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Universal Studios Military Discount

Universal Studios is most well known for its Hollywood location though there is also one in existence in Orlando, Florida.

The unique place is one-part film studio, one-part theme park.

The primary location is based in Universal City, otherwise known as “The Entertainment Capital of L.A.”

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Universal Studios Hollywood was originally created to provide tours for visitors interested in all things movies.

It has since expanded to offer a number of theme park rides and shows.

We’ve had a few people email us asking if Universal Studios has a military discount, and we’re happy to report that they indeed do!

What is the Universal Studios Military Discount?

Universal Studios is proud to support the U.S. Military. Discounted admission to the park is available both at your local MWR/ITT, or at the gate. The amount of savings depends on where you purchase the tickets.

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Universal Studios Military Discount – Multiple Ways to Save!

universal studios military discount
“The Simpsons” ride is one of the most popular at Universal Studios Hollywood. Image: Pexels

Universal Studios Hollywood is proud to support both active duty personnel as well as retired military.

The discount military discounts to Universal Studios must get purchased in advance through a participating Military Ticket Office or at the box office location in Universal City.

However, it’s important to note that you will save more by buying the tickets at a participating military location compared to the Universal Studios Hollywood gate.

Participating Military Ticket Offices across the United States currently have fluctuating rates for admission to Universal Studios Hollywood.

We found prices to vary between:

  • $96 to $105 for adults
  • $86 to $99 for children

The Universal Studios military discount guarantees substantial savings compared to the retail value of tickets sold through the theme park.

For example, one-day admission to all rides and shows currently retails at between $109 to $139. Two-day general admission is priced at $149 to $169.

Meanwhile, Universal Express tickets start at $179. The VIP Experience begins at $349.

Thanks to the Universal Studios military discount it’s possible to save $10 to $40 on each ticket depending on the military base rate compared to the RSV.

However, the Universal Studio military discount is really pretty poor if you wait and purchase your tickets at the gates, the day of admission. All Universal Studios will offer you is $3 off each ticket.

So we HIGHLY recommend that you buy discounted military discounts for Universal Studios in advance at your local military base.

How Do You Qualify For The Universal Studios Military Discount?

The Universal Studios military discount is open to all active duty and retired U.S. military personnel.

The discount is available year round, and not just limited to certain seasons or blackout dates.

In order to qualify Universal Studios mentions that you must serve as active duty (including National Guard and Reserve), retiree, 100% disabled veteran, or Medal of Honor recipient.

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The military discount is also available to military spouses and dependents so long as they have a verifiable military ID. 

The discounted tickets are much better value if you go through a participating military base compared to the actual ticket office at Universal Studios.

The official box office of Universal Studios will only grant you $3 off each ticket, which is pretty lousy.

How to Get Discounted Military Tickets at Universal Studios

As we previously mentioned there are three different ways to get the Universal Studios military discount.

We recommend going through a military ticket office in order to receive the highest amount of savings!

universal studios veterans discount
Your family can live like movie stars at Universal Studios. Image: Pexels

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Option #1: Military Ticket Office

Your local base has community support for service members called MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation).

If you didn’t already know about the program you can receive a lot of great deals through their ticket office.

MWR offices are located at more than 2,000 facilities in the United States and throughout the world.

We recommend that you contact your local base Military Ticket Office and ask if they participate in the Universal Studios military discount.

If so, they will be able to provide you with current rates.

If not…

Option #2: Military Ticket Program

The Military Ticket Program can provide you with other places where you may receive discounted admission to Universal Studios Hollywood.

The contact number is (901) 874-6891.

The phone number can notify you of nearby locations as well as current prices for admission.

There are also different ways to purchase tickets.

The office hours for the Military Ticket Program are Monday through Friday: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm (CST). The office is closed on weekends and holidays.

So make sure you don’t wait until the last minute.

It’s also possible to leave a voicemail that should get returned in 1-2 days.

Option #3: Universal Studios Ticket Office

If all else fails you can always receive $3 off each ticket when you buy the tickets directly through Universal Studios.

