Cricket Wireless Military Discount
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Cricket Wireless Military Discount

Cricket Wireless is a cell phone provider that provides services and plans at affordable rates.

There is no Cricket Wireless military discount, but they do offer all of their customers many ways to save.

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About Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless was founded in 1999 by a company called Leap International.

They were later purchased by AT&T in 2014, and have been gaining momentum since that merge.

Cricket Wireless provides service throughout he AT&T network with excellent coverage at lower costs than the three big cell phone companies can provide.

Their speeds may be a bit slower than the larger providers, but their costs are much lower as well.

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Ways to Save at Cricket Wireless

There is some confusion around the Cricket Wireless military discount when you look online, because the company used to offer 15% off to service members.

However, this deal is no longer active. 

The following ways to save can still be used to lower your bill at Cricket Wireless:

1. Shop Hot Deals

Cricket Wireless has a whole page on their website the is filled with phones and other devices at low prices.

Some of these are clearance items (specifically phones in older models) while others may be refurbished or simply on sale.

If you’re needing a phone at a low cost, click here to check out the Hot Deals page.

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2. Bring Your Own Device

You are likely well aware that one of the most expensive parts of a cell phone bill is the phone lease or purchase plan.

If you bring your own phone when you switch to Crick Wireless, you can save on that high monthly cost.

You can bring just about any phone and use it with your new Cricket Wireless service.

You’ll need to make sure your phone is compatible and fits the following standards before you switch service providers:

  • Your phone is unlocked
  • Your phone is compatible with Cricket Wireless service (click here to check)
  • It has a Cricket sim card (purchased from a store near you) and you plan on signing up for services

You can learn more about bringing your own device to Crick Wireless (and about all the money it will save you) by clicking here.

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3. Sign Up with a Group

Cricket Wireless also offers deals when there is more than one line on an account. Every line that you add will be cheaper than the last. 

When you add your second line, for example, it’ll be $10 cheaper than the first.

The third line will be $20 cheaper than the first ($10 cheaper than the second), and so on.

You can sign up for this deal as a family or even with a group of good friends (as long as you have a solid plan for dividing monthly payments). 

You can see the exact savings amounts and learn more about Bundle plans here.

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4. Refer a Friend

When you refer a friend to Cricket Wireless and they sign up for services, you’ll get $25.

You can refer up to 10 friends a year, earning up to $250.

How to Refer Friends to Cricket Wireless and Get Paid for it:

Step 1: Ensure you are signed up for services and that you have the MyCricket app on your smartphone

Step 2: In your account, you will have a “personal referral link.” Send this to friends who may be interested in switching to Cricket

Step 3: If your friend wants to sign up for service, have them enter your referral code in their account once they have gotten started with Cricket (and within 30 days of their service start date)

Step 4: Wait for your credit to arrive! Within 60 days, both you are your friend will receive $25 as a credit on your account

You can learn more about this program here.

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5. Sign Up for AutoPay

AutoPay is convenient, and it saves you some money when you use it for your Cricket Wireless bill.

If you have the AutoPay feature on your account, your bill will be $5 cheaper every month.

To sign up for AutoPay, tell your customer service representative while you sign up that you want to use AutoPay.

If you already have Cricket Wireless, you can turn on this feature within your account or you can call 1-800-274-2583 and as a representative to sign you up for AutoPay.

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While it is unfortunate that there is no Cricket Wireless military discount, there are still plenty of ways to save on this already affordable cell phone service.

If you’re looking to lower your monthly phone bill, be sure to talk to Cricket Wireless to see if their service (and their deals) are right for you.

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Cricket Wireless doesn't have a military discount. OMK did some research and found 5 other ways you can save on your Cricket subscription.
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