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List Of Army Bases In The US

The United States of America has a number of Army bases spread across various states.

While the army’s responsibility lies in defending the country and protecting the citizens of the United States, most US Army bases have to aid in achieving the unanimous goal.

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Below is a list of army bases in the US and their missions:

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Army Bases In Alabama

1. Anniston Army Depot

Anniston Army Depot

Location: Anniston, Alabama

Overall Mission: Produces and repairs ground combat vehicles like Armored Personnel Carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, and combat support vehicles.  Also overhauls small arms weapons like the M4, M24, and M2A.  Stores chemical weapons as well.

Official website:

2. Fort Rucker

Fort Rucker

Location: Dale County, Alabama

Overall Mission: Provides aviation training to members of the US Army as well as the Air Force Pilots. It is also a key aviation development and testing center.

Official Website:

3. Redstone Arsenal

Redstone Arsenal

Location: Madison, Alabama

Overall Mission: Conducts research, development, and testing of rockets and ballistic missiles. Manages rocket and missile programs and trains other defense forces.

Official Website:

Army Bases In Alaska

4. Fort Greely

Fort Greely

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska

Overall Mission: Acts as a testing and launching site for anti-ballistic missiles. It also serves as a Cold Region Test Center due to Alaska’s extremely cold weather.

Official Website:

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5. Fort Richardson

Fort Richardson

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Overall Mission: Readily deploys units to Asia and the Pacific in conjunction with Elmendorf in defense of the interests of the US.

Official Website:

6. Fort Wainwright

Fort Wainwright

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska

Overall Mission: Trains soldiers to support military operations globally and is a Joint Force Land Component Command supporting the Joint Task Force in Alaska.

Official Website:

Army Bases In Arizona

7. Fort Huachuca

Fort Huachuca

Location: Sierra Vista, Arizona

Overall Mission: Provides military intelligence and serves as the US Army communication hub.

Official Website:

8. Yuma Proving Ground

Fort Huachuca

Location: Yuma, Arizona

Overall Mission: Acts as a testing facility for military equipment and technology. It also facilitates training of the Army and Marine Corps.

Official Website:

Army Bases In Arkansas

9. Pine Bluff Arsenal

Pine Bluff Arsenal

Location: Jefferson County, Arkansas

Overall Mission: Stores chemical weapons, and provides technical services to Armed Forces and Homeland security. Designing, manufacturing, and storing extremely powerful weapons.

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Army Bases In California

10. Fort Irwin

Fort Irwin

Location: San Bernardino County, California

Overall Mission: Provides combined and joint training to soldiers. Supplies vital information and data for future joint battlefields and war on terrorism.

Official Website:

11. Presidio of Monterey

Fort Irwin

Location: Monterey, California

Overall Mission: Provides foreign language education in support of the Department of Defense. Conducts evaluation and analysis of foreign languages.

Official Website:

12. Sierra Army Depot

Fort Irwin

Location: Herlong, California

Overall Mission: Provides logistical support to Joint Forces and expeditionary Army globally. Refurbishes and re-utilizes equipment as well as storing and maintaining military equipment.

Official Website:

Army Bases In Colorado

13. Fort Carson

Fort Carson

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Overall Mission: Trains soldiers in preparation for battle by providing comprehensive maneuvering and live-fire training. It also hosts exercises and prepares soldiers for deployment.

Official Website:

14. Pueblo Chemical Depot

Pueblo Chemical Depot

Location: Pueblo County, Colorado

Overall Mission: Provides safe storage and destruction of chemical weapons and materials including mustard agents found in artillery projectiles and mortar rounds.

Official Website:

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Army Bases In The District Of Columbia

15. Fort McNair

Fort McNair

Location: Washington, District of Columbia

Overall Mission: Hosts learning institutions including the National Defense University. Facilitates education and research, and prepares officers for combat duty.

Official Website:

16. The Pentagon 

the pentagon

Location: Washington, District of Columbia

Overall Mission: The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense where they make the hard decisions needed to protect the security of our country. 

