best army bases

Best Army Bases

There are close to 60 Army bases in the United States.

The number expands into the hundreds when you consider all the active military bases abroad in other countries.

Determining the best Army bases in the world is a tedious task, as there are several top-notch facilities worth considering.

Browse our selections for the best Army bases in the U.S. and internationally, as well as the top bases for singles, couples, and families.

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Best Overall Army Bases in the U.S.

best army duty stations
Fort Liberty is considered by many one of the best Army bases in the country. Image: Wikimedia Commons

The United States Army supports close to 60 active bases on U.S. soil.

You can find a home in just about every type of climate and environment.

Virginia has the highest concentration of Army bases with nine, while Texas (five) and Georgia (four) are second and third.

Here are the top-rated Army installations in the nation:

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#1 – Fort Liberty, North Carolina


Fort Liberty (formerly Fort Bragg) is direct to the north of Fayetteville in rural North Carolina.

The historic Army base is one of the largest in the world with nearly 50,000 active-duty soldiers calling it home.

Fort Liberty is home to the 82nd Airborne Division, Spec Ops Forces, and PsyOps.

Military families have options when it comes to housing, whether it’s the affordable midsize city of Fayetteville or the richer suburb of Southern Pines.

Fort Liberty is such a large installation that it offers more than one commissary along with fitness centers, classes, and MWR events.

The North Carolina location is near to Area J and Flight Line Park, McKellar’s Lodge, Tank Trail, and Mott Lake for weekend getaways.

#2 –Schofield Barracks, Hawaii

schofield barracks hawaii

It is easy to see why Schofield Barracks is one of the most sought-after destinations for Army personnel.

The top military base exists in lovely Hawaii in Honolulu.

Competition is stiff to get stationed at Schofield Barracks yet you’ll love every waking moment if you are so fortunate.

The Army base is home to the 25th Infantry Division (nicknamed Tropic Lightning Division) along with USARHAW.

Schofield Barracks date all the way to the early 20th century when the base was established as a mobile defense for Pearl Harbor.

The barracks line up against the Waianae mountain range for a spectacular backdrop.

The weather is phenomenal but you’ll deal with higher housing and food costs.

#3 – Fort Carson, Colorado


Fort Carson exists in beautiful Colorado as part of a large military presence in Colorado Springs.

The Army post is massive with 137,000 acres of property, which extends into the nearby counties of Pueblo and Fremont.

Fort Carson is home to the 4th Infantry Division, 10th Special Forces, 4th Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB), 440th Civil Affairs Battalion (USAR), and many other units.

The Army installation also serves the Army Reserve, Navy Reserve, and Colorado National Guard.

Army personnel refers to Fort Carson as “The Mountain Post,” with quick access to the Rocky Mountains and nearby Denver.

Colorado Springs is extremely supportive of service members as the U.S. Air Force Academy is here and many make the area their permanent home after retiring from the military.

Housing is more expensive in Colorado, yet the pleasant weather and outdoor adventures are well worth it for many service members.

Best Overseas Army Bases

best army posts
The top overseas Army posts include stations in Italy, Germany, and South Korea. Image: Wikimedia Commons

The best Army bases are not just limited to the United States.

The United States operates the largest international presence in the world with hundreds of installations.

As a result, joining the Army is an exciting way to pursue your goals while seeing the world.

Here are a few of the best Army bases in the world that make fantastic places to get stationed.

#1 – Caserma Ederle, Italy


Caserma Ederle is an Army base in Vicenza, Italy.

The U.S. Army has troops stationed at Caserma-Ederle in support of the 173rd Airborne Brigade and United States Army Africa.

It also acts as the headquarters for the U.S. Army Garrison Vicenza of the United States Army Installation Management Command.

Where can you possibly go wrong staying in Italy while you get to serve the country overseas”

Vicenza is a half-hour from Venice and an hour from Milan.

You’ll get treated to some of the finest food, wine, and culture in the world, which makes Caserma-Ederle the most desirable overseas Army base.

