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Cycle Gear Military Discount

Cycle Gear is the fastest growing and largest retailer of motorcycle parts and accessories.

Military personnel and family members that like to ride bikes in their free time should take advantage of special savings.

The Cycle Gear military discount provides you with 10% off every order.

Learn more about the Cycle Gear exclusive offer and other ways to save on motorcycle accessories.

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About Cycle Gear

Cycle Gear is the largest and fastest-growing motorcycle parts and accessories retailer in the United States.

The company focuses on selling apparel, parts, and accessories for sportsbikes, street bikes, cruisers, motocross, and ATVs.

Cycle Gear has built and sold high-quality parts and gear since the mid-1970s.

The company features nearly 150 stores across the nation along with an online store.

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The Cycle Gear military discount offers 10% off all its orders.

Cycle Gear features the discount for military personnel along with police, fire, and EMS.

Additionally, the company provides free shipping on all orders over $49 as long as the shipping address is within the continental United States.

Customers also have an option of free ship-to-store pickup if there is a location convenient to you.

Cycle Gear Military Discount

cycle gear discount
Cycle Gear provides 10% off to military personnel (active-duty and retired) along with first responders. Image: PxHere

Special Note: Click Here to visit the official Cycle Gear military discount page.

Cycle Gear offers a 10% discount for military personnel.

The military discount also features savings for police, fire, and emergency services.

It’s their way of saying thank you to emergency responders and front line defenders of the nation.

The exclusive discount is available to all active-duty military personnel as well as retired service members.

Cycle Gear thanks your service and sacrifice by guaranteeing an exclusive 10% off all full-price items from participating brands.

Furthermore, any order over $49 that is delivered within the United States also receives free shipping.

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How do you earn the Cycle Gear military discount?

motorcycle parts discount
The best way to receive 10% off your next order is to contact Cycle Gear directly at 1-800-292-5343. Image: 15th Wing

The Cycle Gear military discount presents you with 10% off your next order.

Unfortunately, Cycle Gear does not have a streamlined way to receive the offer.

Instead, you need to contact their customer service at 1-800-292-5343.

Cycle Gear customer service is happy to assist you at the following hours regarding the exclusive offer:

  • Monday – Friday: 10am to 8pm (EST)
  • Saturday: 10am to 7pm (EST)
  • Sunday: Closed

Contacting the customer service line is the best way to receive 10% off your next order.

Inform the customer service rep that you are active-duty or retired military and they can help apply the discount.

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Cycle Gear Military Discount Restrictions

There are a few restrictions to the military discount like any special offer.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers do not honor the discount, even for military personnel.

You will need to check with the management of the local store if you are not shopping online.

Additionally, Cycle Gear has restrictions on certain brands offering the military discount.

Customers may not combine the exclusive offer with another special code or offer.

Read the full details of the military discount at the official website.

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The Cycle Gear military discount is an excellent way to get reduced price motorcycle parts and accessories.

Cycle Gear sells motorcycle apparel, parts, and accessories from a wide range of manufacturers.

Not every brand honors the 10% discount for military personnel and first responders.

It’s important to check with Cycle Gear customer service as they apply the savings to your order and are the best resource for more information.

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With the Cycle Gear military discount, you'll save up to 10% off your next order if you're active duty military, or retired. Learn more about the details here.
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