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Cedar Point Military Discount

Cedar Point is an entertainment resort located near Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio. The resort is nicknamed the “Roller Coaster Capital Of The World.” They give back to the military by providing multiple ways to save on admission prices to those who serve.

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About Cedar Point

Cedar point is one of the world’s oldest amusement parks. They first opened in 1870. Since then, they have grown into an amusement park chain, with their original Ohio location turning into an entire all-inclusive resort.

Cedar Point has an amusement park with 18 rollercoasters, a beachfront waterpark, relaxation spaces near the ocean, and three different kid areas. The kid areas are Snoopy based, and have PEANUTS characters for children to meet. With all of these features, they truly have an attraction for every type of person.

At the beach, they offer parasailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and more.

The resort has a hotel, lakefront cabins, and plenty of restaurants for meal times as well. They have spots for both date nights and family-orientated dinners.

cedar point beach
Cedar Point Beachfront. Image: Wikimedia.org

What Is The Official Cedar Point Military Discount?

Cedar Point has a daily military discount that provides service members with $30 off their admission ticket. This brings the price to get in the park from $74 to just $44.

You can take advantage of this deal online or in person. To use the discount online, you will need to verify your military service through ID.me.

To get the discount online:

Step 1: Click here to create an account with ID.me if you have not already done so

Step 2: Go to Cedar Point’s page to purchase tickets here

Step 3: Check the “military discount” box at checkin

Step 4: Enter your ID.me credentials

Step 5: Checkout with a discounted rate and bring your printed tickets to the park for admission

To purchase your discounted tickets in person:

Step 1: Go to Cedar Point’s ticket window at the front gate

Step 2: Show cashier your proof of service

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Military Appreciation Days

Cedar Point also hosts Military Appreciation Days along with their daily military discount. These days change from year to year. In the past, they have taken place over Memorial Day weekend, the Fourth of July, Veteran’s Day, or simply on Monday’s for a specific period of time. If you are wanting to take advantage of this event, be sure to check the dates it is happening for the current year.

During Military Appreciation Days, military members and veterans get free admission to the amusement park. 

To attend Military Appreciation Days for free:

Step 1: Watch for Cedar Point advertisements to find out when the event is taking place

Step 2: Go to Cedar Point during the advertised days

Step 3: Show proof of military service at the ticket office to receive your free admission

During the Military Appreciation Days, military members can also purchase up to six discounted tickets for family members and friends. These tickets can be used for anyone that they service member brings with them to the park.

The discounted tickets are able to be purchased at the military price of $30 off, or $44 instead of the regular $74.

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Who Can Claim This Deal?

Both the daily military discount and the Military Appreciation Days are available to current members of all five branches of the military in Active Duty, Reserves, or the National Guard. Veterans and honorable discharged service members are eligible as well. The deal is not available to dishonorably discharged past service members.

cedar point roller coaster
One of Cedar Point’s 18 Rollercoasters. Image: Flickr.com

What Are The Restrictions?

All members of the military who want to receive discounted tickets or attend the Military Appreciation Days need to be able to provide proof of service. This can be shown through a valid military ID card, a VA ID card, a retired personal ID card, or DD-214 discharge papers.

The Military Appreciation Days free tickets are only available during the advertised days. These days do change from year to year.

The Military Appreciation Days tickets can only be obtained while in person at the Cedar Point ticket office.

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Overall, Cedar Point is an exciting attraction that provides an excellent military discount. If you’re looking for an amusement park vacation, consider going during their Military Appreciation event or be sure to utilize their generous military discount.

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