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Army Bases In Florida

17. US Southern Command

US Southern Command

Location:  Doral, Florida

Overall Mission: The US Southern Command is responsible for planning missions, operations, and cooperation for Central and South America, hence the name “Southern Command.” This is a joint command and hosts all branches of the military.

Official Website:

Army Bases In Georgia

18. Fort Benning

Fort Benning

Location: Tri-community area of Columbus, Georgia, and Alabama

Overall Mission: Acts as a power projection platform deploying combat-ready soldiers by air, rail, and highway. Hosts military training schools.

Official Website:

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19. Fort Gordon

Fort Gordon

Location: Augusta, Georgia

Overall Mission: It is the current home of the US Army Cyber Center of Excellence, US Army Signal Corps, and US Army Cyber Corps. It also deploys units to support military operations.

Official Website:

20. Fort Stewart

Fort Stewart

Location: Liberty County, Georgia

Overall Mission: Provides world-class training and deployment of armored military soldiers.

Official Website:

21. Hunter Army Airfield

Hunter Army Airfield

Location: Savanna, Georgia

Overall Mission: A subsidiary of Fort Stewart providing support in terms of training, command, administration, control, and logistics to assigned non-divisional units.

Official Website:

22. Lawson Army Airfield

Lawson Army Airfield

Location: Chattahoochee County, Georgia

Overall Mission: A military airport that serves as a power projection platform for Fort Benning. It also supports the Infantry School at Fort Benning.

Official Website: Unavailable

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Army Bases In Hawaii

23. Fort Shafter

Fort Shafter

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Overall Mission: Acts as the principal command, control, and support for the US Armies in the Asian and Pacific regions. Conducts theatre-wide deployment for combat operations.

Official Website:

24. Pohakuloa Training Area

Pohakuloa Training Area

Location: Hawaii

Overall Mission: Live fire training for ground and air units of the Army and Marine Corps. Facilitates artillery and live fire operations, including crew served and small arms qualification.

Official Website:

Army Bases In Illinois

25. Rock Island Arsenal

Rock Island Arsenal

Location: Arsenal Island, Illinois

Overall Mission: Manufactures and produces a variety of weapons. It is also responsible for the building and distribution of tool kits and support equipment.

Official Website:

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Army Bases In Kansas

26. Fort Leavenworth

Fort Leavenworth

Location: Leavenworth County, Kansas

Overall Mission: Trains senior commanders and staff on full-spectrum operations.

Official Website:

27. Fort Riley

Fort Riley

Location: Fort Riley, Kansas

Overall Mission: Home of the 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley is used as a training facility to prepare soldiers for combat missions.

Official Website:

28. U.S. Army Disciplinary Barracks

U.S Army Disciplinary Barracks

Location: Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

Overall Mission: Imprisons US military prisoners, carries out correctional programs for inmates, and readily deploys soldiers to support contingency operations when needed.

Official Website:

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Army Bases In Kentucky

29. Fort Campbell

Fort Campbell

Location: Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Overall Mission: Home to the 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell was commissioned in 1942, and teaches courses on air assault, pre ranger, and rappelling. It is also home to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

Official Website:

30. Fort Knox

Fort Knox

Location: Fort Knox, Kentucky

Overall Mission: Is responsible for housing and guarding United States gold reserves. Is also a training area for M1 Abrams tank crews, as well as Mechanized Calvary divisions.

Official Website:

Army Bases In Louisiana

31. Fort Polk

Fort Polk

Location: Vernon Parish, Louisiana

Overall Mission: Joint readiness and combat training facility that provides both training and swift deployment for combat units.

Official Website:

Army Bases In Maryland

32. Aberdeen Proving Ground

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Location: Aberdeen, Maryland

Overall Mission: Acts as a training facility for soldiers and conducts research, development, test, and evaluation of military equipment.

Official Website:

33. Fort Detrick

Fort Detrick

Location: Frederick, Maryland

Overall Mission: Carries out biomedical research, the study on foreign plant pathogens and management of medical material. It also performs global medical communications.

Official Website:

34. Fort Meade

Fort Meade

Location: Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Overall Mission: Provides facilities and support to the military and national organizations and also offers infrastructural support and equipment to the Defense Information School.

