Retaking the ASVAB
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Retaking the ASVAB

The Armed Services Vocational Battery (ASVAB) is a series of test used by the Military to ensure individuals meet the minimum skill capability requirements for each branch/job.

Each branch of the Armed Forces has a minimum score requirement for entrance along with minimum score requirements for each MOS/rating/AFSC.

The ASVAB test is broken into 10 different sections.

Every person who is joining the Armed Services in an enlisted (not officer) position, must take the ASVAB.

Because the ASVAB test is so important to your overall Military career, you may be wondering what happens if you need to retake it.

Continue reading for more information on the ASVAB, when you can retake it and when you can’t.

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1. How long is the ASVAB score good for?

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The score on an ASVAB test is good for two years.

After two years your test results are no longer valid.

If you retake the test within two years, the newest test results will be used for your score.

Once you are enlisted your scores stay with you for the duration of your enlistment.

2. What happens if you fail the ASVAB?

You cannot “fail” the ASVAB, but you can get lower test results that do not meet the minimum qualifications for your branch of service or desired MOS/AFSC/Rating.

In this case you are authorized to take the test again after 30 calendar days if you do not meet minimum enlistment scores.

You can also be disqualified for several other reasons such as cheating or being unable to complete the test due to a medical issue.

3. When would I need to retake the ASVAB?

There are a few different reasons that could warrant taking the ASVAB test again.

The first is that you did not get a qualifying score.

Each branch has a minimum score requirement on the AFQT.

The Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) is part of the ASVAB and sets a minimum entrance requirement for each service.

The minimum requirements are below:

Branch of MilitaryH.S. Diploma GED
Air Force3150
Coast Guard4050
Marine Corps3150
National Guard3150

In the event that you do not meet these minimum requirements, you would retest again after 30 calendar days.

Another reason is that you may be dismissed for cheating or having disruptive behavior during the test.

This results in an invalid test and a waiting period of 6 months prior to retesting again.

An individual may need to retake the ASVAB in the event there was a disruption during the test, they are under distress, or when there administrative errors during the test taking process.

In the above scenarios, the specific situation will determine either an immediate retest or coming back at a later time.

You cannot take the ASVAB over, prior to being in the service,  just because you do not like your score.

If you deem that your score is not an accurate representation of your capabilities, such as you took it while in High School or another situation that may limit your full attention, then a retake may be possible.

Those situations do not happen often and each branch of service will have different rules for retaking.

That being said, it is very important to take your initial test very seriously, with undivided attention, as retests are not always granted.

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4. How many times can you take the ASVAB?

There is not a limit on the number of times you can take the ASVAB.

However, you cannot just retake the test because you do not like your scores.

You can retest if you do not meet minimum entrance score requirements, you are disqualified or if you can prove that your score is not a true representation.

The first time you take the ASVAB test and answer your first question, it is considered complete.

After that first question any subsequent ASVAB testing is considered a retest.

You are authorized a retest one calendar month after your first take.

After the first retest, a second retest can be taken one calendar month after the first retest is complete.

The third retest is not permitted for 60 days after the last retest is taken.

Each subsequent retest can be taken six months from the last test.

Retest schedule:

  • Original Test
  • Retake 1: Original Test Date + 30 Calendar Days
  • Retake 2: Retake 1 Test Date + 30 Calendar Days
  • Retake 3: Retake 2 Test Date + 60 Calendar Days

5. How much does it cost to retake the ASVAB?

The military does not charge to take the ASVAB test, during initial testing or during a retest.

You can incur charges if you pay for study material in preparation for the test.

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6. Can I retake the ASVAB after enlistment?

Yes, you can retake the ASVAB test after enlistment.

However, each service has different rules on how often or what stipulations need to be in place prior to retesting.

Most branches require there to be a reason for retaking the test (new MOS, attempting to get into a enlisted-to-officer program, or reenlistment options).

Most branches also require appointments and signatures from your commanding officer.

It can be a good idea to retake the test if you are hoping to reenlist into another specialty that requires a higher score as you can compete for reenlistment positions.

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ASVAB Testing material. There are many ways to prepare for the ASVAB including reading study guides, getting adequate sleep and giving yourself ample time to complete the test. Image: wikimedia

The ASVAB test is a series of test that the Military uses as a measurement tool.

This tool can have an impact on which branch you qualify for and which MOS/Rating/AFSC you can enlist into.

While you cannot “fail” the ASVAB, you can receive scores that restrict your abilities to join into the service you want.

Retesting is possible, but it is granted under certain stipulations and situations.

A retest will not cost you any money, but a wait time will take place between your initial test, your retest, and each subsequent test.

Overall, it is extremely important to take your initial ASVAB test seriously the first time to increase your chances of success now and in the future.

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Retaking the ASVAB

Retaking the ASVAB

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