#2 – Kelley Barracks, Germany


Kelley Barracks was formerly known as Helenen-Kaserne.

The barracks are in Stuttgart-Mohringen, Germany and are part of US Army Garrison Stuttgart.

Kelley Barracks serves as the headquarters for the United States Africa Command.

The southern Germany location provides quick escapes to Switzerland, France, or Belgium on extended leave.

Around the area of Stuttgart, you’ll appreciate delicious food and tasty beer.

There is also a historical significance to serving at Kelley Barracks considering its location in Germany and ties to World War II.

#3 – Yongsan Garrison/Camp Humphreys, South Korea


Yongsan Garrison means “dragon hill garrison” in Korean, which immediately sets the tone for a cool and exciting place to serve the United States abroad.

The garrison is not large (about two-thirds the size of Central Park in NYC) yet important to the conflicts with South Korea’s northern neighbor.

Yongsan Garrison is in Seoul, the capital of the country and the largest metropolis.

It represents the headquarters of the United States Forces Korea (USFK).

Yongsan Garrison was also the former home of the United States Army Garrison Yongsan until 2018.

The United States Army is currently transitioning more of its USFK headquarters to nearby Camp Humphreys (which is also a fantastic place to get stationed).

This is only about 55 miles south of Seoul. 

There is no shortage of recreation between dining, shopping, drinking, and sightseeing.

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Best Army Bases for Families

best places to be stationed in army
Military families face a lot of obstacles which makes finding a supportive community important. Image:

There is little debate that serving the military while raising a family is extremely difficult.

You spend extended amounts of time away from your loved ones and don’t always get to see them every day.

Thankfully, some of the best Army bases in the country help support families with affordable housing, family-friendly amenities, and community support.

Consider these places to get stationed if you have a family:

#1 – Fort Moore, Georgia


Fort Moore (formerly Fort Benning) hosts the Maneuver Center of Excellence, Army Infantry School, and Army Armor School.

The military establishment impressively supports more than 120,000 active-duty military, family, reserves, and retirees on a daily basis.

Fort Moore is one of the best Army bases for a reason, with terrific amenities on-site as well as close proximity to Columbus.

Columbus is the second-largest city in Georgia with a lot to see and do with activities that cater to families.

Housing is also affordable with fair but not spectacular weather.

#2 – Fort Sam Houston, Texas


Fort Sam Houston is another legendary Army base in the south and is beloved by families.

The base represents one of three main locations that are part of Joint Base San Antonio.

Fort Sam Houston caters to the U.S. Army, while Lackland and Randolph serve the Air Force.

Families cherish Fort Sam Houston for its proximity to San Antonio, affordable housing, and top-rated San Antonio Military Medical Center (“Home of Army Medicine”).

Austin, Dallas, and Houston are also within a reasonable drive with plenty of offerings.

Along with a housing community, the base also offers its own elementary, middle, and high schools.

#3 – Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri


Fort Leonard Wood is practically halfway between Springfield and St. Louis.

The popular Army base is known by locals as “Fort Lost in The Woods” because of its rural spot along Old Route 66.

Fort Leonard Wood supports the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence, CBRN, MP Regiment, and Army Engineers.

Along with Fort Moore, it is a major training compound with nearly 80,000 soldiers spending time at the base every year.

Military base housing is available but there is fairly high competition.

Housing for families is also available in communities like Waynesville, St. Robert, and Plato.

It’s an excellent selection for families that prefer a quieter and rural place to live.

Best Army Bases for Singles

top army bases
Army service members that are single desire a station with surrounding nightlife and other ways to mingle. Image:

The Army is not restricted to service members with a significant other or children.

Many of the personnel are single and ready to mingle in various parts of the country.

Therefore, if you don’t have anyone attached at your hip then you’ll prefer these locations for how they cater to the singles crowd:

#1 – Fort Lewis, Washington


Fort Lewis is easily one of the best Army bases in the United States.

The military complex has a ton of history and its evolution has transformed into one of the largest bases in the world.