Official Website:

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Army Bases In Massachusetts

35. Soldier Systems Center

Soldier Systems Center

Location: Natick, Massachusetts

Overall Mission: Conducts research and development in the food, shelter, clothing, and airdrop system areas for the military of the United States.

Official Website:

Army Bases In Mississippi

36. Camp Shelby

Camp Shelby

Location: Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Overall Mission: It is a mobilization station, a training location for both active and reserve units and provider’s storage for combat equipment.

Official Website: Unavailable

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Army Bases In Missouri

37. Fort Leonard Wood

Fort Leonard Wood

Location: Pulaski County, Missouri

Overall Mission: Provides education to members of the service including military occupational specialties and combat training. Develops doctrines for CBRN specialists.

Official Website:

Army Bases In New Jersey

38. Fort Dix

Fort Dix

Location: Fort Dix, New Jersey

Overall Mission: Part of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, Fort Dix is an Army Support base that helps to enhance readiness and operational capabilities of the US Armed Forces.

Official Website:

39. Picatinny Arsenal

Picatinny Arsenal

Location: Morris County, New Jersey

Overall Mission: Manufactures munitions, weapons, and armor systems for the US Armed Forces. It also creates tools and procedures for EOD personnel.

Official Website:

Army Bases In New Mexico

40. White Sands Missile Range

White Sands Missile Range

Location: White Sands, New Mexico

Overall Mission: Conducts testing of all weapons with the potential to benefiting the Army. It carries out missile satellite and flight tests before launching.

Official Website:

Army Bases In New York

41. Fort Drum

Fort Drum

Location: Jefferson County, New York

Overall Mission: Commands active units assigned to the facility, as well as provides training and mobilization to both active and reserve units at the fort.

Official Website:

42. Fort Hamilton

Fort Hamilton

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Overall Mission: Responsible for providing military support for the US Army Reserve and National Guard units in the New York metropolitan area.

Official Website:

43. Watervliet Arsenal

Waterville Arsenal

Location: Watervliet, New York

Overall Mission: Produces artillery, and gun tubes for canons as well as mortars. It also conducts product research and development for the Army.

Official Website:

Army Bases In North Carolina

44. Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg

Location: Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Overall Mission: One of the largest army bases in the United States, Fort Bragg is home to the US Army Special Operations Command among many others.

Official Website:

45. Simmons Army Airfield

Simmons Army Airfield

Location: Cumberland County, North Carolina

Overall Mission: Military airport supporting combat and aviation training for unit field and multi-service exercises. It also facilitates deployment.

Official Website: Unavailable

Army Bases In Oklahoma

46. Fort Sill

Fort Sill

Location: Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Overall Mission: Home to the US Army Field Artillery School, Fort Sill trains artillery soldiers.  At 94,000 acres in size, it also happens to be one of the largest field artillery training areas in the world.

Official Website:

Army Bases In Pennsylvania

47. Carlisle Barracks

Carlisle Barracks

Location: Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Overall Mission: Home to the US Army War College, Carlisle Barracks prepares officers for high command and leadership roles throughout the Army.

Official Website:

48. Letterkenny Army Depot

Letterkenny Army Depot

Location: Franklin County, Pennsylvania

Overall Mission: Provides unique maintenance services for US Army tactical missile systems and ammunition.

Official Website: https//

Army Bases In Puerto Rico

49. Fort Buchanan

Fort Buchanan

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Overall Mission: Hosts various branches of the US Armed Forces and Reserve Components.

Official Website:

Army Bases In South Carolina

50. Fort Jackson

Fort Jackson

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Overall Mission: Responsible for offering initial training to 50 percent of the U.S Army’s Basic Combat Training load.

Official Website:

Army Bases In Texas

51. Biggs Army Airfield

Biggs Army Airfield

Location: Fort Bliss military base, El Paso, Texas

Overall Mission: Serves as a military airport, and is also home to the US Army 1st Armored Division.  Its overall mission includes providing airfield services to aviation assets of all branches of the military.

Official Website: Unavailable

52. Corpus Christi Army Depot

Corpus Christi Army Depot

Location: Corpus Christi, Texas

Overall Mission: Responsible for training active duty personnel to provide onsite maintenance services for rotary wing aircraft for the National Guard, Army, Reserve, and International teams.

