1800 flowers military discount
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1800 Flowers Military Discount

There is nothing that symbolizes love more than flowers and chocolate.

1800 Flowers is a delivery service that presents flower arrangements directly to the front door of a home.

Is there a 1800 Flowers military discount?

While the official website does not offer a discount exclusively for the military, you can save up to 25% off your flower order via Veterans Advantage.

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About 1800 Flowers

1800 flowers discount
The 1800 Flowers military discount can make the next Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day special for a significant other or family member. Image: Pexels

1800 Flowers is the premier online source for holidays and anniversaries.

The online delivery service drops off floral arrangements, blooming plants, gourmet food, and gifts.

Military personnel especially like taking advantage of the opportunity since they spend so much time away from family and friends.

1800 Flowers enables you to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays with affordable arrangements and convenient delivery.

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Furthermore, service members can receive additional savings by becoming a member of Veterans Advantage.

1800 Flowers has inventory from popular brands, including:

  • 1800 Baskets
  • Cheryl’s Cookies
  • Fruit Bouquets
  • Harry & David
  • Personalization Universe
  • Sheri’s Berries
  • Simply Chocolate
  • Stock Yards Steaks & Chops
  • The Popcorn Factory
  • Wolferman’s Bakery

1800 Flowers has been in operation for over four decades and is a reliable source for gifts.

It’s particularly useful for people that serve in the military who are constantly out of town, especially during major holidays or anniversaries.

The entire catalog is available online at 1800Flowers.com.

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1800 Flowers Military Discount

You can knock one of the gifts out of the equation and impress your significant other with 1800 Flowers.

1800 Flowers delivers flower arrangements directly to your loved one’s front door.

It’s simple, effective, and affordable means toward showing someone else you care for them.

While the official website does not feature a military discount you can get one through Veterans Advantage.

The Veterans Advantage 1800 Flowers military discount provides 30% off your purchase.

The savings are applied with online orders placed through Veterans Advantage with the discount code and combined with the Member ID at 1800Flowers.com.

Additionally, family members may receive 25% off flower arrangements by also using the Veterans Advantage program.

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How do I receive the 1800 Flowers military discount?

flower military discount
The 1800 Flowers discount is through Veterans Advantage which you need a membership to receive 30% off the next order. Image: Piqsels

1800 Flowers is proud to support military personnel and family members.

For this reason, 1800 Flowers provides a 30% discount off any purchase made online through the membership.

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The military discount is exclusive for VetRewards members on flowers and gifts.

Here are the steps to redeem 30% off your next purchase:

  1. Become a member of Veterans Advantage.
  2. Visit the official discount page through VetRewards.
  3. Complete your order with 1800 Flowers.
  4. Use the discount code combined with your Member ID at the checkout page.
  5. The discount should be applied immediately to your order.

If that is not the case, you should contact 1800 Flowers through its customer service department.

The primary phone number is 1-800-716-4851.

The number you want to call for placing a new order is 1-800-356-9377.

NOTE: Family members of active-duty military personnel may receive 25% off on 1800 Flowers if the service member is not present.

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The 1800 Flowers military discount is a special opportunity for service members and their significant other.

Veterans Advantage members may take advantage of a 30% discount on all online purchases.

However, you need to become a member of Veterans Advantage to receive exclusive savings.

Additionally, family members of active-duty personnel may receive 25% off their orders also through Veterans Advantage.

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The 1800 Flowers military discount will allow you to save as much as 30% on your next flower order. Find out how to redeem it, what the restrictions are, and more here.

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