It’s not much of a military discount, but at least you save something.

Universal Studios requests that you present a valid military or U.S. government ID when you get the military discount.

It’s good for both general admission – adult tickets and 48″ and below children tickets.

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Universal Studios Ticket Options

Universal Studios has multiple options for your theme park/movie studio experience. These include:

  • General Admission – 1 Day: The regular admission will get you into the park for $139 per adult (age 10+) and $133 per child (age 3-9). Kids under 3 are free. It includes access to the world-famous studio tour, rides, and shows.
  • Specific Day General Admission: The cost is the same if you purchase at the gate. However, you can save $10 to $30 off each admission when you purchase at least 24 hours in advance. The daily rate depends on the time of year and day of the week.
  • General Admission – 2 Days: The pass is good for two days into the park which you may need to explore all the attractions. The price jumps up to $149 to $169 per adult. Children (age 3-9) are priced at $143 to $163. The best feature of two day passes if you have within 7 days to return to the park after the first visit. You don’t have to immediately go again the next day.
  • Universal Express: The special pass is costly yet includes priority access to each attraction. Universal Express members also receive reserved seating for all shows. The tickets start at $189.
  • VIP Experience: The most costly option starts at $359 per person. The VIP Experience delivers one day admission to all rides and shows, a private guided tour of the studio back-lot, unlimited Priority Access, breakfast, lunch, and free valet parking. It’s recommended that you purchase VIP tickets in advance.

Universal Studios also offers annual passes if you are in the area and may visit often. Also, keep in mind that you will need to set extra money aside for parking. The current rates are:

  • $25 for general parking
  • $40 for preferred parking
  • $60 for front gate parking

NOTE: Parking is reduced after 6 pm. Valet parking is also available starting at $25 plus tip.

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What else do you need to know about the Universal Studios military discount?

Browse our FAQ to address any other questions or concerns.

You will save more on Universal Studios admission by going through a Military Ticket Office. Image: Wikipedia

Why is the military discount much better at Universal Studios if you purchase tickets through a military base?

There is no reasonable explanation other than the partnership Universal Studios has created with the U.S. Armed Forces.

Though it’s not uncommon to find bases with better rates compared to RSV through a company, the one offered directly at Universal Studios is pathetic.

You only get $3 off admission that is going to cost each person well over $100.

We don’t always recommend going through a military base first yet in the case of Universal Studios you will save WAY more by purchasing the tickets in advance through a participating U.S. Military Ticket Office.

You can also contact a local MWR/ITT for more details.

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Are Universal Studios tickets refundable?

It’s understandable that some families on a tight budget are hesitant to purchase Universal Studios tickets in advance.

There is always the potential for last-minute emergencies whenever a family is involved.

It could end up costing you a loss of hundreds of dollars if the tickets are non-refundable.

Thankfully, there is a way to request a refund from Universal Studios in the event you already purchased tickets and can no longer make it.

You must contact Universal Studios and have your tickets handy for verification. Each ticket will have a special number.

Or you can find it on the receipt provided at the time of purchase.

The recommend contact number for ticket refunds is: 800-864-8377.

There are no guarantees though hopefully a customer service rep will be understanding of your situation and get you a refund, especially for active duty soldiers or veterans.

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Is there a military discount for Universal Studios in Orlando?

Universal Studios Florida is located on the east coast if that is more convenient for your situation or travel plans.

It’s also nearby other favorite vacation destinations, such as Disneyland, Seaworld, and Legoland.

The theme park and studio has a comparable military discount to the Hollywood location.

You should purchase tickets through a participating military base for maximum savings.

You can learn more about exact details by visiting their official military page.


Universal Studios supports the U.S. Armed Forces with a special military discount.

The amount of savings depends on where you purchase the tickets.

Participating Military Ticket Offices could help you save $10-$40 off each ticket.

Meanwhile, the military discount offered directly through Universal Studios is much less – only $3 off each admission.

Check out some of the many other companies offering military discounts here.

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