Official Website:

53. Fort Bliss

Fort Bliss

Location: El Paso County, Texas

Overall Mission: Provides restricted airspace used for testing and training on artillery and missiles. It also serves as a census-designated place.

Official Website:

54. Fort Hood

fort hood texas

Location: Fort Hood, Texas

Overall Mission: Home to several operational units of the US Army, including the 1st Calvary division, Military Police Brigade, 1st Medical Brigade, and the 69th Air Defense Artillery brigade.

Official Website:

55. Fort Sam Houston

Fort Sam Houston

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Overall Mission: Hosts various elements that offer various military medical training, making it the largest facility in the world.

Official Website:

56. Red River Army Depot

Red River Army Depot

Location: Bowie County, Texas

Overall Mission: Provides maintenance services for all army tactical wheeled vehicles and serves as an ammunition storage depot.

Official Website:

Army Bases In Utah

57. Dugway Proving Ground

Dugway Proving Ground

Location: Toole County, Utah

Overall Mission: Provides a secure environment for biological and chemical weapons testing by the United States and its allies.

Official Website:

58. Tooele Army Depot

Tooele Army Depot

Location: Toole County, Utah

Overall Mission: Serves as a storage, logistics and support facility for ammunition and ammunition peculiar equipment used in training reserved from war.

Official Website:

Army Bases In Virginia

59. Fort A.P. Hill

Fort A.P. Hill

Location: Caroline County, Virginia

Overall Mission: Serves as a training center providing combined and joint arms training for active and reserve troops.

Official Website:

60. Fort Belvoir

Fort Belvoir

Location: Fairfax County, Virginia

Overall Mission: Serves as a census-designated place and hosts various major Army command elements.

Official Website:

61. Joint Base Langley- Eustis

Joint Base Langley- Eustis

Location: near Newport News, Virginia

Overall Mission: Provides on the training to soldiers on all modes of transportation, their deployment doctrine, maintenance, logistics, and research.

Official Website:

62. Fort Lee

Fort Lee

Location: Prince George County, Virginia

Overall Mission: Serves as a US Army post, headquarters for various US Defense units and hosts a number of US Army schools.

Official Website:

63. Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall

Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall

Location: Arlington, Virginia

Overall Mission: Hosts and provides services to military personnel stationed in the US Army District of Washington.

Official Website:

64. Fort Story

Fort Story

Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Overall Mission: Provides training for troops on the transfer of military cargo as well as other over the shore operations and handling of amphibious equipment.

Official Website:

Army Bases In Washington

65. Joint Base Lewis–McChord

Joint Base Lewis–McChord

Location: McCord Field, Washington

Overall Mission: Provides a strategic environment for training and mobilizing all services for deployment.

Official Website:

Army Bases In Wisconsin

66. Fort McCoy

Fort McCoy

Location: Monroe County, Wisconsin

Overall Mission: Serves as a military training center focusing majorly on large scale training exercises.

Official Website:

States That Do Not Have Major US Army Bases:



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General FAQ

What is the largest Army base in the United States?

Fort Bragg, NC, is the largest U.S. Army base by population, with 270,811 residents and 160,640 acres. Fort Campbell, Kentucky, has 234,900 residents and 102,414 acres. Fort Hood, Texas, has a population of 217,000 and 214,000 acres.

Which is the oldest Army base in the United States?

Carlisle Barracks Army Base is the oldest US Army base currently still in operation. Established in 1757, and located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, it hosts 1,969 personnel in support of the US Army War College.

Can you decide which Army base you’ll be stationed when you enlist?

You can state a preference for one base in the US and three overseas stations when you enlist but needs of the Army dictate your first duty station. They do give more weight to preferences for future assignments.

Where does the Army have bases outside of the US?

The US Army has permanent overseas bases in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Japan, and South Korea. It currently has installations in Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Israel, Iraq, The Republic of Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Kuwait.

What is the difference between an Army fort and a camp?

Historically, the Army designated forts as strategic and permanent locations. The designation of camps, on the other hand, was used for temporary tactical installations.

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