.

The study guide helps by first working through which areas you struggle with the most.

From there, the guide works with what you need and how much time you have to prepare by helping you create a study guide that works with your strengths and weaknesses depending on the time you have before the ASVAB test.

Once you work through this part of the study guide, you will have a day-by-day study schedule suited to your needs, even if you only have a week to study.

After the diagnosis test, the subject review covers all the information you can expect to see on each subtest.

Also, the included practice exams have explanations to demystify the question and answer choices for each question.

Pick it up on the Walmart website here:

#9. Barron’s ASVAB Flashcards

barrons asvab study guide flashcards

Barrons has over 80 years of experience helping test-takers find success with standardized tests.

Barron’s ASVAB Flashcards are an excellent option for an ASVAB study guide, as the author has over 30 years of both military and writing experience.

The flashcard set includes over 450 cards to help you with content knowledge over all of the subtests.

Also, the flashcards include both the answers and explanations to each question to help learners understand the context and connection between the questions and answers.

Furthermore, this set includes a corner hole punch for a ring to keep your cards together and organized.

Pick it up on the Walmart website here:

#10. Official ASVAB Vocabulary 3000

asvab vocabulary 3000

If you struggle with AVAB vocabulary or know it is an area of weakness, consider the Offical ASVAB Vocabulay 3000 as a study guide resource.

Vocabulary is vital on any test, including the ASVAB.

Understanding vocabulary is essential when evaluating test questions as well as the answer choices.

The word grouping is intentional, as well.

For example, there are three groupings of 100 words that are easy, more challenging, and then harder still.

The word list includes words most frequently seen on previous ASVAB tests, so you are sure to study relevant vocabulary.

Also, the word lists include the word, the meaning of the word, and an example of the word in action.

This exposure helps you understand the context in which the word is used.

Also, the list includes antonyms and synonyms of all words.

As you study, work with 100 words at a time before moving up to the more complex word lists.

Pick it up on the Abe Books website here:

Honorable Mention: ASVAB Study Guide 2020 – 2021 (Trivium)

trivium asvab study guide book

Trivium, Test Prep is a USA-based company that invests in professionals who study how we learn.

The company takes that research and applies it to their test preparation study guides, including the ASVAB Study Guide 2020-2021.

This study guide’s design intention is to offer a full review of the knowledge necessary for success in the ASVAB subtests.

Also, the study guide includes practice tests so you can mimic the conditions of the test day.

If you are a learner that needs to extend learning beyond a book, Trivium has online resources, as well.

These free resources include digital flashcards, short study sheets, practice questions, all designed to be mobile-friendly so that you can get an edge on your competition in your spare time.

Also, expect to find beneficial test-taking strategies with this ASVAB study guide resource.

Pick it up on the Walmart website here:

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