After McChord Air Force Base joined Fort Lewis in 2010, the military base has become one of the most sought-after for both branches, especially singles.

If you enjoy the outdoors then you’ll love everything the surrounding area has to offer.

Mt. Rainier is in your backyard along with every type of outdoor recreation you can envision.

The summers are especially beautiful and for city life, you are less than an hour away from Seattle.

#2 – Fort Greely, Alaska


Fort Greely presents itself to outdoor enthusiasts, as nothing is more wilderness in the nation than Alaska.

The “Home of the Rugged Professional” is very remote with a base that is more than 100 miles away from a big city (Fairbanks, Alaska).

Fort Greely supports the Alaska National Guard with an emphasis on monitoring the security and operation of a Missile Defense Site.

Since the base is in a remote part of the country, you have everything you need on-site.

Fort Greely offers a commissary, fitness center, barbershop, automotive mechanic, and chapels for every personal taste.

Singles that love the outdoors enjoy hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, and snowshoeing on days off.

#3 – Fort Story, Virginia


Fort Story is a great place to call home if you get stationed on the East Coast.

The military complex has a deep history with ties to the first English settlers in the 17th century.

Virginia Beach offers plenty of sun with beaches and quick access to the downtown area.

The on-base amenities are superb, with excellent housing (many of which offer oceanfront views).

While Fort Story is also a great place for families, singles will like that you are near the Chesapeake Bay and miles of hiking trails at First Landing State Park.

Ocean Breeze Waterpark and Atlantic Fun Park are great places to take a date.

Neptune Park is a fun outdoor venue for live music and socializing.

Best Army Bases for Couples

best us army bases
Couples want a fair combination of affordable/quality housing along with entertainment options. Image:

Couples may not have children, yet they still have their own unique needs and desires that differ from those of single soldiers.

The best Army bases for couples offer a solid mixture of affordable housing, nightlife, as well as on-post amenities.

Here are your top choices for couples:

#1 – Schofield Barracks, Hawaii


While living in Hawaii is nice, it doesn’t make nearly as much sense for military personnel with families due to the high cost of living.

However, couples can easily make Schofield Barracks work if they budget accordingly and avoid the common tourist pitfalls of Hawaii.

Spending time with a significant other in gorgeous Hawaii is a dream for just about everyone, so having the opportunity to take someone along with you is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It’s likely that all your friends and family will want to come out and visit during your time.

So, even though you might feel like it’s forever until you reach the continental U.S. again, you’ll always have that special someone by your side when “island fever” might creep up.

#2 – Fort Belvoir, Virginia


Virginia is home to more Army bases than any other state in the nation.

Fort Belvoir is among its highlights where it sits on the former Belvoir plantation.

The property is used for better purposes these days in Fairfax County along the northern end of the Potomac River.

What makes Fort Belvoir a fascinating station for couples is the quick weekend access to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

Philadelphia, Boston, and New York City are also within a long day’s drive for extended leaves.

The military complex has nearly twice as many personnel as The Pentagon and represents the largest employer in the county.

Housing on the post is necessary considering the median home cost in Fairfax is over half a million dollars.

The weather is special, with a lovely spring and autumn.

#3 – Fort Knox, Kentucky


The Bluegrass State offers an incredible Army base in Fort Knox.

It is one of the smaller military bases in the United States yet still important to U.S. Army operations.

Fort Knox features a rich history as Army camps in the region date to the Civil War.

The post is home to Cadet Command, U.S. Bullion Depository, and Human Resources Command.

Apartments are affordable in the area for couples, including Radcliff and Elizabethtown.

Louisville offers more nightlife and entertainment.

The fort provides an exclusive bowling alley, mini-golf course, and waterpark for couples looking for a quick and easy date night.

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The best Army bases in the United States offer something for everyone.

If you really want to see the world, you should also consider requesting stations outside the U.S.

The top bases in the world for Army personnel provide great on-post amenities, housing, community support, and things to do in the area.

You can find a great base depending on if you are single, in a relationship, or married with children.

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Best Army Bases

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